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Pathogen: Jana - 3

The next morning, at least she figured it was morning, the heavy door to the room opened once more. Two women stood on the other side, and behind them, the man with the gun. 1,017 more words


Preventive Care (PC) vol.1

What is Preventive Care anyways?

Preventive Care, or PC, is a simple medicinal approach with the goal of keeping your body strong and immune to common disorders, viruses, bacterias 827 more words



You know the ones. Hand gels, air fresheners, disinfectants, all these things that proudly boast on the label they destroy 99.9% of all germs including pathogens and viruses. 225 more words

Pathogen: Jana - 2

Theft and assault–that’s what they were accusing her of.

Stealing was technically a crime, but she’d stolen food so often in the past months that it didn’t feel like one anymore. 1,064 more words


Pathogen: Jana - 1

Asphalt pebbles kicked up behind Jana’s heels, stung the backs of her calves. Black smoke plumed from a storefront ahead. The ringing in her ears drowned out the surrounding screams. 1,019 more words


The Next Pandemic: The World Stage (Part 3 of 3)

THE WORLD is the stage for the next pandemic. In our first discussion, we began to unravel the web of disease outbreak and saw how any combination of individual pathogens, vectors, and humans can interact to produce an epidemic (a regional outbreak) or even a pandemic (a global outbreak). 745 more words