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Surviving an emotional breakdown

It’s been over two years since my engagement ended in unusual. In hindsight, it seems unlikely that the relationship would have lasted, and surprisingly that it did last as long as it had. 175 more words


Hiking Health

Other than hunting, I really don’t do too much hiking in the winter per say. I’m usually hitting the road and trails in my Jeep. I spend the fall and winter trying to watch the landscape for new adventures to explore in the upcoming season. 1,590 more words

The Weatherman

Pathfinding and heading out doors is not a fashion statement. Besides exploring with a companion there are rare encounters of the human:) Unlike our daily lives where there are dress codes and other ‘necessary’ etiquette. 1,461 more words

Games and AI - Week 2

This week looked at pathfinding and movement.


Movement details how individual agents turn and move to head to their direction and avoid obstacles.

We looked over a program containing simple ‘boids’ These are used to simulate the movement behavior of animals, things like flocking and herding. 382 more words

Games And AI

AI in Games - Week 2

Pathfinding is the quality of an AI entity in their behavioural programming in which allows the entity to orient itself in order to make decision on their movement. 458 more words


Breaking Ground, Leaving Tracks

There is nothing like stepping away from the road and heading into a new part of the watershed…. “Off the trail” is another name for the Way, and sauntering off the trail is the practice of the wild…. 589 more words