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Book Review - Undermajordomo Minor - Patrick deWitt

Book Review – Undermajordomo Minor – Patrick deWitt


  •    Book: Undermajordomo Minor
  •    Author: Patrick deWitt
  •    Genre: Fiction
  •    Year of Release: 2016
  •    Read 352-page hardcover edition in September 2016.
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Book Review

Undermajordomo Minor

Lucien Minor’s mother had not wept, had not come close to weeping at their parting.

Uh, well, erm, what kind of book was this? Pretty early into it I already tweeted “This book is going to be awesome-weird or how-what-why-frustration-fueled-weird” and it landed largely on the side of the last option.

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Day 910: The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers is a book I read for my Walter Scott Prize project, but it also turns out to qualify for my Man Booker Prize project… 200 more words


Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick deWitt

I, like most everyone else, was a big fan of deWitt’s runaway hit (heh, that rhymed) The Sisters Brothers, so my expectations for the follow-up were of average height—which, for a shorty like me, is pretty high. 132 more words


The position (Mr Olderglough assigned it the name of undermajordomo, which Lucy and Father Raymond decided was not a word at all) was lowly and the pay mirrored this but Lucy, having nothing better to do, and nowhere in the world to be … embraced his fate and wrote back to Mr Olderglough, formally accepting the offer, a decision which led to many things, …

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The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt
Published 2011
325 pages

“…I am happy to welcome you to a town peopled in morons exclusively. Furthermore, I hope that your transformation to moron is not an unpleasant experience.” 675 more words