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Announcing the first release from kOZMIC PRESS:

Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits: An Unauthorized Guide to the Best Stories From Time and Space

Author R. Alan Siler has put together a list of the top 55  141 more words

Christopher Eccleston

Fury from the Deep, Part 3

Last time on Fury of The Deep:

DOCTOR: “We need to shut down the pipeline!”

ROBSON: “We can’t shut down the pipeline!”

This time on Fury of The Deep: 193 more words


Fury from the Deep, Part 2

This is one of those times I am stunned in boredom with the Reconstructions.  The threat still remains primarily seaweed and foam, and the noises in the pipeline continue to be discussed with very little meaningful being done about anything. 98 more words


Fury from the Deep, Part 1

The New Official Derek Who “Base Under Siege Template,” PART 1

The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria, arrive to find a base under siege: a gas pipeline facility in England, sometime vaguely contemporary.  297 more words


The Web of Fear, Part 6

The Doctor loses track of the Yeti he’s controlling in the confusion of reuniting with the survivors and being collected by the Great Intelligence’s Yeti’s.  He also slips Jamie the control device and helps him slip out to find the Yeti.  282 more words

Second Doctor

Classic Who: The Evil of the Daleks & Earthshock

The Evil of the Daleks (1967) – Second Doctor with Jamie McCrimmon

This one is a mostly lost serial; only the second episode (out of seven) exists in full, while the rest are represented by audio and a few still shots. 1,020 more words

TV Reviews

The Web of Fear, Part Five

Through Travers, the Great Intelligence reveals its plan: to drain the Doctor’s knowledge and coalesce itself into a body, or else drain a planet’s worth of people in equivalency.  226 more words

Second Doctor