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Riding High above the Fjords

It’s day two in the West Fjords and the views continue to take my breath away.

Remember those dizzying heights and unpaved roads I thought I had avoided?…they showed up today. 401 more words


ÍS: Patreksfjörður || Pt. 3

While out on my Ring Road trip around Iceland this summer, I may have developed a small obsession with laundry hung out to dry in the open air. 57 more words


ÍS: Patreksfjörður || Pt. 2

 Patreksfjörður is a wonderful example of the unkempt, accidental beauty of small Icelandic towns. The yards are kept respectable, but shabby. The paint is in various states of succumbing to the harsh northern weather. 83 more words


ÍS: Patreksfjörður || Pt. 1

Patreksfjörður (population 651) is a lovely, little town in the west of the Westfjords. It is named after St. Patrick, who was the patron saint of Örlygur Hrappson, who settled the area. 169 more words


ÍS: On the Way to Patreksfjörður

Sites seen on the drive from Ísafjörður to Patreksfjörður. Our end goal was the cliffs at Látrabjarg (known for its large puffin population….pictures to come). We picked up a hitchhiking couple near Þingeyri, and made the short detour to Patreksfjörður to take them all the way to their destination. 77 more words


ÍS: Boats That Don't Float

 The boat in the two pictures above is Garðar BA64. It was beached here, near Patreksfjörður, in 1981 during bad weather. Built in Norway in 1912, it is the oldest steel ship in Iceland. 46 more words