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What is a vector?

Precise definitions are important in science, because I said so (and other better reasons). In parasite ecology, the tricky definitions that students often mix up are things like… 688 more words

Cool Literature

The hematopoiesis in gill and its role in the immune response of Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas against secondary challenge with Vibrio splendidus

Increasing evidences have demonstrated that the invertebrate gill is a predominant tissue participating in the immune response during pathogen challenge. In the present study, the hematopoiesis and immune activities in gill of Pacific oyster… 238 more words


Genetic parameters of resistance to Vibrio aestuarianus, and OsHV-1 infections in the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, at three different life stages


In France, two main diseases threaten Pacific oyster production. Since 2008, Crassostrea gigas spat have suffered massive losses due to the ostreid herpesvirus OsHV-1, and since 2012, significant mortalities in commercial-size adults have been related to infection by the bacterium… 288 more words


Enhancing growth and resistance to Vibrio alginolyticus disease in catarina scallop (Argopecten ventricosus) with Bacillus and Lactobacillus probiotic strains during early development

In bivalve aquaculture, selecting suitable probiotic treatments can be crucial for improving hatchery-rearing of larvae and juveniles. We assessed the potential of five bacterial strains, previously selected… 242 more words


Tree health in London - a Forestry Commission event

I had the pleasure of attending the tree health event at Lesnes Abbey Wood, which sits within the outer skirts of London, on Thursday 9th March 2017. 1,520 more words

Urban Environment

Mortality event involving larvae of the carpet shell clam Ruditapes decussatus in a hatchery: isolation of the pathogen Vibrio tubiashii subsp. europaeus

Diseases caused by bacteria belonging to the genus Vibrio are a common, as yet unresolved, cause of mortality in shellfish hatcheries. In this study, we report the results of routine microbiological monitoring of larval cultures of the carpet shell clam… 181 more words


New Plant Health Order (2017) - Sweet chestnut blight

A new piece of legislation Рentitled Plant Health (Sweet Chestnut Blight) (England) Order 2017 Рcame into force on 21st February 2017, which relates to the plant pathogen known as sweet chestnut blight ( 286 more words