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When Waiting Seems Impossible 

Whether it is waiting for a plane, bus, answers to questions, in line for a movie, etc, it always seems to kill a small part of our inner most self. 641 more words



Sometimes, when you don’t want to think of the good times either.

When you have been in the dark for not only months but years. 123 more words

Things I Learned

Teachers come in many shapes, sizes and forms. My dog, Oscar, taught me much through his long (for a dog) life. I talk about Oscar in my last post  169 more words

My God is the Lord of Perfect Timing

God is good and he’s good all the time. He tells us to ask and we shall receive. Seek him and he will answer our prayers. 367 more words


Lily, a six year old Great Dane, had lost both of her eyes due to a rare medical condition. She’d also lost the will to live. 92 more words


Short Fiction: Her Superpower

Superpowers come in all forms; some are simple enough like being able to understand and communicate with animals; some are massive and complex like in books, like telekinesis or the ability to fly. 261 more words