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A New Dawn: Chapter 2

The Holdouts

Day 534:

This is my first entry in five months, and now we have almost the whole town back, the commercial district anyway, but life is more hell now than ever.  891 more words

Andrew Halter

Shared Language in Pathos Politics: "Huge" and "Angry"

I heard a radio story on NPR this morning where the reporter Tamara Keith noted some surprising similarities between Donald Trump (capitalist) and Bernie Sanders (socialist). 192 more words



26 year old Esther, spoke the last command. The blinking screen went off, wishing her goodnight, and the LED lights all over her compact eight hundred square feet apartment, went dim. 503 more words

Model of a Perfect and Brief Poem, by Robert Herrick

I found it here.


Here a pretty baby lies
Sung asleep with lullabies;
Pray be silent, and not stir
Th’ easy earth that covers her.



The boy filled up the pot till its brim. He had to go back home before the sandstorm hit the desolate well. The water level was slowly reducing and summer was fast approaching. 417 more words


Ethos, Pathos, Logos: focusing the conversation

I want to introduce three terms from classical (Greek) rhetoric that can be useful to think about as we go forward in the course–and apply both to our critical reading and our writing. 527 more words

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