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Nobody Lives in Your Body But You

All told, I’ve probably sat in a doctor’s office waiting room for years. I wasn’t even a patient back then.  As an oncology (cancer) representative for a pharmaceutical company and later as a national trainer, my job was to present clinical trials data to doctors and nurses, side effect management updates and any other pertinent information they could use to more effectively treat patients. 400 more words

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Healthcare Takes a Village

While I sat waiting for a medical test to be completed – one of those appointments when you show up fasting, blow into a tube, sit and wait twenty minutes and do it all over again for several hours. 606 more words

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Much has been written recently about Dr Farid Fata, the oncologist who lied, bullied. and treated five hundred patients for cancer who never had the disease and grossly over-treated those who actually did.   577 more words

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3 Ingredients to create a Patient Sales Force

This is such an important topic that I will provide three case studies in three separate posts. This one will focus on MS Atrium/Aubagio for MS. 708 more words

Spotlight on: EHRA EUROPACE - CARDIOSTIM 2015, Part 1

More than 5000 healthcare professionals met in Milan, Italy this week at the European Heart Rhythm Association’s (EHRA) bi-annual conference. EHRA is a registered branch of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). 197 more words


Do you have any questions for the pharmacist?

Do you have any questions for the pharmacist?

Who hasn’t heard that question when they’re at the pharmacy counter. Most of us say no and leave as quickly as we can. 527 more words

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Improvements In Understandability Of Medication Label and Warnings Needed To Empower Patients

Reports about side effects of medications like one reported today in the article Common Heartburn Medications Linked To Greater Risk Of Heart Attack and disclaimers in advertising and labels of drug advertisements are supposed to help patients make more informed decisions about medications. 1,956 more words