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Inheritance // Patriarchy

The women who came before me bartered their power for shame.
Let it stain and rot the flesh from their bones.
Were left to mourn their silenced truths at the graveside. 30 more words


Understanding Patriarchy and Men's Power

This article comes from the National Organization For Men Against Sexism. Thanks for sharing, Asa!

Men do not just happily bond together to oppress women.  In addition to hierarchy over women, men create hierarchies and rankings among themselves according to criteria of “masculinity.” Men at each rank of masculinity compete with each other, with whatever resources they have, for the differential payoffs that patriarchy allows men.

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How to be a Woman

When I was in an undergraduate degree, one of my favorite classes is Women & Politics. That’s the first time I learned to be a feminist. 582 more words


Don't tell me I'm overreacting  

I struggle to understand,

how I’ve blossomed from someone quiet,

shy, don’t do that

Don’t talk to boys, don’t stay out,

It’s 12 a.m. I’m waiting for the train… 82 more words


"I'm a Visual Person"

How many times has a scrotum told you that he is ‘a visual person’?  If you are female and some dude in your life has told you that – sometimes in all seriousness, sometimes with a smirk – he is trying to tell you a truth about himself and his approach to dealing with women. 1,140 more words


"Good Girls Revolt," a New TV Series Portrays the Lawsuit Brought by Eleanor Holmes Norton

This clip below from the Stephen Colbert Show made me feel really good and I hope it does the same for you. He is bringing a little advertisement to a new TV show, “Good Girls Revolt,” which tells the story of a civil rights suit brought by Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton against Newsweek for equal employment opportunities for women. 125 more words


Locke's Adversary: The Patriarchal Kingdom of Sir Robert Filmer

Fallitur egregio quisquis sub principe credit Servitium;
nunquam libertas gratior extat Quam sub Rege pio ~ Claudian “Whoso thinks it slavery to serve under an eminent prince is mistaken;
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