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Path-finding for stealth

One of the problems I have with Spamocalypse is how to build light intensity into the player’s ability to hide. Most of the stealth-based games I’ve played include a mechanism like this, and I think it’s worth adding. 256 more words



Added objectives to the map for the AI to fight over (roughly where the black circles are in the first picture)

Every second, each objective zone will count how many units from each team is in its sphere of influence (purple floaty numbers in the picture. 29 more words


Buildings and bridges

Added some obstacles to the level in preparation for mission objectives.


Untitled Space Game - Episode 3: Finding a Path Forward

There are 2 major systems in the space game I have planned: 1)a free-roaming trade simulator game not unlike Sid Meier’s Pirates or Mount and Blade, and 2) a tactical space combat game not unlike FTL. 618 more words


Melee Update

I made the units skip their “Scan for enemy” function when they already have an enemy acquired and are in range to attack it. Melee units will now properly seek the nearest unit and kill it.

Next up, ranged units!

Mechanics Update

Pathfinding and targeting

So far so good.

I got a factory that spawns a basic unit (red and blue cubes) at x interval.

The units moves along a given path defined by an array of waypoint-coordinates. 52 more words


Pathfinding with A*

A problem that really interested me recently was pathfinding. I hacked together an isometric RPG in Codeskulptor / Python (on github here) and I wanted to have the controlled character automatically find his way around obstacles. 859 more words