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Our Father, The Anal

“His family was wealthy.”

What this means is often that
his father had a penchant
for putting objects up his ass,
not “his” ass, but his father’s… 87 more words


Star Spangled Anger

The United States has reached a crossroads,
Where her denizens are too oft divided and torn.
Some deep patriots dread red, white and blue may implode, 317 more words


Ephesians 5:22: When Men Add Commands to the Bible

Paul’s alleged command in Ephesians 5:22, “Wives submit to your husbands,” forms the foundation of the complementarian view that husbands must exercise authority over their wives in Christian marriage.[i]  This supposed command is often supplemented and reinforced by headings that have been added to the biblical text by translators.  2,027 more words

Two Paths: The Virgin or The Whore

The way that many people talk, it would seem as though all women reach a fork in the path at some point of their lives, one that forces them to choose between two options. 609 more words

On Ignorance and Criticism

I’m not writing this for any particular purpose, just to express a few observations I’ve made as a writer. Certain aspects of publishing and getting reviewed by others has made me aware of certain behaviors that I find annoying. 2,169 more words


White Christian Male: "I Feel Oppressed!"

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine. He is a 50-ish Caucasian male, Christian, employed, and heterosexual/married. He informed me that he feels oppressed. 477 more words



She splashed water on her face and eyes, looking into the mirror above the washbasin. She took the hand towel from the towel ring nailed on the wall and dabbed her face dry. 1,979 more words

Short Story