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MensXP's writer rants about Kangana 

Every week I see Indian men trying very hard to defend the non defendable. I do not like reading Bollywood gossip, page 3 crap. But unless you have been hiding in a cave, you’d know Kangana Ranaut has been called a witch, and painted as someone with a mental disorder. 783 more words

Fear of failure/rejection makes us violent

I was watching an interview of Kangana Ranaut, where she was asked about her sister Rangoli, an acid attack survivor. Kangana said that in India, people feel ashamed when they fail/ are rejected. 366 more words

Disrupting UCT: A Small Victory for #PatriarchyMustFall in the war against Cisnormativity

Signs and posters used by protesters during the sit-in at Graça Machel Hall residence.

A group of UCT students gathered at Graça Machel Residence on the 9th of April to engage in a silent protest. 803 more words

Silent War

I’ve taken a little recess from blogging for several reasons and one of them is that I mistakenly deleted two, not one, but TWO blog posts before I could press “publish”. 1,380 more words


Laws for a Feminist Society

Newcomers to feminism, particularly celebrities, are getting a lot of social media press lately. Yesterday Feminist Current published a post about yet another young, male celebrity celebrating his new-found feminism. 769 more words


The Feminist Conspiracy

Obligatory Kenji picture

Plot Twist: The feminists control the world. Only Kenji can see this.

Okay, I’ll just take a moment to express that I love Kenji. 1,397 more words