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To see or not to see...


Much time has been spent mentally modelling different solution approaches. Up to this point the general feeling for the solution was as follows:

  • Create flow field from terrain data (based on terrain gradient)
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Planning a BT (Has Nothing To Do with Naar)

I have been away from blogging and making games for almost a year now. I had a lot of things going on at the same time since my education in game design and programming. 467 more words


More groundwork...


Further consolidate background knowledge in applicable areas (optimisation, pathing) and begin formalising problem domain definitions.


  • Continued YouTube tutorial videos (Multi Objective Optimisation, Evolutionary algorithms) and reviewed various freely available lectures on the concepts.
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Project Highrise: Pathfinding

I’m playing Project Highrise at the moment – it’s a game where you build up a building from the ground floor. It’s not so much about architecture or external details as it is about the human ecosystem on the inside. 1,007 more words

Video Games & Narrative

About Pathfinding in AI

Implementing Pathfiding

I finally want to make a first person view Tower Defense so I began to generate the map and I took elements from the previous tutorials to spawn enemies, but, the main issue was to decide how to make the pathfinding. 889 more words

The Land Speaks and We Listen

When the land presses energy out, it makes a trail. Water can follow that trail, or that trail can be picked up by shrubs and lifted to the air, as in the image below. 327 more words

Nature Photography