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I never shared my words with anyone, up until recently. Usually I’m hidden in my room with just my thoughts, a pen and pad; never leaving my own world. 300 more words


Quirk #3: Shorter, but is it?!

Hello folks!

In the process of today’s update, I came upon an interesting quirk when using grids.

I have finished implementing the hole creation in the new terrain, works like a treat. 186 more words


When will the revolution revolve?

It’s scary to live today. There’s a resistance to change, and that resistance is showing up in violent ways. Yet, why are we now so change adverse? 601 more words

Seth Godin

Happy 26TH Birthday Paige

When you officially hit the “almost 30” mark in your life you, really begin to evaluate the level of happiness, and success, you have sustained in your life. 817 more words


Where is the direction

Where is the direction
I feel I’m lost
What is the way
I’ve forgotten

I was supposed to win
Every battle
Now I’m drifting
Through the time… 50 more words


San Francisco Gate: Saving historic American Indian trail trees

An old article, but the resource is new-to-me: Saving historic American Indian trail trees. “The pecan tree, more than 300 years old, stands out from the others in a forested area of Dallas, a 25-foot segment of its trunk slightly bowed and running almost parallel to the ground before jutting high into the sky. 35 more words

New Resources

Right foot, left foot (I)

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced a NEW feature in Crimild. I mean, this is not a refactor or an improvement over something already there, but a completely new thing. 217 more words