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Pathophysiology Assignment

Understanding the biological changes during injury or disease is an important element for veterinary physiotherapists (Veenman 2006). The assignment looked at our ability to understand the changes during biological repair and also our skill in critically analysing scientific research papers.  373 more words

Mitochondria could be a new target for ADPKD treatments

Yesterday afternoon my interest was caught by a study that was submitted for a “young investigator award” from the Asian Pacific Congress of Nephrology. It is published in abstract form in the supplement of Nephrology, September 2016. 559 more words

Disease Management


Delirium is a state of acute temporary confusion, usually with an altered level of consciousness. Older, frail people are at risk of experiencing delirium with any medical or surgical disease. 844 more words


Acute Renal Failure Pathophysiology Diagram - Pulmonary Edema

Acute Renal Failure Pathophysiology Diagram
Pulmonary edema is the accumulation of excess fluid in the extravascular space of the lungs. This accumulation might occur slowly, as in a affected individual with occult renal failure, or with dramatic suddenness, as in a patient with left…


Depression is a mood disorder that causes a continuous low mood and loss of interest in life. Precursors (predisposing factors) for the development of depression can be: 753 more words