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At the wedding, the newly weds took their seat and the MC was at his supposed “top of his game act”. I had frowned all day at a few routines that had taken place from the moment the “to be” bride woke up, to the engagement ceremony and then now, the wedding reception. 872 more words


Tattoos (and all other non sentient things) don't have a gender

I have recently (during a work endeavour) created a Pinterest account. I won’t lie, I enjoy it a lot. Admittedly all I look at are tattoo ideas, photography, and work related (digital marketing) stuff. 481 more words


Sexual Violence and the Blame Game

Chrissie Hynde, American songwriter and lead singer of the famous band The Pretenders, got a lot of attention lately for giving her take on her own experience of rape and going on to make general remarks on the issue in her memoir titled ‘Reckless – My life as a pretender’.  2,835 more words


The Way Trans Activists "Argue" with "TERFS" *Trigger Warning*

Listen up you truscum piece of shit, you’re a lesbophobic murderer and should drop fucking dead with your bigotry and HATE! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because someone thankfully directed your ignorant fucking ass here to get educated. 1,329 more words

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Is sexism against men a growing problem?

Most people, when met with a question like “do you believe men can face sexism?” have many varying opinions. The chance of getting either a yes or a no is fairly equal. 2,367 more words


A Feminist Critique of Caravaggio

I recently visited the Borghese Gallery in Rome where there’s a collection of quite famous Caravaggio paintings. It was really the first time I realised that something about his works makes me a little uncomfortable. 1,222 more words


Rethinking Kathakali: Colours of Prejudice

The way many Indian men and women think and their normative patriarchal mind-set has been the focus of discussions, over the past weeks, around the ban on Leslie Udwin’s film  1,422 more words

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