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What Should You Know About Your Lab Results?

Your doctor orders lab work for you and you get your blood drawn. Do you need to do anything more?

The answer is yes. You have an important role in reviewing your test results and asking your physician questions about what the data means and what action you may need to take, says David Koch, a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at Emory University and president of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC). 465 more words

A Day in the Life of a Rare Disease Patient: Empowerment

“Everything I know about my condition is due to my own research on the internet. I am unaware how much of this is correct or what I’m missing.” – Patient, Morquio syndrome.

446 more words
Rare Disease

How to De-Frag Your Health Care

If your computer has ever slowed way down you may have been advised to “defrag,” which puts all parts of a file together in the same place on the drive, enabling it to run faster and more efficiently. 791 more words

Preventing Communication Failures

Assume nothing. Honestly.

That can be challenging when you’re a patient or a family member, and you just want to trust the system to get you the care you or your loved one needs. 744 more words

A Great Cancer Resource

The phone rings. Or your doctor’s office calls and want you to come in right away. Or perhaps someone you know tells you what they’ve just learned.  307 more words


Mobile symptom journal to better manage chronic conditions.

D-Patient Series: Hacking My Patient Experience


To write love on her arms

A movement against depression and suicide to make people feel not alone through community, open writing and events.