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Right foot, left foot (I)

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced a NEW feature in Crimild. I mean, this is not a refactor or an improvement over something already there, but a completely new thing. 217 more words


Writers block

This is a consolidation of activities over the past two weeks. A fair amount of work has been done over smaller discrete time periods. This post will cover this work in general detail. 706 more words

Evolutionary Algorithm

A* Search Algorithm

A* ( “A star” ) is a computer algorithm that is widely used in pathfinding and graph traversal, the process of plotting an efficiently directed path between multiple points, called nodes. 959 more words


Mechanic Spotlight: Pathfinding

For a game like Where Shadows Slumber, the most basic interaction you have is to tell the character to move to a spot. If he’s a good boy, he’ll do what you say, deftly dodging pillars and chasms as he winds his way toward the destination. 1,386 more words

Where Shadows Slumber

A journey of 1000 steps


Commence development of pathfinding


  • Implemented graph of terrain nodes with connected edges
  • Implemented cost field calculations
  • Implemented vector field for complete graph given a target location (which is friendly position in this instance.
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Multiple Tanks

I’ve got the two tanks now. One is a member of team green and the other is a member of team red. They both walk to different locations and both use the same BT. 1,225 more words

A* Pathfinding Source Code

You can find the source code for my A* algorithm here! If you haven’t read my posts about creating it, make sure to check it out:  29 more words

A* Pathfinding