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Down The Rabbit Hole

The online anti-vax community is a deep, dark rabbit hole of information and ideas. I would start with a simple google search of “vaccine risk”, somehow work my way through a series of hyperlinks, and find myself, days later, on some random blog with tragic stories of infant death. 596 more words


Too much information

Self-pity and sadness again.  The words don’t seem sufficient to represent the pathos and physical, whole-gut urge to heave and sob…  all thickly draped within my very still, controlled movements and outwardly passive/inwardly securely knotted facial expressions… 642 more words

Feelings Fears And Desires - Debriefing

In the name of moon

Each night in the river, gypsy moon, the
chill of winter washes you in silver, things watch you
and watching, watching tire out

between us an old tradition is followed, 252 more words



I am pathos
Manifested into flesh,
I ache from birth
Until my final
Only to return
To the ether
And rebirth
Into pathos

An Exile Into Myself

Now that the lanes of life are slowly falling silent,

I don’t mind walking a bit alone.

All those who were around me, have now gone away somewhere. 119 more words

Dilemmas of our times

With every step I take from now on,

The world seems a bit hazier than it was ever before.

What seems to be there, isn’t actually there, 163 more words