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50 Words for Disappointment

What’s worse? Rooting for a team that never contends or for a team that contends all year, then fades in the last weeks of the season? 510 more words

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A Baltimore Fan's Last Nerve

My boss, a Red Sox fan, approached me after Boston won another game at Camden Yards. He offered this completely unsolicited analysis.

“Your team? Fun to watch. 440 more words

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.50 Gets You a Frosty & 6 Weeks of MLB.TV

You’ve perhaps noticed that we here at TheSpitter have eschewed advertising. Back when we were Bugs&Cranks, we had stacks of annoying and irrelevant ads. Some would talk to you, some would try to scalp tickets to events as disparate as Manchester United and Arizona State football. 171 more words

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The Olympics That Wouldn't End

Please tell me the Olympics are almost over. Every night with the swimming? I haven’t seen this many people swim since Ernest Borgnine and Shelley Winters starred in the… 500 more words

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Loose Change: Work is for suckers, Bob Horner, Airport Noise Generator

Man. Work. Am I right? Who thought full-time jobs were a good idea? I keep telling my boss that the world needs to hear my baseball-related wisecracks. 265 more words

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A 600-Foot Can of Corn

People have told me that the air conditioning at my job is too cold. I guess the people wearing sweaters and blankets and drinking hot chocolate in July should have tipped me off. 709 more words

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By Keyser Soze


The Australian’s Patrick Smith called for it to be outlawed, while the “Ride Guide’s” creator (?), jockey Chris Symons, the Kim Kardashian and Perez Hilton of Australian racing, donned his now-familiar self-promotion attire and made a vain attempt to describe his blatantly commercial arrangement with corporate bookmaker Ladbrokes as a way to “bring jockeys closer to their target audience”. 1,180 more words

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