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The Patient Gardener

Gardeners tend to regard snow with disdain. The coldness keeps us from going out and feeling the dirt between our fingers. The snow blankets all of our past work and the plants are leafless and lifeless. 394 more words


I Completely Lost It

My life was chugging along with freight train force overwhelm when the bottom fell out. I was halted. Thrown into the Twilight Zone by the most virulent virus I have ever experienced. 610 more words


Patience Produces the Package

Patience is not a strong attribute of our culture. We have been spoiled into expecting things within minutes through the constant catering of internet, cell phones, and drive-through restaurants. 837 more words

God's Nature


Traveling by train
Somewhere strange like this you must
Submit to waiting.


Welcome to the Meantime

I’m a very optimistic person. There isn’t much that I encounter in life that I can’t put a positive spin on. I try to dig out the good in every situation and even focus on that instead of the overwhelming negativity of a situation. 1,393 more words


I'm learning, please stand by!

WOWee ZOWee, this wordpress thing is much more involved than I even realized!  I’m learning here, folks, please stand by as I develop and edumacate myself.

Todays Blurb

It Happens to the Best: Di Maria Struggles Through Recent Poor Performances

Despite a very strong start to his time as a Manchester United player, Angel di Maria is facing a recent drop in form that has led to criticism from fans and the media. 661 more words