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Testimony from a Worker at a Local Big Box Store #9

When I began working for this store it was normal for the store manager to touch me whenever he talked to me. It began with a hand shake and progressed to a hand on my shoulder. 530 more words

Big Box Store

TRIGGER WARNING HAPPY Trigger Warning: This blog contains no trigger warnings

The ‘Trigger Warning’ is having a moment. Much like after the bankers f***ed up the economy and ‘austerity’ went from being a word mostly found in Dickensian era literature to common usage overnight. 530 more words


An Error...

I was fortunate to have a relationship with my Dad. Back in the day it was not expected for Fathers to have that much to do with the children.

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LISTEN! The Sexually Liberated Woman: Ep. 23: Men Need Sexual Liberation, Too

A lady friend of mine sent me the link to this podcast during my very slow workday. With nothing to do, I hit play and this proved to be just what the doctor ordered. 62 more words


The Misconstrued Tale of a Girl from a 'Progressive' Family

I can now proudly say that I have knocked off yet another, on my sanctimonious matrimonial list of men. In my triumphs over the past two years, I am tempted to add that this, perhaps the worst.  2,648 more words

Reframing This Blog’s Focus

Having concluded the two series called Women and Our Future and How Are You America?, its time to bring on new foci. These foci will be interwoven. 499 more words

Women Rising