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The Praell in Pathfinder

When I first created the praell, and the world of Aerth, I had intended to use them as part of a homebrew Pathfinder game. Using the guidelines laid forth in the… 568 more words


Pathfinder: Preview of Some Awesome Upcoming Products

Hello, gamers! Editor Extraordinaire Richard Moore here, with a sneak peek of our product lineup for 2015! As we begin our foray into the second quarter of the year, we have a lot of exciting supplements in the pipeline, but none so anticipated as our… 1,347 more words

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Pathfinder: Changelings Unleashed

Sisterhood of the Mismatched Eyes

With a dark heritage, changelings struggle to rise above and become a hero. These women always feel the temptation to give into their darker natures, but it is the choices they make and the relationships they choose to develop that can win the day. 243 more words

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Pathfinder: Raging Changelings

Tomorrow sees the release of the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Changelings. This all female race is consists of half-hags with two different colored eyes. 521 more words

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Guest Blogging on A Sword for Hire

For years, as a hobby and pastime, I’ve played fantasy tabletop games such as Pathfinder RPG. In such games, miniature figures are a common element. Since I have a small collection of these figures for use in my games, I decided to combine my interest in the game with my interest in photography. 177 more words


An Adventure in Pathfinder, the RPG

Last week I was invited to play Pathfinder(tm). The game is good but my colleagues in stealth, strength, and cunning are the reason I returned for my second game. 163 more words


Now Announcing... Guild Levels!

What’s in a number?

We all know that your Guild Level determines how powerful your character is. But in the spirit of old-school D&D, I thought it would be cool for us to have a Level Title to go with each level. 65 more words