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Is Feminism the New Black?

Feminism. Even the very whisper of the word nowadays seems to create a palpable tension in the air between friends, family members or strangers on the internet. 1,698 more words



Daddy left his Bible on my dresser,
each night,
after bed time prayers.
Funny how he never read it,
just a prop for Mama,
comin up those stairs. 267 more words


So Much More, p. 75-93 - Part 1: Do the Slut Walk

“A&E” refers to Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin, authors of So Much More. I chose the abbreviation to save space and time.

Well, the inevitable modesty chapter is here. 2,866 more words

Husbands Love Your Wives As …?

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Strange as it is, some dare suggest that what Paul really meant in Ephesians 5:25 was, no more than … 455 more words


The men who love me

I grew up in the ghetto, i was born in one of Harare’s  oldest suburbs Mbare. I recall with exasperation how  during high school days  a bunch of bullies from my school neighbourhood used to  hurl homophobic insults at me. 387 more words


Message On A Wall

Found this among the gossip and phone numbers on the wall in a bathroom stall. It made me so happy.

Self Expression

"You're so thin! How do you do it?"

“You’re so thin! How do you do it?”

This is a “greeting” I’ve heard more times than I care to count; most of the time it is the first set of words exchanged between myself and the questioner.* 1,048 more words