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New Adventure Out Now!

I’ve got a Pathfinder adventure in this anthology, just released from Wayward Rogues!  It’s my first published Pathfinder adventure, so I’m pretty excited about it. 155 more words

Weekly Review

I'm Getting Married Sale

Today is my last Monday as an unmarried man. Thursday, April 21st, my wonderful fiancee will become “The Wonderful Mrs McCoy.” We are thrilled and busy as all heck. 60 more words

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Pathfinder Classes Page Updated!

I have updated the list of classes to include the classes we now allow in The Guild, as Guild characters and Guildmoor characters.

The list now has… 33 more words


Pathfinder: All the King's Horses ...

All week long we are showing off what is inside the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Wyrwoods. Monday we shared the racial stats. … 518 more words

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Pathfinder: Wyrwood Golembreaker

Being constructs themselves, wyrwoods excel at know construct vulnerabilities of their kind far better than other races and they should have a serious advantage at taking down other constructs. 634 more words

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Pathfinder: Wyrwoods Unleashed

For Boys and Girls Wishing to Be Real Golems

Animated through eldritch magic, wyrwoods are playable intelligent constructs. Having won their freedom from repressive arcane creators, these crafted people grow in power as all the other heroic races and are free to choose their own destiny. 260 more words

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On The Lighter Side: Paths were found, crossed, and then separated again.

The saga of Rotinn Windbreaker continues. Maybe that’s what I should name it. You know what, screw it. I’ll do it.

Hér heldur áfram Rotinns sögu. 3,291 more words

The Lighter Side