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Is circumin the spice of kidney life?

A few days ago I began reading about genomic instability in people with ADPKD, but as so often happens, my interest jumped from one branch to another until I was several trees away from where I started. 2,131 more words

Disease Management


Disease to Treatment


Using your textbooks and  complete the empty squares on the table below to match specific diseases with their pathology, pathophysiology and pharmacological treatment. 25 more words

Semester Two: check.

Second semester is in the bag. There were a few bumps in the road, however, I must say it went better (grade wise) than the first. 1,731 more words


Can you get cysts in the lungs with ADPKD?

It has puzzled me over the years why I seem to have no reserve when it comes to lung function – I could never run for shortness of breath at school, even more so now I am much older, and my peak flow is always pathetic, achieving under 300 on a good day. 680 more words


Med-Surgical Essay

2801NRS Semester 1, 2016
Written Assignment: Comparative essay
Essay: 1500 words
Weighting: 30%
Due Date: by 5pm, 16th May 2016.
Task aim The aim of the assessment item is to provide students with an opportunity to discuss best practice in relation to the nursing care of a particular client. 1,000 more words


I enjoy learning.  I enjoy college.  I really enjoy my pathophysiology class.  It’s interesting to learn the etiology of so many diseases.  I find it absolutely fascinating.  186 more words