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'The Lion King' Visually Excels, But Emotionally Can't Reach The Heights of the Original

Now that Disney is in full swing with attempting to re-imagine their iconic animated gems, the one film that has garnished the most attention by far and away was the announcement of a new Lion King, being directed by the prolific and underrated Jon Favreau. 663 more words

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Is There Or Is There Not A Multi-Verse? 'Far From Home' Post Credits Scene Theory (Spoilers)

(WARNING: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home, Endgame, really any of the MCU films.)

With ‘FFH’ being released this week in the U.S., It’s time to start over-analyzing and throwing wild speculation at every frame of the two juicy post-credits scenes we got. 587 more words

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'Late Night' Is a Charming and Funny Film PERFECT for Watching On A Rainy Day (Review)

‘Late Night’ was directed by Nisha Ginatra and was written and Stars Mindy Kaling, as a newly hired writer for a late night show, “Tonight With Katherine Newbury” (played by Dame Emma Thomson). 546 more words

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'The Dead Don't Die' Has Big Ideas, But Lazy Execution In Conveying Them (Review)

‘The Dead Don’t Die’ was directed by Jim Jarmusch and stars Adam Driver and Bill Murry as two local police officers in the small town of Centerville, who are now facing an onslaught of Zombies. 556 more words

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'Hellboy' (2019) 'Twice the Blood, none of the Imagination or Heart of its Predecessor' | (Review)

Full disclosure: this review is coming to you a while after the new Hellboy release, having time to distance myself from the horror that is this film, I can honestly say that not only is it wildly offensive to the original films, but completely forgettable. 387 more words

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