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Hyperkalemia: The Long Way Around

Anatomy and Physiology

  • The kidneys are located within the retroperitoneal space at the level of T12-L3 and the adrenal glands rest on the superior aspect of the kidneys.
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The Acid-Base Balance Comprehensive Guide

Our bodies have multiple compensatory systems which work in unison to counteract any imbalances brought on by a surplus or marked reduction of the positive and negative ions altered by illnesses. 646 more words


Spinal Cord Injuries and Neurogenic Shock

A lot of paramedics I’ve met seem to think there is no difference between neurogenic shock and spinal shock. They’re wrong. Here is a handy guide on everything spinal injury.  509 more words


Woman Physician Assures Parents Their Daughter Will Not Face as Harsh a Path as Predecessors

Congratulations on your daughter’s acceptance into medical school.  Like the first day of kindergarten, this launch is notable for parents as well as children. You may have some concerns about the stresses she will face.

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Study Strategies

Acute cholecystitis:

When bile gets trapped in gallbladder due to blockage in cystic duct or cbd by gallstones or any tumour  bile builds up inside gb with its pressure and irritating effect that can lead to concurrent swelling and infection with some organism. 389 more words

Billiary Tract

Is circumin the spice of kidney life?

A few days ago I began reading about genomic instability in people with ADPKD, but as so often happens, my interest jumped from one branch to another until I was several trees away from where I started. 2,131 more words

Disease Management