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Tips to Better GMing #2: How I handle "Problem" Players

I need to explain a few things at the head of this article to avoid any confusion.


The Horror of Public Transportation: Recent Reads

One of the advantages of taking the bus when your commute is 45 minutes to an hour? Well, besides stealing all sorts of interesting characterization from your fellow bus-riders, you can read. 500 more words


World building 101: How To Design A Race For Your RPG World

One of the things I like about Role Playing games are all the different racial options that you have. You can play Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Beastmen, Gnomes, the list goes on and on. 2,132 more words


Tips To Better GMing #1: The Beginning & The End

After thirty plus years of playing RPGs, there are a few tricks that I have tucked away into the old noggin. And, since its just sitting up there gathering dust, I have decided to share some of them with you. 1,539 more words


A Brief Explanation of Reskinning and Homebrew Monsters

You’re sitting at your desk, designing your latest masterpiece. It came to you last night while you were watching an Alien V. Predator, Lovecraftian Movie, and Pokemon Marathon. 1,177 more words


Creating NPCs 101

(Disclaimer: So, I’m going to make some claims in this article. Like saying that you don’t need background for Cannon Fodder NPCs. While 99% of the time these claims will be accurate, there are exceptions to every rule) 1,695 more words