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SLG Movement - Pathfinding impassable Tiles and Chess

This is how I’m dealing with SLG Movement’s pathfinding and the way impassable Tiles and Chess affect it.

The goal is summarised thus: When I click on an impassable Tile, my intention is to find a path to the Tile even though I may not finally reach the final Tile.  104 more words

RexRainbow Plugins

Flow Field Pathfinding

What is Flow Field Pathfinding?

To start, I am going to assume you are familiar with the concept of Pathfinding and the more basic algorithms like Dijkstra’s and A*. 1,242 more words


The 280-Year-Old Algorithm Inside Google Trips

@tachyeonz : Algorithms Engineering is a lot of fun because algorithms do not go out of fashion: one never knows when an oldie-but-goodie might come in handy. 25 more words


A Walk in the Fog

Boundaries show the limits of consciousness. When they are foggy, magic happens. Look how this grove inhabits the fuzzy boundary of the fog. It holds to itself and yet extends, not only across the pasture but into the fog. 300 more words

Nature Photography


It’s not something to eat.

It is a way. I’m following it for a bit. If I lose a few words for a few days for the next few weeks, talk to the master.

He knows the paths.

Nature Photography

Searching the "Intelligent" way!

Recently while cleaning my room, I came across a box containing my college memorabilia, (Read “stuff that I never even knew existed”) Digging deeper into the dusty pile of uselessness , I found something rather interesting. 650 more words