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Pathogen (2006)

Written and directed by Emily Hagins
Starring Rose Kent-McGlew, Alec Herskowitz, Tiger Darrow, Tony Vespe, and Rebecca Elliot

When she was 12 years old Emily Hagins started filming… 781 more words


Perkinsus infection is associated with alterations in the level of global DNA methylation of gills and gastrointestinal tract of the oyster Crassostrea gasar

Bivalves are filter feeders that obtain food from seawater that may contain infectious agents, such as the protozoan parasites Perkinsus marinus and P. olseni that are associated with massive mortalities responsible for losses in the aquaculture industry. 268 more words


Specific pathogen recognition by multiple innate immune sensors in an invertebrate

Detection of pathogens by all living organisms is the primary step needed to implement a coherent and efficient immune response. This implies a mediation by different soluble and/or membrane-anchored proteins related to innate immune receptors called PRRs (pattern-recognition receptors) to trigger immune signaling pathways. 326 more words


OsHV-1 and notifiable protozoa in healthy Crassostrea corteziensis cultured in two distant areas of the Gulf of California

Infectious diseases have been a major limiting factor for large scale production of oyster farming. Several factors have contributed to the emergence and spread of infectious diseases in all cultivation sites around the world. 180 more words


The RNA-seq analysis suggests a potential multi-component complement system in oyster Crassostrea gigas

The complement system is one of the major effector mechanisms of immune system, playing essential roles in both the innate and adaptive immune responses. In the present study, the counterparts of vertebrate complement components were identified by screening the sequenced genome of… 170 more words


Pathogen - Forged in the Crucible of Death (2012)

My buddy Ben shared this band with me over the weekend and instantly I wanted to take a deeper dive into their album Forged in the Crucible of Death… 231 more words


Manual of diagnostic tests for aquatic animals

Valid laboratory results are essential for Aquatic Animal Health Services to implement a range of programmes for diagnosis, surveillance and trade. This Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals (Aquatic Manual) supports Aquatic Animal Health Services to provide effective laboratory testing for pathogenic agents that may adversely affect aquatic animals. 9 more words