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Fury from the Deep

DOCTOR: That’s the noise I heard on the beach.
VICTORIA: What is it, Doctor?
DOCTOR: I don’t know but we’re going to find out. Come on, Jamie. 1,971 more words

Doctor Who

The Enemy of the World

Sad really, isn’t it – people spend all their time making nice things and other people come along and break them.

Every so often the Doctor says something that sums up life perfectly, and this is what the Doctor fights against. 1,946 more words

Doctor Who

Second: The Dominators

Writer: Norman Ashby (see trivia)

Director: Morris Barry

Producer: Peter Bryant

Season: 6, ep 1 (1-5)

Companions: Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines) and Zoe Heriot (Wendy Padbury) 362 more words

Doctor Who

The Faceless Ones

Between 11th March and 13th May 1967 Doctor Who had a run of 10 episodes that made going on your summer holidays a very scary idea.  2,456 more words

Doctor Who

The Underwater Menace

Every so often a Doctor Who story is so incredibly ahead of its time that it ends up being widely misunderstood, and these tend to also be the moments where ambitions far outreach the capabilities of the budget.  1,810 more words

Doctor Who

The Highlanders

About two a clock in the afternoon a rascal of the name of Gray, Solicitor Hume’s man from Edinburgh, with his hatful of tickets, and Miller and Solicitor Web from London, with this fellow Gray, presented the hat to me, being the first man on the right of all the twenty that was to draw together. 1,960 more words

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Power of the Daleks vs The Moonbase

Power of The Daleks returns to us in animation form and I’m not at all disappointed. Some people I know are but I think I’m not because I never raised my hopes high. 554 more words

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