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A culture of caterpillars

As strange and counter-intuitive as it may sound, nothing can warp civil society and whittle away the rights of women like an extended family unit. Witness India. 993 more words



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“The symbol of Goddess gives us permission. She teaches us to embrace the holiness of every natural, ordinary, sensual dying moment. Patriarchy may try to negate body and flee earth with its constant heartbeat of death, but Goddess forces us back to embrace them, to take our human life in our arms and clasp it for the divine life it is – the nice, sanitary, harmonious moment as well as the painful, dark, splintered ones. 1,307 more words

My Chaos

Debunking the SDGs at the entry point with Language, Logic and Framework

By Queer Social Justice Activist,Gathoni Blessol

Representatives from the Coalition of African Lesbians , attending the Commission on the Status of Women’s 59th Session at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, attended a number of sessions and side events that speak to the situation of women’s rights in the world. 2,184 more words

Restaurando el Hogar Pt.6


La familia vista desde las ciencias sociales es el primer espacio con que el individuo cuenta para compartir con sus iguales, es decir, para entablar una relación de tipo social. 691 more words


Lady Bits episode 30: The Debt of Misogyny

In their second 29th episode, Jacqui and LeMar discuss Elyse Anders’s verbal dressing down of men, OkCupid ettiquette, Dan Savage’s report on Colorado’s birth control experiment, and the long-term emotional fallout of women who have had abortions. 82 more words


Answering Fools: Exposing a Truly Asinine Exposition of the Patriarchy Movement

So I recently read a blog which claimed primarily on Old Testament scriptural grounds that a man basically owns his wife’s body. Well, it was actually a piece of a passage from Paul backed up by a handful of passages from the Old Testament. 658 more words


Not entirely sure how to title this

Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, I took vocabulary tests that counted towards my English grade. I still remember and use some of the words I learned, like “vital.” But often, I was more concerned with passing the test than learning how to use the words in everyday conversation – meaning that I memorized dictionary definitions. 855 more words