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By Keyser Soze


For how much longer can NSW racing tolerate the stubborn refusal of Racing NSW and its despotic hierarchy to enter the modern age and install two or three all weather synthetic tracks in NSW? 1,786 more words

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Welcome, President Trumbo!

I don’t get all the fuss about today’s inauguration. I mean, the guy hit 47 homers last year. A hundred-and-eight RBIs is nothing to protest — unless you’re a Toronto fan. 118 more words

Baseball Humor

The Rarest Bird

BIRDWATCHER 1: Hey, can you move over? I can’t see the Warehouse. I’m trying to spot the rare Duquette.

BIRDWATCHER 2: Hey, quit shovin’! Anyway, settle down – there’s nothing to see. 389 more words

Baseball Humor

Hooray for Santa Claus! (And Hooray for Milton DeLugg and the Little Eskimos!)

Did everyone have a good Christmas?  Did everyone get everything that they wanted?

If the answer’s yes, you have one man to thank for that! 64 more words


"Liberation and freedom are the basis of how this group works" — The Saorsa interview

The last time I heard Patrick Smith play, the 21 year-old Kanata-raised saxophonist was home from Toronto and tearing it up at the 2016 Ottawa Jazz Festival’s jam session. 2,665 more words


The Silent Anniversary: Fifteen Years Since Our Last Major Crash.

AS NOVEMBER comes to a close, we’ve passed a remarkable milestone. It has now been fifteen years since the last serious crash involving a major U.S. 1,044 more words

TSU has some bright moments in loss to Vanderbilt

Five things we learned from Tennessee State’s 35-17 loss Saturday to Vanderbilt.

1. Tigers pulled off big plays

TSU wasted no time proving it was capable of making big plays on offense, even against an SEC opponent. 439 more words

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