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Joseph, A Prototype Of Christ -Prologue

Josep‎h was the penultimate son of Jacob

Preceding by birth only little Benjamin

‎Joseph was the much loved son of his Pop

Sired in old age, to whom he was never mean… 338 more words


Jacob:Blessed In Exile

Jacob subtly stole his father’s blessing
That was meant for his elder brother
With Rebekah his mother eagerly conniving
They hatched a trick to shame any other… 283 more words


View from a Rhino House: the church militant

In Russia this week, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, was presented with the sort of gift that will have the Pope green with envy – a single-seater SU-35 jet fighter… 233 more words


Sexism, Misogyny and Patriarchal Judgment

As a woman, I have often dealt with street harassment. I have either ignored these putrid men and their sexual advances or out of frustration and feelings of contempt I have shouted back vulgarities in my defense. 1,219 more words

@DeniroFarrar "Fears" (Video)

West Charlotte native Deniro Farrar has made a buzz on the underground something serious! His new EP “Patriach” got his fans on edge waiting. 17 more words





1. A king of Pylos who serves in his old age as a counselor to the Greeks at Troy.
2. One who is a patriarch or leader in a field. 21 more words

Jacob's Biography

The drama of the very rich princes of Canaan is winsome. The story of Jacob is endearing and magnificent concomitantly without affectation. The mode is not that of a bad Sunday school lesson in which the moral is propagated with bold insistence and accepted under duress. 627 more words

Mayakovsky Is Delightful