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Psychological Distress Lowers Patient Satisfaction Scores

The main goal of orthopaedic surgeons is to help patients feel and function as well as possible. In that context, the notion of “patient satisfaction” is as old as Hippocrates himself. 337 more words


Hidden citizens: how can we identify the most lonely older adults?

By Campaign to End Loneliness (2015)

In 2013, the Campaign to End Loneliness consulted over 100 frontline service providers about what they needed to improve their support. 66 more words

Care Of The Elderly

Patient Satisfaction: Who Really Matters?

Guest post by Shahbaz S.

Does patient satisfaction matter? If you’re a healthcare administrator you’re likely to believe so, as demonstrated by patient satisfaction surveys, hospital greeters and increased vigilance on ensuring enhanced patient satisfaction at all levels of healthcare. 948 more words


How to Reduce Patient Wait Times?

On Patient Satisfaction

The traditional linear patient scheduling system is slowly being abandoned by modern medical practitioners; in all venues (medical practices, clinics, hospitals and various other healthcare entities). 845 more words

Practice Management

The downside to getting what you want

Many of you know from my blog or knowing me personally that I’m very much opposed to unnecessary medical testing and treatments. While at times unavoidable, I do my best to practice clinical medicine and use testing only when necessary. 228 more words

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