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YOCR #13 - Constructive Wallowing & Let's Be Less Stupid

I have finished my Loft online class, having learned some of the ins and outs of plotting stories and novels, and am returning to my Year of Creative Reading. 356 more words


Navigable Neuroscience: Let's Be Less Stupid by Patricia Marx

      I do not think I stand alone in advocating the theory that students return from summer vacations with decreased intelligence. Come August, I find it difficult to hold a pen, let alone write a coherent sentence. 652 more words

Book Review

Book Review: "Let’s Be Less Stupid" by Patricia Marx

Let’s Be Less Stupid by Patricia Marx

 I like Patricia Marx’s work. For one thing, she takes the journalist concept of “first person witnessing” to extremes, in very interesting ways. 283 more words

Book Review

Let’s Be Less Stupid: Patricia Marx takes the funny business out of neuroscience

How smart are you? Would you be smarter if you ate more blueberries, played better video games, learned another language, or read the novels of Proust? 1,198 more words


About Face

MARCH 23, 2015

“Surgery tourists” from abroad make up about a third of the business in South Korea, and, of those, most come from China. 91 more words

About Face

About Face

About Face

Patricia Marx at has done an incredible piece for The New Yorker on why South Korea is the world’s plastic-surgery capital.

We all want to look our best, but not since seventh grade had I been in the company of people for whom appearance mattered so much.

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Response to "Pets Allowed" by "New Yorker" contributor Patricia Marx

What I liked:

My favorite part of Marx’ article was how she explained all of the facts beneath the flair of her experiment. She fleshes out the rules pertaining to E.S.A and the problems with with government recognition and legitimacy by translating everything into clever, and in some cases biting, remarks free of technical terms or political jargon. 458 more words

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