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"Between the Sexes, A Great Divide" -Anna Quindlen

The intention of Quindlen’s, “Between the Sexes, A Great Divide,” is to show that even as grown-ups, the division between males and females, in respect to mental and emotional spaces, is still present. 310 more words

Human Nature

"More than Just a Shrine-Ellis Island" -Mary Gordon

The intention of Gordon’s, “More than Just a Shrine–Ellis Island,” is to shed a light on the hardships and awful conditions that the immigrants coming through Ellis Island went through and to also validate those immigrants and tell them that they (the immigrants) are what make America great. 300 more words

"Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood" -Richard Rodriguez

The intention of Rodriguez’s, “Aria: A Memior of a Bilingual Childhood,” is to prove that in order for bilingual students to form their public identity, these students must go to English-only schools and be forced to learn and speak English only. 667 more words

Human Nature


Out of old tales, we must make new lives. – Carolyn Heilbrun, from “What Was Penelope Unweaving”

Make a myth/drawing ancient stories into wheeling forms/that praise…/Let it be spoken, shaped/ in spirit, given./…unreel it, shape it, voice it in another birthplace…

379 more words
Words From Inside

Castle Dreamer

Your legs were all wrapped in vines
and your toes stuck in the dirt
where your eyes were wet with chilled autumn wind
you were standing in the garden when you realized you’d sinned… 223 more words

Judging Books by Their Covers

Great prose may win awards. But great covers sell books.

There’s a reason why authors often spend months looking at options, revising and helping artists redraft concept art until reaching the final product. 957 more words