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Sequence analysis of malacoherpesvirus proteins: Pan-herpesvirus capsid module and replication enzymes with an ancient connection to “Megavirales”

The order Herpesvirales includes animal viruses with large double-strand DNA genomes replicating in the nucleus. The main capsid protein in the best-studied family Herpesviridae contains a domain with HK97-like fold related to bacteriophage head proteins, and several virion maturation factors are also homologous between phages and herpesviruses. 106 more words


VIVALDI, Preventing and mitigating farmed bivalve diseases, HORIZON2020

The overarching goal of VIVALDI is to increase the sustainability and competitiveness of the European shellfish industry by improving the understanding of bivalve diseases and by developing innovative solutions and tools for the prevention, control and mitigation of the major pathogens affecting the main European farmed shellfish species: Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas), mussels (Mytilus edulis and M. 184 more words


Coconut oil controls fungal gut pathogen. Food a powerful ally in reducing the risk of disease

A new study published by Tufts University has specified that coconut oil controls gut bacteria that may cause health problems. 466 more words



What if I told you that there is a community of over a trillion organisms living on and inside you? Does that bug you out? Seem pretty cool, or far-fetched? 1,903 more words

A potential microRNA regulation of immune-related genes in invertebrate haemocytes

Bivalve mollusks have been employed as sentinel organisms in environmental health programs due to their sedentary lifestyle, filter-feeding behavior and their ability to accumulate pathogens or toxin molecules inside tissues. 165 more words


Molecular characterization and protein localization of the antimicrobial peptide big defensin from the scallop Argopecten purpuratus after Vibrio splendidus challenge

Big defensins are antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) that are proposed as important effectors of the immune response in mollusks, chelicerates and chordates. At present, only two members of the big defensin family have been identified in scallop. 230 more words


Plant Pathology Professional Interview

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Tell us about your education. How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and unusual career?

Shivani Malik, who won Oxbridge scholarships, on how she finally made the choice. 694 more words