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Celebrity Sightings

Almost every person I know has had a close encounter with a celebrity. Studly Doright once met Patrick Swayze. According to Studly, Mr. Swayze was short of stature. 239 more words


Top 10 reasons to use kettlebells

People sometimes ask me, “Why are you so obsessed with kettlebell training? What makes it so special?”

I’m not “obsessed” I just spend most of my spare time teaching, watching videos, training, talking with other people who are definitely NOT obsessed with kettlebells about kettlebells, and occasionally blogging about kettlebell training. 796 more words


Dirty Dancing (1987)

Dirty Dancing (1987)

written by Eleanor Bergstein

directed by Emile Ardolino

Rating: Mediocre

Well, I finally got around to this. Why, do you ask? I guess I was just craving some light entertainment and I was hoping it would at least make me laugh. 201 more words

'Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage' Comes to DFW - My Interview With 'Baby'

Gillian Abbott plays the role of “Baby.” She’s Canadian and… man-oh-man can she dance!

Also… Gillian is a Beatles fan, having begun her professional career in Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles LOVE show. 193 more words


Us. David Nicholls.

I loved One Day (David Nicholls, 2009.) I recall sitting abed, laughing and weeping, while my children went hungry. I cajoled Husband and my entire book club into reading it. 309 more words


25 years on the pottery wheel scene in Ghost is still the sexiest sex scene ever

Have you ever seen a ghost? Probably not. But have you ever seen Ghost? Only about 50 times.

Ghost is 25 years old this summer, but it continues to age gloriously. 772 more words



In September 2009, the world lost actor Patrick Swayze to cancer. Both an action star and a dancer, Swayze was able to play romantic leads and tough guys a feat few in Hollywood (of any era) can pull off. 1,973 more words