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i have rarely been gentle with myself

at times my inner storm bursts forth and i lash out at those closest to me

it is a cyclical pattern as predictable as the spinning cyclones birthed upon the waves each hurricane season… 86 more words


If we wait in hope and patience

If we wait in hope and patience, the power of that for which we wait is already effective within us. He who waits in absolute seriousness is already grasped by that for which he waits. 49 more words

5 AM Feels

Awake at 5 am thoughts of dread become threads merely reminders of what was and could have been no heartbreak just fatigue still strength in what we seek how we grow what broke turned into gold and hopefully friendships. 36 more words


She should be an HONOREE!

There lives a girl
Her soul of pearl;
Kindness is her word!
Silence is her sword!

She was once poor
With a roof no do… 166 more words


In the long run.....

How many times have you weighed your options based on the short run or the long run? Too many to count I bet.

When my daughter’s volleyball coach posted this link on social media the other day, it kinda hit me like a ton of bricks. 198 more words

Runners know injury takes time to heal

That’s what makes them great physios!

Experience, Focus, Compassion.



Something New

Kiss me til you’re dizzy

Laugh til your breath runs out

Stare into my eyes til you’re sleeping

Whisper to me what love is about 108 more words