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The Radiologist - Clinician Relationship

 Image: Thoracic Flouroscopy Using Handheld Screen ~ Circa 1909 via @Wikipedia

Bernadette Keefe MD

Classically, the radiologist was known as the doctor’s doctor, and many consultations were carried out in person. 538 more words


The Doctor Is In – Really!

How to Get the Best Care From Your Doctor
Ways to get involved in decisions and learn what could go wrong

By Leslie Kernisan, MD… 1,618 more words

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Medical Tourism...the way forward

Medical Tourism is such an anomalous term. While tourism is associated with freedom, hospital evokes images of limitation. Medical travel in Asia specifically in India mostly emerged in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis in 1997. 174 more words

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Ensuring patient empowerment by the use of IT in Healthcare

Patient Planet


At its very core, healthcare is a business. In other industries, consumer satisfaction drives loyalty, and return customers drive profitability. Health care should be no different. 232 more words

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What's Good for Your Brain is Good for Your Bod

It’s August.  My favorite season is nearing its end.  Such a great time of year to ride my bike, hike, walk and swim.  Sometimes, I need to exercise earlier in the morning than I’d like, but I always feel like patting myself on the back when I’m done.   390 more words

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Nobody Lives in Your Body But You

All told, I’ve probably sat in a doctor’s office waiting room for years. I wasn’t even a patient back then.  As an oncology (cancer) representative for a pharmaceutical company and later as a national trainer, my job was to present clinical trials data to doctors and nurses, side effect management updates and any other pertinent information they could use to more effectively treat patients. 400 more words

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Healthcare Takes a Village

While I sat waiting for a medical test to be completed – one of those appointments when you show up fasting, blow into a tube, sit and wait twenty minutes and do it all over again for several hours. 606 more words

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