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Good Morning

I’m currently indulging in my second cup of coffee, while listening to Bon Iver and the rain is pouring outside (idyllic, right?). I’m still in Norway (visiting my parents, studying, eating decent food), but today’s my last day, and the flight back to Poland leaves in the pm. 414 more words


Important Neutrophil Chemotactic Agents

LICKing Plate

Uhhh…I thought you said this was about neutrophil chemotaxis. You know what? Forget it. I’m leaving.

No wait…it is, I swear!

These are the 5 key neutrophil chemotactic agents: 127 more words

USMLE Review

X-rays and tracheobronchitis and sinusitis

The little one was only six months old when he caught his first bout of tracheobronchitis and sinusitis. When babies have it then you are guaranteed to be sent to the radiology ward and the pathologist for various tests to check that there isn’t anything more sinister going on. 398 more words

Clinical Features/ Pathology

Diagnostic Criteria for Alzheimer’s:

Multiple cognitive deficits in 1) memory and 2) language, skills, knowledge, and executive functioning

-Significant impairment and decline in social or occupational functioning… 708 more words

Clinical Features

Contraindications: Diseases and Conditions

We all love a good massage.  It’s nice to relax, and to have your problem spots worked out by a healing touch.  But sometimes, massage can cause more problems than solutions.  632 more words



When speaking about heart failure there are factors that change within the heart, structurally and functionally, compared to a normal heart. With heart failure there is an increased heart rate due to the heart trying to pump more blood within the body. 87 more words


My Three Siblings

My three sisters were at work, but they wanted and needed to know the results.  I called them with the pathology results, since I don’t usually see them on weeknights.  458 more words