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rereading American Psycho

rereading American Psycho

waiting for my dealer on the bridge

i open my second hand copy of American Psycho

for the first time in two years. 163 more words


This is not an exit

For the opposite comes a single-minded type of aggression.
Not necessarily physical.
Fueled by the world.
A crusade.

In this world the latter dominates.
Conviction is possessed.
Its mark inaccurate.


American Psycho

When I think of American Psycho’s pounding rhythm of artifice: brand names, hip restaurants, silk ties, sublime business cards, perfumes, dresses, skin creams…the list goes on and on; it’s compelling narrative pulls me in and asks what reasons exist that I don’t read it again. 336 more words

Books I Loved

American Psycho

On November 11, I watched American Psycho (2000). In this movie, the main character is Patrick Bateman. Patrick is a 27 year old man working on Wall Street. 606 more words

Experiential Learning

Read: American Psycho

*Minor spoilers*

If you can stomach it, this is an absolute classic from start to finish. The genius of this book comes in the moment you discuss it with other people and realise they’ve completely missed the point of it. 679 more words


tough swallow

a while ago on here, i wrote about how people get weirder and weirder as we get older. we get more opinionated and more set in our ways, and that makes us more annoying to other people. 305 more words