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Decisions, Decisions

The last week or so has been strange and hectic…things kept happening but I had trouble making sense of them and nothing seemed resolved yet. Unfinished. 804 more words



Sympathy cards make me sad…it means someone has an ache in their heart that will never go away.  I remember all the sympathy cards that came when my mom died in 2012 and how knowing that people cared got me through some of my darkest days. 83 more words

5 X 7 Cards

AI Pathfinding with user interaction and networking

Prototype was created to be used on an unpaid client project named “Red March” before it was pulled by the owner. The prototype was originally designed to be used as a single player RTS inspired by classic games such as the Command and Conquer series with the ability for units to be protected by cover systems and direction of fire to reduce incoming fire. 105 more words


17 Hour Game Jam w/ friends

Hello everyone! This is my first post, so we will see how it goes! So two good friends of mine and myself got together to do a short game jam. 372 more words


Finding Your Path; or, Wandering Around in the Field

With the first of (hopefully) a series of oaths I will take to Anubis impending (tomorrow!!!!!) I had a talk with my best friend about it and finally, after a couple of weeks of being evasive and dancing around the point–which she… 784 more words


Finding paths and telling new stories

Welcome to Lethe Tarot!

Lethe Tarot is guidance, enlightenment and vision to stay this side of the river of oblivion. Consultation and advisory through tarot, catering to individuals and companies. 78 more words


Pathfinding update

So, an update on my pathfinding system. I recently imported it into Spamocalypse, and there were a few things I had to change.

For starters, I can’t store the neighbours of a Node inside that particular Node, or else Unity tells me I’ve reached the serialisation limit. 247 more words