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What about the bone?

“Isn’t that like putting a band aid on a broken leg?” I replied. “Sure it stops the bleeding but what about the bone?”


I’ve felt this struggle and know that many other post- concussive patients have as well. You’re not alone.

Our (Cultural) Sugar High

Bernadette Keefe MD

‘We need to start talking about how our food supply is making many of us sick.”

 “Sugar high” is the term used to describe the cascade of responses after eating a sugar load. 2,129 more words


Ill at ease in the doctor’s waiting room

I IMAGINE that one of the best places to go if you want to pick up a good rampant germ and lay yourself low for a few days must be a doctor’s waiting room. 568 more words

Columns 2015

Oliver Sacks and Migraine's 'Strange and Riddling Landscapes'

We learnt earlier in the week of the death of the neurologist and prolific author Oliver Sacks. In February Sacks had announced that nine years after being diagnosed with an ocular melanoma, the tumour had spread, and that he now faced death. 451 more words


The Danger of Hospitalists

The use of Hospitalists is not a new topic, however it is a hot, and ongoing topic. You will find Hospitalists working in every hospital through out the US.   745 more words