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Monday Nerd Post: The Blasted Tower pt1

Hello Adventurers!

Our adventure begins on an unnamed island in the Azure Sea, in the port town of Hommlet. The town of Hommlet is known for it’s beverages, specifically Blackstone Ale and Redeemer’s Wine. 1,193 more words

Monday Post

Monday Nerd Post: Meet the New Gang

Welcome back adventure seekers!

Today’s post will introduce you to some new characters whose adventures you’ll get the chance to be privy to. This time around I myself am a player and just a player. 519 more words

Monday Post

Critical Role – C2E17

There are times, in a story or RPG campaign setting, where folks just need time to sit back and take a moment to regroup and recharge their batteries. 55 more words

Critical Role

Critical Role - C2E16

After a rough weekend at work, I find myself with some much needed days off. Thankfully, a few weeks ago I’d scheduled a game night with the usual cast for tonight. 132 more words

Critical Role

World Building - Creating a Pantheon

Matthew Colville – Dungeon Master, and Author. Naturally, I’m a fan.

One of the common threads between writer and Dungeon Master comes down to World Building.  43 more words


Critical Role - Episode 15

Been a rough week at work, so in an effort to drum up some creativity I’m hitting up my go-to pool of creative content – the… 22 more words

Critical Role

Critical Role

For the past couple of months, I’ve been splitting my writing duties between being a novella author, and a gamesmaster for my Pathfinder Campaign setting. Both have been equally rewarding, and both have really helped with giving the voices in my head something to talk about. 343 more words