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The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). Watch

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Director: Jim Sharman

Language: English and the soft whispering of fishnet clad thighs

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a glorious clusterfuck of a film, sporting glitzy heels and belting out songs with the enthusiasm of a shit-faced sentimental reveller singing christmas carols. 82 more words


Rob Zombie's "The Lords of Salem" (2012)

Rob Zombie gets horror movies.  He understands the genre the way only a die-hard fan does. Every time I watch one of his films I find myself wanting to look through his movie collection. 883 more words

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May 28 in history

585 BC – A solar eclipse occurred, as predicted by Greek philosopher and scientist Thales, while Alyattes was battling Cyaxares in the Battle of the Eclipse… 927 more words


Con Envy: 4/16

As of this morning, if someone asked me my dream holiday destination (at least for the last week of April), I’d confidently reply: “Parsippany, New Jersey, of course!” Why for? 144 more words

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