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Critical Role

For the past couple of months, I’ve been splitting my writing duties between being a novella author, and a gamesmaster for my Pathfinder Campaign setting. Both have been equally rewarding, and both have really helped with giving the voices in my head something to talk about. 343 more words


A Pathfinder Setting: The Keswick Player's Handbook

The Keswick Player’s Handbook The world of Arreanna is filled with excitement, danger and riches that call to bold adventurers. Inside is a chronicle of the magnificent nation of Keswick, home of the King of all Arreanna. 203 more words

Pathfinder RPG

Monday Nerd Post: The Mad Mansion

Greetings and welcome back Adventurer’s!

I know it has been a bit but vacations for a player and myself got in the way of us being able to play. 1,367 more words

Monday Post

Playtest for PATHFINDER 2ND EDITION Announced!

Paizo, publisher of Pathfinder RPG and Starfinder RPG, is announcing a public playtest for the NEXT EDITION of Pathfinder! This is exciting news. The system could use some updating and it will be exciting to see new ideas go into the Pathfinder system. 169 more words


Hyper Score Marvel #29: Mr. Fantastic

Welcome to Hyper Score Marvel (#29) where every week I use Hypercorps 2099 to put together an iconic hero or villain from the world’s most popular superhero universe! 1,142 more words

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Oklahoma Writers Release New Pathfinder Book On Amazon!

Since February 1st, the Pathfinder source book, The Keswick Player’s Handbook, has hit the shelves of Amazon.  Initially only in digital pdf, Pick Up The Fork media made the book available in print. 375 more words

Pathfinder RPG

Return to Darkness

It had been over a month since I logged into World of Warcraft for any significant amount of time. Usually I would log in just to redistribute order hall resources so I could continue to use the class order hall to make gold via the Legion app. 281 more words