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The Women’s Marches: Witness the Power of Yin

I’ve been a student of Chinese philosophy for decades and as anyone who has read this blog knows, I really resonate with the balancing energies of yin and yang. 594 more words

We are displeased

The art of the Resistance is pouring forth, with much more to come, in every form of expression. Women, who are often dismissed as ‘hysterical’ when we express our displeasure, … 124 more words

Art & Craft

Fear is the weapon

Fear is the weapon
against laughter, freedom,
liberty is too freely used
for being, just to be;
hope runs scarlet
in the streets, grief
sirens down below… 8 more words


On "the superiority of ideas over the physical senses"

In David Payne’s article “Autobiology”, included by Ellis & Bochner in their “Composing Ethnography”, he quotes Hèléne Cixous:

notes Freud’s contention that the birth of patriarchy represents a moment that established the superiority of ideas over the physical senses, and that this epistemological “victory” signifies a “step forward in culture,” a “declaration in favor of the thought-process” (1986, 100).

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Women and the Bible: An Egalitarian Critiques Patriarchy


Gloria (Secular Feminist)

Sarah (Evangelical Egalitarian)

Abraham (Neo-Patriarch)

Moderator (Neutral)

Moderator: Welcome to our twelfth and final talk in our dialogue on the relationship between men and women in society, church and family. 2,119 more words

The Women's Marches


A person who advocates or supports the principle of equality for all people:
‘he was a social and political egalitarian’
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Welfare Mudshark, Former Lapdancer with 8 Niglets Wants to Be a Car Mechanic, but Men Harrass Her!

This week’s Mudshark of the week award goes to Marie Buchan of Birmingham, UK and reads like a comedy script! The fact that she has 8 niglets kind of kills the humor though. 274 more words

Mudshark Of The Week