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I was sitting in the court for a hearing and the lawyer was giving this argument that the woman who is asking for money never took any responsibility of a wife, in fact, she lived hardly two months with the husband . 993 more words

Men_world Gender-discourse


for my daughter, on being called “strong” and “handsome” in blue and “delicate” and “sweet” in pink.

on monday we dress as dinosaurs, tyrannosaurs to be exact, to show the patriarchy we mean fucking business. 372 more words


My Vagina Has Enough Strength.

To say that being politically correct in this generation of micro-second information-driven people is an understatement. Mind you, political correctness is not just a term that talks of educated and literate individuals, but also people who may not have the privilege that we do of increasing our knowledge. 663 more words


'Say Yes To The Dress' as consumerist and patriarchal propaganda.

The television programme Say Yes To The Dress has had a lot of success since it first aired in 2007. Although pop culture influences are often dismissed “in contrast to the ‘hard’ powers of the legal system and the economy” (Mendick, Allen & Harvey, 2015, p. 2,597 more words

Black Skin, White Masks: Ch 2 & 3

Although the professorial world tends to steer clear of Chapter 2 & 3 of Fanon’s BSWM, we can learn a lot from how Fanon takes the immediate and physical of inter-racial relationships and sees it through the lens of language/literature. 841 more words



Nah, doh get vexed, I eh getting into what Dr. Rowley said. This is not going to be no PNM/UNC ting – I consider all the major political figures and their parties with the same indifference anyway (ok, now yuh could start to geh vex). 2,104 more words

Caribbean Social Analysis

Federal Rules of Evidence, Rule 413 [draft]

i eat food like i eat evidence of rape.
these cases are hard to prove, so like
the internal chaffing, all traces of garlic,
the soft fiber of sweet potato, the tenderness of… 252 more words