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Hello, Progress!

Aristotle says, “Patience is bitter but it’s fruit is sweet.”   Anyone else licking their lips in anticipation?


Exclusivity - key for serious relation

When you will know that relation is getting serious? That moment is here when your partner want to make commitment. This kind of obligation doesn’t have to be engagement or marriage, it is simply exclusivity. 615 more words


Good People

Do we choose to believe in the goodness in people, and then actively search for qualities that reflect this idea?

If we look for the good in others, even when they present a reality that does not match our definition of “good people,” perhaps over time we’ll see glimpses, heck, maybe a rainbow of goodness.   31 more words

Who am I again?

It is the eternal question of identity. Who is it that I really am?

If I can see something or experience it then that which I see, experience or use cannot be ‘me’ as I am the one that is seeing’, ‘experiencing’ or ‘using’. 155 more words

8:30 AM, 17th April, 2017

I like the silence of the morning. It  penetrates painlessly into my being, dictating my movement while the cicadas sing their songs on this summer morning, drenched in humid impressions. 190 more words


Infinite Moments of Patience - An Artists Journey to Life: Day 801

In my recent blogs I have been opening up the mysteries of “Patience” and looking at what stories I have missed and how I can create myself to be more patient within myself and my life. 863 more words

Journey To Life