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14-3-3 Proteins in Plant-Pathogen Interactions

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, Volume 28, Issue 5, Page 511-518, May 2015. Print PDF The post 14-3-3 Proteins in Plant-Pathogen Interactions appeared first on Pest Geek Podcast:. 6 more words

I'd Like to Check You for Ticks

I’d Like to Check You for Ticks

I’m starting a new job in a few days in rural North Carolina, and one of my duties will be to lead high school students on backcountry hikes for three days at a time. 858 more words

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Ebola virus can persist for months within survivors' eyes.

Live Ebola virus can persist within the eyes for months after a patient recovers from acute Ebola viral disease (EVD), according to a case report from researchers at Emory University.  553 more words


Action against antibiotic resistance begins with the community

To combat antibiotic resistance, scientists need to understand the evolution of bacteria and examine this alongside the characteristics of the populations they infect, according to research published in  134 more words


Episode 23: Trash Talk: the effect of urbanisation and agriculture on animal diseases

Human activities can dramatically alter the types, abundance, and distribution of resources—such as food—available to wildlife. A growing number of studies indicate that resources produced in human-dominated environments can alter the interactions between pathogens and their hosts, leading to either increased or decreased infection risk for wildlife and humans. 183 more words

When You Consume a Blue Bell Product and Get a Headache......

Is it caused by the ice cream or listeria?

—– Dr. Tony E. Glace-Noire

“Mad science today, mainstream tomorrow!”


The First Line of Bad Guys

Do you know what the things that are attacking us are called??? I found out that they are called Leukocytes but I call them White Blood Cells. 193 more words