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EUHM Resident Report: How to handle difficult patient situations?

Difficult encounters are estimated to represent 15 to 30 percent of family physician visits. Factors contributing to these difficult clinical encounters may be related to the physician, patient, situation, or a combination. 156 more words


The Internet of Health Things and Why it Matters to Physicians and Patients

If you are a healthcare professional, you need to know about the Internet of Health Things (IoHT). IoHT is the secret sauce, if you will, that holds the potential of increasing access to health care for patients, improving patient experience, the quality of health care and the efficiency with which it is delivered. 597 more words

High Rates of Return to Play and Patient Satisfaction after ACL Reconstruction

The estimated annual cost of surgical treatment for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptures in the US is $2 billion. Are ACL surgery patients—and the health care system—getting significant value for all that money spent? 282 more words


The Story of My Wife’s Brush with The Swinging Opioid Pendulum

The emergency room (ER) feels different from the other side of the desk. As a physician, the ER is a place of action, a place where mental processes cannot be allowed to idle below a certain rate, a place of fast, focused thinking and frenzied action, which, in all but the busiest inner city ERs is interrupted by varying stretches of time when the pace is languorous and those slow moments are put to good use to share clinical experiences, gossip and bond with the team one will rely on during the inevitable frenzied moments. 2,534 more words

Opioid Epidemic

What I Learned at the Convention ...

What I observed at the convention:

  • Mobile phones are not essential.
  • It really is true – if it isn’t at Walmart; you don’t need it…
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