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My Thoughts on Story 034 - "The Macra Terror"

This was a strange story, and it’s a hard one to review. It’s got a lot of brilliant little moments, but the story itself kind of falls apart, and I still have no idea what the motivation of the Macra was. 338 more words


Enjoying the #missingepisodes: The Moonbase

Ladies and gentleman – I began writing this post in late August, with the intention of doing a full week of missing episode recreation content. As we know now, the BBC have made this somewhat superfluous by… 1,017 more words

Missing Episodes

Episode 156 - "The Macra Terror" - Part 04

In the last part of our story, we look to answer a crucial question.

Speaking of Jamie, we find him being menaced by the “surf” part of your next visit to Sizzler. 383 more words


Episode 155 - "The Macra Terror" - Part 03

When last we saw our heroes, they were being menaced by the Macra and by an oppressive evil government of evil!

Everyone, save Ben, is rounded up and basically sent to work in the mines. 402 more words


Episode 34: The Macra Terror

Episode 34: The Macra Terror
Second Doctor
Companions: Polly, Ben, Jamie
Written by Ian Stuart Black
Directed by John Davies
Wikipedia Entry

The Doctor and his companions visit an Earth colony in the future that is not what it seems. 300 more words

Missing Episodes

Episode 154 - "The Macra Terror" - Part 02

Last time we saw our heroes, they were facing off against what seemed to be crab people. This time? This time we get them facing off against…slash fiction writers! 430 more words


Episode 153 - "The Macra Terror" - Part 01

So we begin another all-reconstruction serial. And in this case, it’s the first story to feature the Doctor’s face in the credits!

We start off at what looks like the grand opening for some store or something, and then cut to the “It’s…” man running around on a beach perused by some guys with guns. 380 more words