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Type 2 Diabetes Reversible With Low Calorie Diet | ConsultantLive

We’ve observed and documented this for years in individual patients who our success stories for other patients to emulate. It is nice to have some data that backs up what we’ve known to be true.

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Is wellness working? | BenefitsPro

Indeed, the highest participation came for health risk and biometric assessments, which 48 percent of employees underwent. Organizations often offer employees lower premiums for doing such screenings.

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The Healthcare Industry has but 3 main customers. So is Customer Experience (CX) really necessary?

The healthcare industry is fairly complex. Yet in the nature of its customer segmentation it can be really simple.

There are three chief customers of the healthcare industry – patients, doctors and caregivers. 721 more words

Customer Experience Management

DENIAL - a cause of lack of patient compliance

DENIAL – This is the most common thing leading to lack of patient medication adherence(PMA). All the work of a pharmacist or health care professional goes waste if the patient refuses to accept that he has a disorder. 290 more words


The Fallacy of Big & Broad Wellness Programs | The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism

Perhaps a better line to describe the current state of wellness programs would be “If you build it, and spend a lot of money to incentivize people to use it, they will come – but they probably won’t stay or change their behavior long-term.” Not as catchy, but certainly more accurate.

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Patient-centered Care

Patient Compliance

What is patient compliance; and why is it so important? Patient compliance is directly responsible for our office success rate of 90%; as it is the ‘negative people,’ who don’t follow through or continue treatment, whose results do not get counted in the first place. 1,014 more words