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A lot of what I’ve been talking about on this blog, especially related to the emotional aspects of the nuclear debate, can really be boiled down to one particular issue: ‘radiophobia’. 329 more words

With Age Comes Wishdom

I’m a mess,
I’m at that age
When I ask myself, “What’s my message?”

I’m a euphemism for timepass
I’m at that time, at that age, 92 more words


Rhetorical persuasion in the clinical setting

It is Friday evening in the after-hours care center. All the scheduled patients have been processed. Each one has departed with a prescription in hand, their precious ticket to procuring a portion of the magic potion they imagine will make them better. 46 more words

Humane Medicine

The World Shall Never Know

The world shall never know,

The anguish hidden beneath the mind,

No words to say,

Dropping the fragile heart behind, I walk my way,

Those devilish seeming smiles, their nonsensical stupidity, 92 more words

Homework for Tuesday, October 2nd

Ethos, pathos, and logos appeals make-up much media, both advertisement related and not, that we see in our culture. As you go about your life, think about how the people around you, things you see, and media you consume attempts to accomplish a purpose through logic/reason, trust/authority, or emotion. 309 more words

Unit 2 Assignments

Soliloquy Of My Mind

I sit and stare

At my mind left bare.

Sparks of the past shimmering in the moments of present,

Rising amidst the smoke of my solitary lament. 96 more words

Bomboogie Suzuki GSX1100

Last time we touched base with the Pozzato brothers at Officine GP Design,

87 more words