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Breaking the Chains of Political Correctness

Academic freedom and free speech rights have eroded on American college and university campuses. From the Ivy League schools to the four-year liberal arts colleges, academic policies are being made to protect students from unwanted or uncomfortable ideas. 541 more words

Graduate School

There is no 'pseudo-feminism', there is only patriarchy

What is up with this term , and do we even need it?

“You can’t handle the truth!”, shouts a dreadful looking dead-eyed Jack Nicholson in the infamous court scene monologue of, ‘Few Good Men’. 1,368 more words


The old, angry, white male is at it again.

So Beyoncé delivers yet another gob-smacking performance for the power, the beauty and the genuineness of which I have ran out of superlatives to describe. Guiliani, on the other hand, has not: … 1,181 more words

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Logic needs to be more emotional 

Girls, we don’t NEED men. Let’s not love from a place of lack and need. Let’s GIVE love, and if we can’t because we don’t know how, then we need to learn to give it to ourselves first! 257 more words

Examined Life

A System Called Patriarchy

A System Called Patriarchy by Nicole  Conner

Sometimes we need to stop and question the social structures and norms that we are part of and contribute to. 941 more words

Tuesday Talks

Sex (statutory rape), Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll

I can see that you’re fifteen years old/No I don’t want your I.D.

You look so restless/And you’re so far from home

But it’s no hanging matter/It’s no capital crime… 8 more words


She grabbed the apron hanging on the back of the door and tied it behind her back, her feet bare on the cold tiles. She went over to the oven and opened the door to inhale the crispy aroma. 316 more words