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Take time

Life teaches us the value of learning to wait, of taking things slow, of not being in a hurry and of not getting frustrated along the journey. 85 more words



As I wickedly whisper….

– M.M.

Beautiful enigma once again

Testing all the knowledge I have gained

Can’t deny that I am growing tired

But patient I will continue to be…

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WANTS (Live. Pray. Hustle. 01/17/17)

Stop getting mad when things don’t go your way. Sometimes we’re not given what we want at the time we want it because something better is already planned. 62 more words


January 17,2017

Patience. If there is one thing I work on every day is patience. I demonstrate a high level of patience in my field working with my kiddos. 858 more words


Human Chew Toy

My Golden Retriever thinks I am a chew toy. To be honest, I am the favorite chew toy. When you fall in love with the Golden Retriever puppy, you  see a future of laughter and snuggles. 414 more words

Waiting for a break

If there is anything in life I dislike the most it is waiting. I dislike waiting for anything but of course I am not going to break out in a fit of rage because I have been kept waiting, no, I have learnt to be patient. 406 more words

High-heeled Footwear

Not chasing Marsh Wrens

While I was working on my dissertation, I imagined that finishing it (finally!) would mean a sudden change in my life. I pictured an acceleration, a speeding-up of things: all the junco research published, a new research project started up efficiently thanks to everything I had learned from the juncos, new analyses performed and revealed quickly. 456 more words