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Star trek casandra 16.1

Star trek casandra
Previusly on star trek casandra.
Marea bolt former freighter captain with a bit of a shady record volunters to help during the Klingon war wich was eventually broken up by the organians. 463 more words

Star Trek


On Wednesday evenings, if I wasn’t watching a historical documentary or A Wealth of Entertainment (AWE), I was definitely watching Fox’s episodes of EMPIRE… 403 more words


This Video Shows How Society’s Sexism Affects Indian Men, Too

Here’s why “be a man” are the three most harmful words you can say to a man.

YouTube channel Old Delhi Films has put up a video highlighting how society’s gender norms affect how men can and cannot behave. 73 more words

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Prostitution - Calling for a New Paradigm

Why do women fear rape?

Sex is great, right?

Rape is sex and sex is great. So why do women almost universally fear rape and go to lengths to avoid it? 4,443 more words


Lisa Kemmerer - Sister Species

Full video with closed captioning available here

Thank you all for being here and thank you for the organizers. I am just so pleased to see so many people turn out and I know how much work it takes to put such a thing together, so thank you all. 3,510 more words

Animal Liberation

Mary Fantaske - The Disabled Body and The Animal Body

Full video with closed captioning available here

Hello everybody, I will be exploring the concepts of ableism and speciesism and the intersectionality between the two, which I argue is absolutely critical, to the point where you can’t tease the two apart. 2,019 more words

Human Rights Are Animal Rights