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Pathology Results

So I was totally wrong when I said I would have to wait until September 2nd for my pathology reports. About 2 hours after I posted my last update I got a call from my doctor. 435 more words


Is revisiting the Molecular Pathology of Endometriosis the need of the hour?

Endometriosis is among one of the most challenging diseases of the 21st century that affects women in their reproductive age, and its aetiology and pathogenesis remains enigmatic. 68 more words


Baseline Anemia Analysis of Hispanic Dialysis Patients with and without Type 2 Diabetes

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common disorder of varying severity that requires a public health approach for prevention, diagnosis, and management. The incidence of CKD is now as high as 200 cases per million per year in many developed countries, with the USA, Taiwan, and Mexico reaching 400 cases per million per year. 158 more words


Challenges in Transgender Healthcare

Transgender healthcare is a topic that doesn’t get a lot of attention. Healthcare providers receive little to no formal training in this area, and this population is one of the most under served groups in the United States. 41 more words


Resources for Pathology Geeks

Here are some great online resources for med students heading down the pathology route. I had some trouble finding them initially, but my recent pathology preceptors and PA gave me a great list of sites that are helpful for a variety of pathology concepts. 314 more words

Analysis of Testis Morphology and Sperm Parameters of Esox lucius (pike) from the River Danube


The pike (Esox lucius ) is one of the most important predatory fish species in Bulgaria. It’s one of the preferred fish by anglers worldwide and contributes to the ecological balance… 197 more words


Pathology Spotlight - From the eye to the brain

This brain has been sliced through the middle in a plane parallel to the ground. The front of the brain is at the top and back is at the bottom. 328 more words