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the #bibs2015: shy bairns get nowt

I may already be a little late to the party on this one, but I haven’t made any nominations yet, so I’m hoping to pick up the straggler voters like me! 558 more words


You Are Your Best Advocate. The Power Of A Second Opinion

People reach out to me often for advice. It is typically related to a friend or a friend of a friend who is diagnosed with cancer. 792 more words


MSA activist wins award

Multiple system atrophy is a rare disease, which makes it so important to educate others about it. One of the best at doing so is Pam Bower of Halifax, Nova Scotia, who lost her mother-in-law to the monster called MSA. 156 more words

MSA Awareness

Caring For The Caregivers: How To Help

Providing meaningful support of caregivers is a growing, challenging and essential urgent need for the millions of Americans acting as caregivers elderly, disabled, injured or ill family members or friends. 3,046 more words

Health Care

Perspective Change May Offer Best Option For Solving Society's Asperger's/Autism Puzzel

The growth in the number of Americans diagnosed with  Asperger’s and other Autism spectrum disorders is fueling demands to identify the “cause” and to find  a “cure” that to  “fix” the these “conditions” while individuals labeled with these conditions and their families struggle to cope. 2,535 more words

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A powerful post by Janet Freeman (@ Gray Connections) on cancer and patient empowerment

There is a great post on social media and cancer patients’ perspectives and empowerment by Janet Freeman at Gray Connections.

The post can be found at  1,773 more words


I Hate Having Conversations Like This With a Doctor

This is a rant. Just being honest up front. I’m frustrated right now. Part of this touches on a new diagnosis I was going to blog about here, because it derives directly from the MTHFR genetics. 2,125 more words