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We need less virtual medicine, not more

The world of healthcare will likely look very different in a decade, owing to a variety of diverse factors including; medical breakthroughs, political reform and not least of all the tremendous advances in technology that are occurring at breathtaking pace. 796 more words


Those things patients tell doctors which should never be ignored

In the busy world of hospital medicine, where doctors and nurses find themselves rushed off their feet for most of the day, time to sit down and actually listen to patients is at a premium. 817 more words


Clickety-Clack Don't Talk Back

“Doc. You need to stop all that typing! It’s like texting on cell phones. It’s a pet peeve of mine!”

He was upset already because I had asked him why he was physically punishing his teenage son. 305 more words

Do Hospital Amenities Impact Quality Care?

According to a study at Johns Hopkins (2/1/15) improving hospital amenities improve patient satisfaction with the facility but otherwise do not improve satisfaction with care… 255 more words

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