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Time and Again

Dear folks,

My most sincere apologies as this comes a long time after my last post. I have been swarmed with work and extra-curricular activities and I am actually currently in the midst of my finals. 431 more words


May 6th

Yet another month has gone by, and we move into May. I’m still adapting to living in Jacksonville and living near the beach. I left the dishwashing job I had at Zeta Brewing Company for any number of reasons and am now working at Ritz & Brix bars as my full time jobs. 332 more words

! قلبُ راحلْ

طاوٍ على جُرحٍ أَمَضَّ و أَوْجعا

ثاوٍ على حالٍ أبتْ أن تَقَشَّعاْ

ساعٍ إلى أجلٍ يحنُّ مُرَجِّعاْ

يرنو بعينٍ تُتْبِعُ الدمعَ أدْمُعاْ

من ذا لحَيٍ فارقَ الناسَ أجْمعاْ ؟

إلا الإلهُ و من سواهُ مُوَّسِّعاْ ؟

يا قلبُ اِرحلْ عن حياةٍ و اقنعاْ

بخمولِ ذِكْرٍ في الأنامِ و مَسْمعاْ

حظُّ النفوسِ من الحطامِ تَوزَّعاْ

بين الهَباءِ و بين وهمٍ مُزْمَعاْ

نمضي و تبقى بعدَنا الدورُ مَرْتعاْ

لخيالِ طيفٍ كان يوماً مُشبَعاْ

شِبَعاً يزولُ بلحظِ طرْفٍ أَتْبعاْ

ومضاتِ نورٍ أشرقتْ لتُوَدِّعاْ

خلِّ الزمانَ و ما أرادَ و رَجِّعاْ

ذكرَ المليكِ بكلِ حالٍ تُرْفَعاْ

لمآلِ خيرٍ يَبذُلُ الكأسَ مُتْرَعاْ

بجنانِ خُلْدٍ إِثْرَ صبرٍ أيْنَعاْ



You make me want to love you

When you tell me these pretty things.

You make me want to hold you

Forever in my arms… 81 more words


Somewhere Only We Know

I’ve been continuing working on my short story, and while this task at times proves difficult, I am working on it slowly, making sure that I fill in every nook and crannie with as many details as I can. 162 more words


I need one good moment. Just one. Things around me have become too full of negative and things/people in decline. I just want an up. 139 more words

Eclectic Bard Books

Fact Friday- All about the Heart, remembering Opa

Today I was going to continue to talk about macros and break them down into the 3 components, but I am going to switch it up and talk about the heart today. 915 more words