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"How do you do it?" An honest answer from a mom of 6. 

This is a question I get a lot as a mother of a large family. “Six kids! How do you do it?” And it’s hard to know exactly how to answer. 500 more words


My saving grace.

After the craziness of our quicker-than-we-thought-it-would-happen move from Sandusky to Columbus, I settled into a routine that consisted of sleeping later than I should’ve, taking care of my dogs, looking/applying to jobs, looking at houses, get a little lonely from time to time….rinse and repeat. 470 more words


Geduldsübungen - Practicing patience

My course seems to be falling apart – split down the middle.  There are the able students, those who participate well and can do most of the exercises fast and with few mistakes, and the ones who really struggle for various reasons.  541 more words


To a Friend Whose Operation Has Been Postponed

Open the rusty screen door
Follow my voice through the center
of the forest with no trees

Float atop the escaping river
like a weekday problem on a Saturday afternoon… 109 more words

Writing Prompts

Is this Animal Particularly Patient?

This animal can spend considerable time with ist nostrils covered with  water without running short of air. Perhaps this speaks of endurance.

As children we were using our fingers to make sure our noses were closed. 334 more words


20 quotes on suffering

Discipleship includes joy and peace but more than anything, it involves suffering. In order to love God most profoundly, many saints remind us the best way is through suffering. 793 more words


Driving Myself Crazy

I drove to work after my last blog with my soul percolating in anticipatory tension.  Patience on the road is not my strong suit anyway.  I was gunning, braking, and swerving my way down the freeway, muttering about all the stupid and pigheaded folks who drove in the left lane as if they were the lead car in a funeral procession, when I realized my adrenaline rush was going to turn the workplace into a war zone.   497 more words