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La triade d'Aristote

Dans l’art du discours, la persuasion est très importante. Pour réussir, il faut convaincre son public avec son discours. Aristote a identifié trois éléments clés d’un discours convaincant. 185 more words


A Bat As Bathos, or Remembering that Nonsense Wakes Up The Brain Cells (Quote from Dr. Suess)

As D.H. Lawrence (in ‘White Peacock’) said:

“The lane debouched into a close-bitten field, and out of this empty land the farm rose up with its buildings like a huddle of old, painted vessels floating in still water.”

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Silent way

Silence speaks pathos of love and mere telling


becomes an act only hence love needs only understanding.

So if anyone is in love with any one.. 17 more words

Word of the day #86


Pa – thos

The quality of something from the arts that arouses sympathy, pity, tenderness or sorrow

Example: Although a hardened convict, Morgan Freeman’s character in “The Shawshank Redemption” has pathos.


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Dearly Deers,

Wild Venus is a gown which comes in 8 different color packages.
Each Package contains a color change HUD with 3 dress colors, 3 skirt colors and 3 gem colors… 223 more words

Eternal Dream

An artist’s suicide, a revolution betrayed.

An early death liberates something of great promise from the inevitability of decline. From this comes its poignancy and the pathos.

Power of the [...] Pause

‘The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.’

Mark Twain

The first time I purposefully paused in a speech it felt… 569 more words

Rhetorical Question