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Doctor Who - The Three Doctors

Since yesterday marked the twentieth anniversary of Jon Pertwee’s death, it seemed rather fitting to watch one of his Doctor Who stories as a small tribute.  1,201 more words


The Space Pirates (TV Story) Review

Title: The Space Pirates
Robert Holmes
Original Broadcast Date: 
8 March 1969 – 12 March 1969

Oh dear! Robert Holmes, a true Doctor Who writing legend, really got off to a bad start! 361 more words


The Seeds of Death (TV Story) Review

Title: The Seeds of Death
Writer: Brian Hayles (and Terrance Dicks)
Original Broadcast Date: 25 January 1969 – 1 March 1969

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe land late in the 21st century, where civilization has become dependent on T-Mat – a teleportation system used to transport people and supplies around the globe. 227 more words


The Krotons (TV Story) Review

Title: The Krotons
Writer: Robert Holmes
Original Broadcast Date: 28 December 1968 – 18 January 1969

A clear filler, The Krotons is generic and a little bit dull, but boasts great dialogue and some humourous moments. 221 more words


The Invasion (TV Story) Review

Title: The Invasion
Writer: Derek Sherwin (from a story idea by Kit Pedler)
Original Broadcast Date: 
2 December 1968 – 21 December 1968

By the time  426 more words


Doomwatch - In the Dark

A swimmer dies off the Scottish coast.  Quist doesn’t consider this to be much of a mystery – after all, people have been known to drown before.  771 more words


The Mind Robber (TV Story) Review

Title: The Mind Robber
Peter Ling
Original Broadcast Date:
14 September 1968 – 12 October 1968

An attempt to escape a volcanic eruption causes the Doctor to land out of space and time, and into another reality, where they find a universe powered by words. 407 more words