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Creating your own Game Setting... The Beginning

How I Became the Creator Of An Entire Universe:

I can still remember my early years of playing D&D. I spent years adventuring through the lower levels of Castle Greyhawk, before moving on to the Sword Coast and the streets of Waterdeep.. 1,993 more words


Pathfinder: New Unchained Monster for You

With the start of the new year, I am going to try to do a release a new monster or NPC or some other game mechanic or just talk about something for Pathfinder or Traveller on a weekly basis. 220 more words

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Pathfinder: Patron Hexes for Your Witch

Curse Your Enemies The Way Your Patron Would Want!

Patrons reveal power to their witches through spells, and now you can wield their power with unique hexes. 141 more words

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Pathfinder: Hexes of their Ancestors

I hope you enjoyed these hexes because this is the last in the series we are posting to our website. Have no fear! There’s a good reason for it: we finished writing hexes for all the patrons. 332 more words

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Pathfinder: Tentacled Martial Arts

Martial arts is something I have enjoyed my whole life. I studied two different styles of karate in my youth. I enjoy watching martial arts movies. 514 more words

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Pathfinder: Gillmen Unleashed

Cthulhu Sleeps, Gillmen Awake

Beneath the sea, the gillmen serve their insane deity in their bid for freedom from their cruel aboleth creators. Against all kinds of undersea horrors they demonstrate their bravery. 266 more words

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Pathfinder: The Enduring Witch

Greetings witch fans,

So today is our last in our series of Halloween-themed pareon hexes. Granted that is a really odd thing to say since just about all of these hexes can be called Halloween-themed. 307 more words

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