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A Lesson on Patience

In April of this year, I began to ask myself if I was truly happy in the position that I was in. Was I fulfilling God’s purpose for my life?   850 more words


Blog title change

I felt that my blog needed a change of name due to my no longer living in the shadows of ThePast or Sir.

That chapter in the story of my life is over and whilst I have memories they will forever remain that way as I am heading into a much brighter future with SS and felt HIS LITTLE GRASSHOPPER, which is his nickname for me as patience is not one of my virtues was a more appropriate name than Sirs Gone Girl as I no longer belong to him or anyone other than SS. 19 more words


Quote of the Day

“If God brings you to it, he Will bring you through it.”


and have patience my soldiers, this too shall pass

You know once you’ve had enough of everything. When you think you’ve pulled the last straw. I think everyone must have been there at some point in life and when we give advise and that. 935 more words


Are you a micro-manager too?

If you know me, you know I like to have control on as much of my life as possible. And I’m sure most of us do. 382 more words

The Curly Girl Method Day 1

Day 1 of the Curly Girl Method… So far so good!!!

I went from frizz ball first thing to soft bouncy curls that have maintained themselves all day with no frizz at all!! 73 more words


Day 146: GDP!

-$105.09 $790.88

So yesterday’s trades did not perform too well. I stayed up all night waiting for a pullback but it never happened. I loaded up my cup with coffee and prepared for an all nighter to see how I would exit my losing trades. 297 more words