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23. Always abide by the three basic principles: Dedication to practice; Refraining from outrageous conduct; Developing patience

The slogan this week introduces the Sixth Point of the Lojong slogans, the Disciplines of Mind Training. Discipline is defined as obedience to a code of behavior, and the coming slogans will outline this code. 698 more words


It's NOT a Small World

On a recent night, as Aaron and I watched a video and he ate his tortilla chips, I looked over to see that he had perched a bowl on the ottoman in front of him.  919 more words

“To correct someone who swims in the pool of ignorance and materialism, you have to multiply your wisdom and patience.”

-Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori


Waiting Sucks!

Who do you talk to?? When you need advice, when you have doubts, when you feel really low or really down, who is that person in your life that makes it all feel better? 643 more words


Wayward Sisters Review

I don’t normally review individual episodes, but as my reviews of the previous seasons suggest, I love Jody Mills, Alex, and Donna Hanscum, and after last night, I love Claire Novak, Patience, and even poor Kaia, too. 1,980 more words


Fatherhood Friday: Learn as You Go

Being a good parent doesn’t come easy, or all at once.

Mistakes, missteps, and mishaps are all part of being a parent. The best parents are guaranteed to have some of the biggest teaching moments. 571 more words

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