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“Your choices matter, your decisions matter, you are the most important person in the world and who you are and what you choose, really does matter!!” 384 more words

Conscious Decision Making

Why I decided to buy Private Medical Insurance

I decided to write a post about my recent journey buying private medical insurance because I wanted to share that it is still possible, although arguably less straightforward, to get health insurance in the UK with a pre-existing condition. 1,850 more words

Chronic Illness

Celebrate National Nutrition Month With Free Resources

March is National Nutrition Month! Check out free government resources here for tips and tools to help you and your employees or patients enjoy the benefits of better nutrition. 711 more words

Better Patient Tracking & Reporting of Symptoms Promotes Better Care

Patients and their caregivers can help improve the quality of care they receive from physicians and other health care providers by accurately tracking and reporting patient symptoms to their physician and other health care providers.  2,174 more words

Health Care

Apple Plans to Take a Bite Out of the Healthcare Market

This blog was originally published on Jon Belsher’s website here.

When Steve Wozniak and the late Steve Jobs founded Apple in 1976, neither of them likely anticipated how influential the company would become in the development of the internet age and beyond. 490 more words

Jon Belsher

Resources for professionals for understanding living with long term conditions

In my talk Living With Pain on 7th February, I referred to several studies and other resources. Here are links to these and some additional ones on living with pain and hidden chronic illness, and improving our care. 758 more words

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