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Pregnant Ladies Are Crazy, and Other Myths From the Patriarchy

Before I got pregnant, I thought I knew a lot about pregnancy. In retrospect, I realize that I knew a lot about pregnancy as it’s generally portrayed on TV and in movies. 877 more words


That Time I Started Being One of the Girls

I was always obsessed with stand-up. It was an obsession built on a strange connection I had with my mother. After my parents divorced, my mother and I had to move into my grandmother’s house as my father hadn’t left us with enough money to afford our own place. 5,304 more words

Rape Culture Will Never Change – Unless We Change Our Culture

by Marti Ayres White

During the whole Roy Moore predilection for underage girls thing, I had a revelation that shocked me. Perhaps it won’t shock you. 546 more words

Living In Community


The joy of reading the marvellous modern In Cold Blood, and the period piece, Sense and Sensibility (Truman Capote, Jane Austen), both which masterfully depict two worlds so different to each other, came from the diving into the psychologies of two pairs of antithetical characters—two women, two men—and their respective stories, that, in all, offered accounts of the tensions inherent to existence within the odd limits of gender. 583 more words

In Cold Blood

C is for Chutiya ?? 

‘Chutiya’ – In the past one month, i would have heard this word over a thousand times. No kidding there with the number; so much so that I have to literally pull myself out of that ZONE. 598 more words


RANT: Why I don't like being called "cute"

It was validating, at least at first. While I’m always grateful when people gender me correctly, it’s started to really bother me when men call me “cute” or “adorable” or any word usually used to describe a child or a pet. 188 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Frenetic Friday

OK, I’m motivated, caffeinated, and invigorated so tonight for your viewing pleasure Frenetic Friday! (Void where prohibited.)

Where to start? How about here:

Fair warning if you have a weak constitution you will want to skip this one. 490 more words

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