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Episode 219 - "The Mind Robber" - Part 04

So our heroes are facing off against the medusa, and defeat her in grand style!

The medusa defeated, our heroes reunite, re-encounter Gulliver, and finally meet the Master, who turns out not to be a sinister Time Lord, but rather a mild English author who wrote boys’ adventures stories. 63 more words

Second Doctor

Doctor Who: The Krotons (part one)

Our son was so adorably outraged at the cliffhanger ending to this episode. We’re on an alien planet just as some students have become sick and tired of their benefactors, the Krotons, taking two of their number every generation to serve as “companions” and never be seen again. 398 more words

Doctor Who

Sgathaich: Dr Who Power of the Daleks

I love Dr Who.

I have loved it (and back then feared it) since I saw one episode as a small child. As I grew up I watched omnibus editions of classic stories from the 3rd to the end of the 7th Doctors. 631 more words


Episode 218 - "The Mind Robber" - Part 03

We pick up our adventures with another quick cast change, as Frazier Hines is back from being sick.

Our heroes wander around a bit. We get to see the Doctor and Zoe navigating a labyrinth, with a rather impressively-done stop-motion medusa head showing up at one point, while Jamie gets to do a bit of rock climbing. 67 more words

Second Doctor

Episode 217 - "The Mind Robber" - Part 02

Holy shit, I’m back. Yep, almost a month of all of you staring at Zoe’s backside, waiting for me to return. Sorry. Things have been complicated lately. 285 more words

Second Doctor

Ink Stained Wretch


Well, we can say immediately and with certainty that it’s a 1964 Comptom Films production, a horror movie directed by Robert Hartford-Davis (like… 324 more words


KKLAK! LIVES X – The Enemy of the World episode three

The problem with there being so many books written about Doctor Who is that so many of them seek to be definitive.  Which is extremely unhelpful for anyone seeking to think about the programme.  1,351 more words

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