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Fifty Shades of Grey - Review by Audrey Szasz

“Yes sweetheart, how can I help you?”

That’s what the lady behind the till said as I wafted into the cinema foyer, blinking like a ritalin addict and flapping my mittens idiotically. 776 more words

American Psycho

Serial Killers or America: who is more insane?

In American Psycho, Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman, a vice president at a prominent investment bank. In the beginning of the film, we see Bateman going through his morning routine which involves a excessive maintenance regimen. 635 more words

Prompt 4- Pop Culture Profundity

Bret Easton Ellis: But when I sit down...

“But when I sit down something strange on the stage catches my eye. Bono has now moved across the stage, following me to my seat, and he’s staring into my eyes, kneeling at the edge of the stage, and he’s staring into my eyes, kneeling at the edge of the stage, wearing black jeans (maybe Gitano), sandals, a leather vest with no shirt beneath it. 410 more words

Mother Issues

It’s so very retro, you know, to “therapize” this,

Psychoanalyze that,

And, well, hey, I’m pressed for time at the mo’.

Ossetra caviar, Prime Côte de Boeuf at Spago,

284 more words
Pop Culture

1/15/15 Patrick Bateman's Ice Pick: Charlie Hebdo, Mohammad, and speech acts

In Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho, Patrick Bateman uses an ice pick to carve words into the backs of women, and the fact that he carves words into their backs is notable because their reaction (screaming and pain) is not in response to the… 412 more words

Messages Like These Are Why I Deleted My Tinder Account

Tinder scares me.  I deleted my account a few months ago, but I never experienced any benefit from this alleged dating app.  Dating? SMH.  Tinder is nothing more than a digital glory hole for the worst of the worst people.   361 more words

Anger-Inducing People