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Mr. Smith was lifting a heavy piece of furniture when he experienced crushing pain in his chest, began sweating heavily, and was nauseated. His wife drove him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a myocardial infarction (MI, also called a heart attack) and given intravenous drugs to dissolve a clot that was obstructing a major coronary artery. 130 more words

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Estimates are estimates: eGFR

Estimates are estimates
Do you know what equation your lab uses to estimate your GFR?

I’ll go back to basics with some renal physiology and jargon explanation and then we can look at the equations. 1,316 more words

Disease Management

Opioid prescription and cancer in UK

466% increase in opioid prescribing

In England, the growing use of buprenorphine, oxycodone hydrochloride, and morphine sulphate increased annual costs for these three drugs by more than £10 million (US$12.98 million) between 2002 and 2013. 863 more words


Everything we learn applies to real life

One of our lectures in pathophysiology was on allergic response and anaphylaxis. It wasn’t long after that class that I had to apply my knowledge in a real life situation at work. 365 more words

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Diabetes Pathophysiology - How Environmental Changes Can Influence the Incidence of Diabetes

Pathophysiology is that branch in science that deals with the study of the changes in mechanical, physical and biochemical functions brought about by a disease. One such disease that brings pathophysiologcal changes is diabetes. 606 more words


Pathophysiology 1&2

I will be periodically updating all my notes as needed.  *Feel free to ask for clarifications* I want this to become a complete resource over time.


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Silver deposits within kidney in Argyria

Argyria is a disease caused by chronic exposure and subsequent accumulation of silver dust within the body.  The silver particles are known to accumulate in the kidney glomerulus and cause sclerosis.  74 more words