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Won Night

It’s as if to draw the darkness

Over her head like a blanket

Trap in all those thoughts that might escape

Golden thoughts maybe, which ones might be worth… 158 more words


Sour Grapes

You taught me how to drink cheap wine

The way you sucked it in like a snake,

And pulled your lips to your teeth

And I know you did… 202 more words


Strange Fruit

written in 2016

I am all angles and elbows


I am the forgotten tire, bobbing in a swampy, neglected tide

Trees cover themselves with leaves… 125 more words



written in 2017

I haven’t the faintest idea what

Brought it my mind

But I can think of nothing

But those paper cones

The way they wrap nuts for you… 85 more words



written in 2016


It was just one day,

in a long summer.

And I couldn’t believe how easily

You could pull me under.

We thought the stars were wrong about us… 162 more words


AaBraa Ka DaabRaa

As the helpless pigeon rattled in the cage,
There was chaos in its heart, intent in its fate,
The ode to the past struggles came to age, 797 more words


Haay prem kisi se karne par insaan sataaya jaataa hai

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