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Finding paths and telling new stories

Welcome to Lethe Tarot!

Lethe Tarot is guidance, enlightenment and vision to stay this side of the river of oblivion. Consultation and advisory through tarot, catering to individuals and companies. 78 more words


Pathfinding update

So, an update on my pathfinding system. I recently imported it into Spamocalypse, and there were a few things I had to change.

For starters, I can’t store the neighbours of a Node inside that particular Node, or else Unity tells me I’ve reached the serialisation limit. 247 more words


A Step Back

With the release of Unreal Engine 4 for free, I have chosen to drop Unity and go with UE4. This has caused development to slow down a bunch while I am getting used to C++ instead of C# as well as the new editor and workflow. 102 more words


Lost in the fog

Four of us on the top of one of the peaks in the English Lake District in thick fog and rain. Four 17 year old girls with inadequate hiking equipment mid way through a 100 mile youth hostelling trek. 468 more words


Path-finding for stealth

One of the problems I have with Spamocalypse is how to build light intensity into the player’s ability to hide. Most of the stealth-based games I’ve played include a mechanism like this, and I think it’s worth adding. 256 more words



Added objectives to the map for the AI to fight over (roughly where the black circles are in the first picture)

Every second, each objective zone will count how many units from each team is in its sphere of influence (purple floaty numbers in the picture. 29 more words


Buildings and bridges

Added some obstacles to the level in preparation for mission objectives.