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Father Raymond de Souza: Trudeau evidently willing to use racial stereotypes to his advantage

The prime minister was caught off guard. To be fair, it’s hard to be on guard when drooled over by foreign publicists pretending to be journalists. 765 more words

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Indigenous advocates slam Trudeau for comments about Patrick Brazeau

Ironic that the most balanced reaction to the PM’s comments appears to come  from Brazeau, not the activists. Brazeau had built up his personal narrative along the lines the PM stated and was a controversial figure to many Indigenous activists and others: 638 more words


Trudeau says he 'regrets' comments about Senator Brazeau in Rolling Stone

By Camille Bains

VANCOUVER — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he “regrets” comments he made about Sen. Patrick Brazeau in Rolling Stone, but an Indigenous advocate wants him to express his remorse in a letter to the popular U.S. 540 more words


Senators, government in another time-sensitive showdown — this time over the Indian Act

OTTAWA — Senators are once again defiantly challenging the Trudeau government on legislation that’s facing a court-imposed time crunch.

The government is trying to make senators feel like “Chicken Little,” but the sky won’t fall based on Senate amendments, Liberal Sen. 698 more words


Decision on Sentor's fate looms amid new allegations

The Senate’s ethics committee, pondering a range of sanctions from reprimanding Sen. Don Meredith to his outright expulsion is to meet on Tuesday to go over its draft report on the punishment he’ll face for having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl. 374 more words


Senator Patrick Brazeau acquitted of drunk-driving charges dating back to 2014

Sen. Patrick Brazeau has been acquitted of drunk-driving charges that date back to 2014.

The news was confirmed by the court clerk at the courthouse in Gatineau in western Quebec. 112 more words


The fight: How Justin Trudeau outclassed Patrick Brazeau five years ago in a boxing match for the ages

Justin Trudeau slipped through the tricolour ropes and climbed into the ring as an underdog. He stood in the ballroom of an east Ottawa hotel, five kilometres from Parliament Hill and 12 months out from his election as Liberal Party leader. 1,736 more words