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*Minor spoilers*

If you can stomach it, this is an absolute classic from start to finish. The genius of this book comes in the moment you discuss it with other people and realise they’ve completely missed the point of it. 679 more words


tough swallow

a while ago on here, i wrote about how people get weirder and weirder as we get older. we get more opinionated and more set in our ways, and that makes us more annoying to other people. 305 more words

"American Psycho"

American Psycho (Vintage Books, 1991)

Written by Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho tells the story of Patrick Bateman, a Manhattan businessman and serial killer. The novel was adapted into a 2000 film starring Christian Bale and into a musical that opened at the Almeida Theatre in London in December 2013. 38 more words


Understanding Trump in 2017: 1991, 1984.

Part I: Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before.

Don’t worry. I’m not writing this to diagnose Donald Trump as Patrick Bateman. Just like you, I’ve read too many ‘Donald Trump IS the American Psycho’ articles in the last year or so for such a moralising reading to carry any weight (though in both the novels I’m writing about here there is a largely unrecognised degree of social consciousness, concern and moral engagement at play). 2,607 more words

American Psycho

Blanking My Own Blank

(Warning: This essay contains what used to be strong language.)
I’m quite the fan of absurdist drama. Whether it is Jean Genet’s The Balcony, Francois Rabelais’s… 574 more words


Patrick Batemans are among us.

I was on an Edinburgh bus the other day (it’s a twice-daily slice of masochistic trauma) and overheard two geeky types talking about their mobile phones for 30 fucking minutes in the most detailed and scripted way imaginable, emphasising every nook and cranny of their devices. 363 more words