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Progressives Condemn Racist and Islamophobic European Advocates For Women

By Werombi Towradji

A new organization that claims to advocate on behalf of women has come under fire, with allegations that, despite appearances to the contrary, it actually seeks to stealthily spread racial hatred and Islamophobic bigotry. 1,964 more words



I always wondered why “modern” or “advanced” women were so looked down upon. From the pants they wore and to the lack of the dupatta in their outfit. 260 more words


Ambivalently Yours

The bold┬áillustrator who goes by the name of, ‘Ambivalently Yours’ has become my latest obsession that falls under mental health, feminism and restoring confidence in those that have fallen into society’s trap of lacking self-worth. 332 more words


Patriarchy is such a wonderful concept, if you live in times of war. This isn’t Westeros. To say that women must stay at home and take care of the children while the man goes out and earns a living for them is absurd in my opinion. 157 more words


The Arrogance of Muslim Feminism

Muslim Feminism: When you think you understand the Quran better than the likes of Tabari. When you think you understand the Sunnah better than the likes of Ghazali, ibn al-Jawzi, ibn Taymiyya, and Razi. 267 more words


The Logic of Patriarchy

One of the things I never understood about the idea of patriarchy that feminism opposes is this: why would men throughout history across numerous “patriarchal” cultures and civilizations systematically oppress their counterparts, i.e., their wives, their sisters, their mothers? 767 more words