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Pathfinder will have its first computer RPG!


It will be a single-player computer game and have all the options of the Core Rulebook and go through the story of the Kingmaker… 1,031 more words


Pathfinder: Stone Mountain Style

Last year, we created a number of hexes for witches based on their patron, and we released them on a weekly basis until we finished them all. 352 more words

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Council of Thieves: Book 2, Session 3

Erastus 19, continued-

The party gave in to the fact that they would have to face their fears and go into the phobia rooms. They started with blood, which involved fighting stirges, there they found an amethyst gem. 405 more words


Council of Thieves: Book 2, Session 2

(Some of the names here I am just trying to read my scrawled notes, so I’m not quite sure on them!)

Erastus 19 – The party arrived by carriage at Aberian’s Folly, the mayor’s manor, in full costume from the Six Trials of Larazod, as dark clouds began to drop heavy rain on the city. 1,170 more words


Council of Thieves: Book 1, Session 3, Book 2, Session 1

Sareneth 3 – a couple of weeks later –

A group of bandit tieflings known as The Bastards of Erabus have holed themselves up in a destroyed and blocked off area of Westcrown. 717 more words


Council of Thieves: Book 1, Session 2

Margred went back to the Apartment above Quenn’s shop to help him sort through and appraise all of the treasure they had acquired from their fights in the sewer. 489 more words