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Fifty Word Short Story: None the wiser

She stands – bewildered, looking after the train. It had hit its mark. She’d felt the impact. Wings unfurled, releasing her. Scratching her head, she walks away from the would-be wreckage, none the wiser. 17 more words


The master of my domain. Except for your WiFi connection.

There must be two dozen WiFi connections within range of my laptop. One of my particularly ingenious neighbors has named his network the “Virus Distribution Center.” It’s a secured connection, but I’ve never tried to get into it. 1,012 more words


My story

First comes love, then comes marriage.. then comes…?

My husband and I have been together for around 16 years. We met online when we were just kids and are now celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. 354 more words


Egpyt, Now with reason...

In my hermeneutical studies on Typology Patrick Fairbairn highlights the necessity of Israel to pass through their 400 years of slavery in Egypt before being given the promised inheritance of Canaan.   1,184 more words


It Needs To Be Patient

My lesson today,

Life isn’t always about what you need to do.



Needs to give you what you need.

And sometimes

It needs to be patient and help figure out what that is.

Life Chatter

Remembering High School Maths

D’s maths teacher sent a through ten maths problems for him to solve over the weekend, and helping him with this has taken me back to my maths education at high school. 1,030 more words

Stories To Tell


To truly know who they are
Take a leap of faith
Put all into everything
Welcome the danger you may face

But here appear the questions… 35 more words