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5 simple ways we can give our patients a better experience

Being sick and hospitalized in a lonely and unfamiliar place is a terrifying time for our patients. It’s an easy thing for doctors and nurses to forget as we go about our hectic days, when time goes by so quickly that we barely have time to stop and think. 656 more words


Surveys Aside, One Crucial Precondition for Real Patient Satisfaction

By Amanda Anderson, a critical care nurse and graduate student in New York City currently doing a graduate placement at AJN

During this hospital stay, after you pressed the call button, how often did you get help as soon as you wanted it?

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Nursing Perspective

The Ultimate Patient Advocate in Your Pocket

Having been an Attending physician for the last several years and practiced medicine up and down the east coast, I’ve witnessed firsthand the daily challenges we face in healthcare, which are surprisingly the same in every hospital I’ve ever worked in. 459 more words


How Can I Help YOU? Physician coaching looks at service.

Recently a friend interviewed a prospective employee for her practice.  “How much would you like to be paid?” my friend asked.  The woman told her and they agreed.   455 more words

Physician Coaching

Does your hospital need a concierge medicine program

The evolution of healthcare over the past ten years has created need for creative marketing and customer service tools to enhance patient satisfaction and experience. Regardless of your political beliefs, new laws implemented within the healthcare industry have shifted strong focus toward patient engagement and customer satisfaction. 338 more words

Concierge Medicine

Teach Them to Reach Them

Imagine this scenario: a Spanish-speaking patient reads the instructions for his new prescription medication after being discharged from the hospital. The directions tell him to “take once daily.” The patient takes eleven pills every day. 640 more words

Patient Education