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Patient's compliance following rotator cuff repair

We probably have all at one point or another wondered about our patient’s compliance following rotator cuff repair and during their post- operative rehabilitation?  How important is patient compliance to the overall outcome of the surgery and subsequent rehabilitation?  246 more words

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The Dark Side of Your Fitbit And Fitness App DocNews

When David Sedaris purchased his Fibit last summer, this small piece of technology inspired him to walk after dinner instead of sitting on the couch. When his Fitbit died, however, walking became pointless without the steps being counted or measured.

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Oasis Wellness Empowerment Series #2: Disempowering Patients through Fear, Coercion, and Force

Please note that we will be phasing out this blog page. But don’t despair! You can all of our blogs over on our Oasis Wellness website, w… 1,116 more words

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Is Medicaid-Associated Overuse of Emergency Departments Just a Temporary Surge? | Health Policy Blog | NCPA.org

What is important to remember about Medicaid and similar programs is that you can sign up when you need care. People with private insurance can only sign up during open-enrollment periods.

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Gopal K. Chopra Introduces PINGMD

This is the direction we need to go. As Dr. Chopra explains, let’s make the about patient care, instead of “data curation”

Why Employers Are Being Fooled by Engagement | The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism

Secret: engagement is the wrong metric, and it is masking what you should really care about.Let’s look at the positives first. For one thing, engagement is an acknowledgment that if employees don’t access services, there will never be any downstream benefits.

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