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The Photographer and 'his' model. (I)

Consider this video  I happened to come across last week. Since then I have been watching and enjoying it, at least once, if that could be the minimum number of times I could privilege in a day. 136 more words


The Dirty R Word

At this point, there is no question of whether or not Ghanaian society is rigidly patriarchal. If you google patriarchy, the first definition that pops up (via  1,037 more words

From The News

Handling Women 101: Attraction and Comfort

Women need two things from a man in any kind of relationship, and the degree to which she has these two things will completely determine the nature of the relationship. 1,084 more words


On "Lightly Beating" Your Wife

Yesterday the Council of Islamic Ideology, an advisory committee on all matters Islamic to the Pakistani Government (which was only meant to be formed for ten years but has never been disbanded), … 897 more words


Day 148: Power Over Me?

I refuse to hate who I am
because it is inconvenient
for you to like me.

I will not change my inflections
to be a perfect… 99 more words


How Orthodox Judaism Made Me A Feminist

By Rachel Pearlstein

I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family and attended an Orthodox all-girls Jewish high school in south Florida. There were many good times and many freeing things about going to an all-girls high school, like not caring what you looked like, wearing sports bras every day, and being able to shout across the hallway for a pad or tampon without any pre-pubescent teenage boys making obscene comments. 859 more words


"Marriage can never be feminist" - Julie Bindel

This is a response to a Guardian-produced video I saw on Facebook earlier. I thought it was an interesting (if somewhat flawed) perspective. My analysis and thoughts on this video and on this perception of marriage as a whole are below. 606 more words