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I- Rhetorical Analysis

Step 2:Pathos- “with feeling”

The “tug at our heart strings” when we see or read about a tearful father at his daughter’s wedding, a wife accepting a folded flag, or a boy cradling his dying dog are stereotypical examples of pathos. 636 more words

Just A Thought

Sylvester (Volume 3)


I thought a lot about the moment when Sonia told me not to apologize.  It was assertively kind, forcefully soft, and incredibly sexy.  I thought about the way her nose had flared as she said “Stop it,” and the way her cheeks had been kinda flushed like she was excited too. 2,270 more words

Andrew Halter


Oxygen 97 Percent : The man moved out of the old shelter and into the green looking sky. 200 years back everything had changed about the hues and colors. 648 more words


Sylvester (Volume 2)

I woke up the next morning with a headache, which told me that I’d drunk a lot.  Also there was an empty bottle of vodka on the kitchen table and my mom was passed out on the couch, so those were more clues.  2,571 more words

Andrew Halter


Once I had a daughter.

I still remember her soft black hair, running through my fingers like water runs through one’s palm as I brushed it absently. 457 more words


In Good Faith - Why It's Important To Take Opponent's Arguments Seriously*

People are wrong on the internet. People are wrong about everything. Culture, LGBT issues, vaccinations, religion, bathrooms, music, and whether or not Kim Kardashian’s nude photos are empowering (I only looked at the photo for science reasons, I swear.) 877 more words

Social Issues

Goddess In The Blood

The fairly desolate village on the banks of the sea would always retire for the day, as soon as the sun went down over the horizon. 1,496 more words