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Video Review: Patrick Swayze & Wendy Fraser "She's Like The Wind"

In black-and-white, the lake on Kellerman’s resort can be seen. Baby (Jennifer Grey) runs across the grounds late at night, which is from the film Dirty Dancing. 555 more words

Music Video

Blu-ray Review: Donnie Darko


Donnie is a troubled high school student: in therapy, prone to sleepwalking and in possession of an imaginary friend, a six-foot rabbit named Frank, who tells him the world is going to end in 28 days 06 hours 42 minutes and 12 seconds. 810 more words


Donnie Darko (2001)

Where to even begin with Donnie Darko?

A directorial debut for Richard Kelly and the film that really cemented Jake Gyllenhaal as one of the hottest young talents in Hollywood it follows the story of a young teenager, Donnie Darko (played by Gyllenhaal) as he attempts to navigate his adolescence while also, you know, saving the world. 2,214 more words

Patrick Swayze By Sarah Veli

Patrick Swayze was born August 18st 1952 he was 57when he died Patrick Swayze died 14/9/09. Patrick Swayze became known to people for his roll in the TV show Exters and M*A*S*H. 75 more words


How you grow?
You accept. You compromise.

You change.
Yes, it is so simple, it is a little

strange. Little things,
at first. They
are the worst. 215 more words


Dirty Dancing

Dir: Emile Ardolino, 1987


The film that, truly, launched Patrick Swayze’s career and one of the most beloved “chick flicks” ever to grace a cinema screen. 308 more words