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Pakistan's #MeToo- Singer Meesha Shafi Goes Public

Pakistan’s #MeToo Movement happened despite the fact societal patriarchal mindsets ranking 3rd most dangerous country for women in the world, Meesha Shafi’s coming out has taken us all by storm. 903 more words


An Addiction to Romance: A Relapse and Recovery

In my therapy training class last week, I said that I would rather drink arsenic than depend on a man for happiness. As an ardent feminist, I have always appreciated myself for finding deep fulfillment in hobbies, a passion for helping others, and close friends, no attachment to men necessary. 1,405 more words


Open Post: The Patriarchy

In today’s society, we are all raised or trained by society to follow gender roles. Men are supposed to be masculine and women are to be feminine. 551 more words

After a Leader's Sin Has Been Revealed - by Michelle Van Loon

When a church leader chooses sexual sin, the effects of that sin are like a boulder dropped into a still pond. The ripples engulf everything in its path.

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Objects of Pleasure, now free for a limited time.

I published my story, Object of Pleasure, and it’s free for a limited time on Amazon. If you like it, could you please leave a review? Thanks!

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To hell with it

She posted a photo of the bike,

She said, she bonds better with machines,

Rather than men,

He said, are you insane?

It’s commodity fetishism, 283 more words


2: Gender Equality in Music Education

This is just a short post on a complex issue. It is not directly related to parenting, but is related to education which is a fundamental part of a child’s development and life. 967 more words