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Toys in the Dark, Update 1

Toys in the Dark (working title)

As a young child you go to sleep one night, but instead of sweet dreams and rainbows, you have a nightmare.

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Pathfinding updates and Spamocalypse Objective system

Somebody found a few bugs in Spamocalypse, which turned out to be an issue with my pathfinding code. I had accidentally overwritten the navmesh when I generated one for a new level, which was caused by the meshes not being loaded beforehand. 129 more words

Game Development

Using GoalMaps in RogueSharp

RogueSharp has had GoalMaps since version 1 however they never performed as well as I had hoped so I didn’t promote the feature. As of version… 429 more words


RogueSharp 3.0 Pre-Release – Goal Maps

Version 3.0.0-pre of RogueSharp was just released

This is considered a pre-release version. In order to obtain it via Nuget make sure to choose “Include Prerelease” packages from the Nuget Package Manager. 401 more words


[Released] AStar 2D Tile Based Pathfinding for Unity

A complete path finding solution for Unity2D grid based games

AStar 2D is a complete path finding solution for 2D tile or grid based games that is ideally suited to top down tile based games and tower defense games, however it can be adapted to work with other games that utilize a grid based structure. 92 more words


Tutorial: Unity Basics - Nav Mesh Pathfinding system

The NavMesh system is used to provide rudimentary pathfinding for enemies and NPCs in your games. It generates a NavMesh Grid based on the geometry you import into Unity. 1,365 more words