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MSK 8 - The bare essentials about Osteoporosis

We’ve gone through bone formation. We’re now going to build on that knowledge and go through the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis. Sit back and relax while you enjoy the Common Rounds. 25 more words


Women and Death

One of my favorite bloggers has done it again! Curator Carla Valentine, over at The Chick and the Dead blog has published another excellent post–this time about Women in the Death Industry–nope, my metal-head friends, not the… 93 more words


Link: Mutation accumulation and sexual pathology


TLDR: man-woman, fecund, is the only true sexuality, the rest is really fetish. Sexuality is productive and you can forge a society with it. There is also a… 84 more words


Important HLA Markers

Important HLA Markers:


Robbins & Cotran 8/e

Harsh Mohan 6/e

Rubin’s Pathology 6/e

Goljan Pathology

ROAMS 80 more words


Onco 17 - How doctors treat tumors with radiation.

Join us on the Common Rounds as we show you the secrets behind killing tumors with radiation.
But sometimes, what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger. 21 more words


Pathology Mnemonics

Hypersensitivity types can be remembered my “ACID”

Hypersensitivity 1 = Antibody

Hypersensitivity 2 = Cytotoxicity

Hypersensitivity 3 = Immune Complex

Hypersensitivity 4 = Delayed type… 135 more words


In the Middle of Medicine

Making diagnosis of a disease is such a complicated part of clinicians’ life. One of the key parts of the diagnosis is pathology findings which are really important on complicated cases, so pathology is the crucial part in the middle of medical jigsaw puzzle. 227 more words