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Feminist Dictionary: What is The Patriarchy?

November 5, 2013

I recently noticed that a day rarely goes by where I do not mention The Patriarchy. I find ways to bring it up in every day conversation, my comments on the movie I saw last weekend, my response to news headlines. 66 more words


Dowries a ‘symbolic’ gesture in the West

April 14, 2008

Throughout the centuries, different countries and cultures have celebrated their special occasions through a myriad of ceremonies. Many of these ceremonies have been carried on by future generations and are still practiced traditionally. 271 more words


The End of History

It is with no small amount of apprehension that I begin to type this post. It might just be the loftiest of my explorations so far (I make no apologies), in that I’m attempting to draw together many seemingly disparate ideas; the like of which have been expressed before with much greater depth and eloquence than I am capable of. 3,242 more words

Sirs, Hoteps, & Uncle Tom Kinda Love

I looked at him with boredom

Because I saw right through him

And knew what philosophies he would project upon

My black female body

I was here for his needs only… 79 more words


July 7th: The Vindication of Joan of Arc

Remembering Joan of Arc’s second trial, July 7th, 1456:

“The process to right the wrongs done to Joan was begun on November 7, 1455. , Isabelle Romée, who was now somewhere between sixty and seventy years old, her two sons and a group of friends from Orleans, came to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. 710 more words

Patriarchy? Not Even Close.

The common feminist argument for why sexism exists in society is that it results from a system called the “patriarchy,” where men have the privilege over women. 820 more words

"I'm baffled that Indians (not just men) truly think that virtue stems from being sexually chaste."

Sharing an email from Anonymous. 

Subject: Link regarding a wife’s sexual past

Hello IHM,

I am a reader of your website.

I had run across a link that I thought you and your readers would find interesting (maybe). 748 more words

Indian Homemaker