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The Zika Virus Pandemic and the Astonishing Power of Anecdotes

The Zika Virus Pandemic and the Astonishing Power of Anecdotes

by Guest Blogger,
Dr. Tyler Kokjohn

Zika virus was once an obscure mosquito-borne pathogen primarily of interest only to a handful of virologists.  241 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

The Zika Virus Explained (Video)

If you haven’t heard of the Zika virus, then the video below will aid in explaining what exactly it is, how it spreads and who are likely to be affected the most. 64 more words


What are some examples of animals in the natural environment exposing themselves to some variant of weak pathogens to enhance their immunity? This will be a perfect response to anti-vax philosophy.

Currently we’re living through a revolutionary re-evaluation of the biological definition of human (1). Aggregate data indisputably reveals that we are each not so much individuals as mammalian-microbe ecosystems. 615 more words


Chipotle, black beans, hold the e coli

The GMO-conscious Chipotle restaurants have been recently linked to an outbreak of e coli bacteria infections in as many as 52 people in 9 states across the country as of Friday, 12/4/15.  61 more words


Syphilis: New World or Old?

Earlier this month the discovery of a 700 year old skeleton showing signs of congenital syphilis was announced by the Medical University of Vienna. Although this might not sound immediately controversial the skeleton itself comes from St Pölten in Austria and that is unusual because syphilis was thought to have been imported to Europe from America sometime after 1492. 1,033 more words


Plague Inc: Evolved Will Be Infecting The Xbox One This Week, How Will You Leave Your Mark On Civilization?

Ndemic Creations is excited to announce that Plague Inc: Evolved is coming to Xbox One on Friday, September 18th 2015.

Originally announced during Microsoft’s E3 stage show last year, Plague Inc: Evolved for Xbox One is the latest edition of the hugely popular infectious disease simulation game with over 55 million players. 352 more words


Funerus Live in Manila

As I mentioned in my first ever post for this blog, there are four foreign-headlined shows to look forward to this September. FOUR FOREIGN-HEADLINED SHOWS IN A MONTH, probably the most I’ve ever been to out of almost three years of attending various shows. 1,678 more words