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Why Patient Satisfaction Matters Beyond Quality of Care

Patients choose where they go for care. The number one driver for patient satisfaction is perceived wait times measured against expectations. Facilities that do not provide visibility into their patient flow cannot manage or improve it. 340 more words


Mistake #4: Not Creating and Maintaining “Brand” Loyalty, a Core Competency of the Hospitality Industry, Through Emotionally Engaging and Developing a Personal Rapport with Your patients to Retain Current Patients and Obtain Referrals.

– Medical professionals tend to take a passive approach to “customer service” and to developing their “brand”, believing that good patient clinical outcomes alone naturally translate into patient loyalty and that “branding” is an advertising concept that doesn’t apply to healthcare. 274 more words

Strategies & Helpful Hints to Increase Patient Satisfaction Scores

By Ricky N. Arbuckle, CRA, MBA, RT(R)(CV)

Jason Scott’s presentation at the 2018 Spring Conference provided concrete steps attendees could take to improve employee engagement and patient satisfaction. 463 more words


Care Enough To Care

“I can teach you medicine, but I cannot teach you to care” was a frequent saying from a mentor during my residency training.  Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, is perhaps the most critical component in a doctor.  371 more words


Critical Mistake #3: Not Using the Most Effective Positive Distractions to Help Focus Patients’ Attention, Elicit Positive Thoughts and Reduce Fear, Stress and Pain

– Positive distraction interventions are distinctive amenities that influence patient perceptions positively and reduce their levels of stress and physical pain. The introduction of positive distractions, especially multi-sensory ones, into the physical environment can also contribute to its attractiveness and thus to patient satisfaction. 374 more words

Strategies and Helpful Hints to Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores

By Jason Scott, MBA, FAHRA, CRA, RT(R)(MR)

Radiology departments are challenged every day to provide the best possible care to their patients. Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between patient experience and the following factors: 272 more words


Mistakes At The Doctor's Office: How One "Ideal" Design Got It All Wrong

Many physicians are consolidating their practices and moving into state-of-the-art facilities that promise the best in patient care. But, how does this move affect patients? Here is one story that illustrates what happens when medical practices fail to address the “whole” patient. 1,539 more words