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Shortcut Vs Long Route

God’s ways and His plans for us are indeed mighty-higher than we can imagine. That He would lead His own people, who by his mighty hand he freed from the captivity of many years, through a longer route (although there was an option of a “shortcut”) on their journey of freedom to the promise land which is their covenant right, sounds extreme and just unimaginable to the human mind. 235 more words


Sticking To It

It is always easy for me to get something started, it’s the follow through that often trips me up. My mind is usually racing through a multitude of projects, ideas and daily to do’s so, I can get easily distracted or worse, bored. 409 more words

The Smith Farmhouse Experiment

Day #286 Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Yes, we all survived the storm-once-known-as-Hurricane Ophelia, though the disruption to the whole country has been fairly massive, even in areas where there was little more than a few downed trees from the wind. 759 more words


Not For Sale: Grapes, Figs, and Pomegranates

My father-in-law used to decry what he considered his loss of memory after a cardiac surgery, in that he noticed he could no longer do some kind of complex mathematical computations in his head.  401 more words

Other Stuff

A rant about Love...

I’m just gonna put it out there and talk about my thoughts on what LOVE is.

Love is something we all want to have, whether its being with your favorite person or being with friends or pets or whatever. 413 more words


Learning to Edit Video

Elation Explorer, as a daily experiment in trying new things, has also been a forcing function for learning new ways of sharing these activities with you. 1,018 more words


Baby Steps

I was hoping to slowly immerse myself into this new position. I was not expecting the time commitment. I was especially not expecting the exhaustion that comes with it. 501 more words