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Pathfinder: What Adventure Paths Need SideQuests/Adventure 7's?

When we asked in this post, I did not expect to get such a clear answer expressing the a need for high level adventures. Well, we heard you and are looking to figure out where to start. 157 more words

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Pathfinder: What Levels Need More Adventures?

Time to ask you another question about what you would like to see from us at Jon Brazer Enterprises. What levels need more adventures? I am not asking “At what levels do you play most of your games?” I’m asking, “ 116 more words

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Pathfinder: 10 True Things About Tengus

We’re really enjoying this series of 10 True Things and 10 Misconceptions about a race. Previously we released 10 True Things about Catfolk and Lizardfolk… 468 more words

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Busy, busy, busy and Abel(line) Rappeport: EVERY(WO)MAN

Heyo folks!

I’ve been a very busy fellow since my last general update in late January — editingĀ for several other folks’ projects (Ponyfinder… 303 more words

MIke Myler

Pathfinder: So How Many Monsters Are Included?

All month long, you can grab all of JBE’S Pathfinder Compatible releases from 2009 to 2016 for $20. This begs the question: how many monsters are included? 80 more words

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9 GM Tips for More Interesting Combat

There are few things in the life of a brand new GM that can rattle the nerves as much as Combat.


Well, perhaps, because it is one of the few times in the game that they must apply so many rules at one time. 1,722 more words