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Archie's Post: Proudest Moment of My Senior Year

Every person has a moment in their senior year that remains embedded in their memory for the rest of their life, whether it was an embarrassing or a proud moment. 202 more words

My Mom's Facebook

This year of school is one of the most important in many students’ academic career. Being a freshman in college is not only an imperative time of self-reflection on the inside, but it’s also a time to show off during many first impressions. 230 more words

Gay as Hell and Feelin' Swell

This picture portrays a perceived relationship between me and the lovely lady I am kissing (Zoe, my girlfriend). The context of this photo is that she had just moved in with me days before this picture was taken, and this posted photo is the first public display showing that we had moved in together. 215 more words

Photo of the Night

Every night ESPN’s flagship show, Sportscenter, posts a picture of the Photo of the Night on Instagram. Sportscenter is any sports fan’s go to TV show for getting all the latest news and highlights from the sporting world. 264 more words

Ethos, Pathos, Logos: focusing the conversation

I want to introduce three terms from classical (Greek) rhetoric that can be useful to think about as we go forward in the course–and apply both to our critical reading and our writing. 473 more words

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Pathos from Pep Rally

It was the Sunday before I entered my last week of senior year.  I was sitting on my couch and suddenly I felt a wave of nostalgia rush over me.   320 more words

Before this assignment, I had never really contemplated which of my instagram posts were deemed the most “successful”.  So, I decided to choose the picture with the highest amount of likes and comments, regardless of my opinion.   169 more words