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The Story of My Wife’s Brush with The Swinging Opioid Pendulum

Hers is an old woman name. It hasn’t been popular in decades. I have only known nursing home patients with that name. She must be in her twenties. 2,241 more words

Direct-to-consumer Marketing

What I Learned at the Convention ...

What I observed at the convention:

  • Mobile phones are not essential.
  • It really is true – if it isn’t at Walmart; you don’t need it…
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Let the practice see what patients are thinking about the practice and their service

One of the last benefits of having patient reviews of doctors, is it is going to give the medical team at the hospital or the medical practice a good idea what the patients are thinking about the institution and if they are recommending the practice to other people. 250 more words


Combatting Doctor Google.docx

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Keeping your patients engaged is a tough proposition, especially when Dr. Google is the most powerful doctor in the world. Use these tips to make you the center of your patient’s health universe.

Patient Education

TRANSPARENCY: Posting patient reviews of physicians

Some health systems have begun to post online patient satisfaction scores and patient comments about physicians on the medical staff.  Here are some systems that do this (there are said to be an additional 20 which are not identified by name): 98 more words

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The health care system treats patients like garbage


I started and stopped writing this post many times because it’s mostly whining. But, dammit, it’s a consumer’s right to whine, so here it is: in my experience (YMMV) — and that of many others I know — the health care system largely treats patients like garbage. 473 more words

Virtual fracture clinic management of fifth metatarsal, including Jones' fractures is safe and cost-effective

Source:  Injury 2017, February 12 

Follow this link for abstract

Date of publication:  February 2017

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell:   Looks at the safety and cost-effectiveness of virtual clinics in patients with fifth metatarsal fractures and how acceptable they are to patients. 41 more words