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Iron Gods: Retired Characters (spoilers)

So far we’ve lost some characters from the Iron Gods campaign: One player moved away, and the other was me.

The first was Jonas , an Android Investigator who was not long for the world.   419 more words

Character Introduction

Turning the Gears: Non-magical Healing in Pathfinder

In many d20 systems, including 3.x D&D and the Pathfinder RPG, healing is almost entirely the realm of the magically gifted. Sure, there’s the Heal skill, but that can only heal a creature of 1 hit point per hit die of the target once per day, so you still need a holy person around if you’re going to be wandering into battle.   1,371 more words


Iron Gods: Character Introductions (spoiler-free)

I’m taking over my wife’s Iron Gods campaign, which is currently nearing the end of Book 4: Valley of the Brain Collectors.  I was starting to get itchy to GM again, and she’s starting to get itchy to play, so this is a good switch.   391 more words

Character Introduction

Pathfinder: Elans Unleashed

Behold the Powers of the Mind

Immortal yet humanoid, human in appearance yet still aberrant in nature, elans are a race created instead of born. Filled with psionic energy, this mystical race makes the lives of elves appear brief. 260 more words

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Pathfinder: Elans in Art

Today being Friday, we wanted to just show off the art inside Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Elans. This week, you’ve seen elan racial traits… 160 more words

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Turning the Gears: System Shock and Severe Injury

Welcome back to Grinding the Gears, where I put my attempts at game design up on display.  Last time I talked about the lingering effects that death can have, even after resurrection.   2,074 more words

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