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Depression is a mood disorder that causes a continuous low mood and loss of interest in life. Precursors (predisposing factors) for the development of depression can be: 753 more words


Diabetes: Acute complications


Hypoglycaemia is when blood glucose levels fall below 3.5mmoml/L. It occurs when there is significantly more insulin in the blood than glucose. The decreased blood glucose means that the brain is receiving insufficient glucose for adequate function. 845 more words


Phase III

Phases.  Cycles.  To everything is a season.

In May of 1991, fresh graduate degree and commission in hand, my trusty little Mazda and I headed further south than I had ever traveled – to Biloxi Mississippi for Air Force tech training.  447 more words

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The Primary Cilium

What is a primary cilium?
Before we can answer this we need some definitions of biological terms:
Epithelial cells : epithelia are sheets of cells that cover many of the body surfaces. 605 more words


Diabetes: Chronic complications

A common complication with Diabetes Mellitus is prolonged exposure to hyperglycaemia. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can result in pathophysiology on a cellular level that causes chronic complications. 801 more words