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The Dominators (TV Story) Review

Title: The Dominators
Norman Ashby (AKA Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln)
Original Broadcast: 
10 August 1968 – 7 September 1968

Again, not the greatest season opener; The Dominators is a cheap-looking butchering of a pretty intelligent and witty script, with an entire list of problems that bog it down. 455 more words


Defending The Krotons

If you ask Fraser Hines which of his stories he likes the least, he will say “The Krotons” (or “The Croutons,” as he likes to call it). 1,802 more words

Doctor Who

Cybermen in London: The Invasion

Following on the heels of the wildly inventive “The Mind Robber,” “The Invasion” is a more typical Doctor Who story.  It is the fifth appearance of the Cybermen on the show and shares some similarities with their previous stories.   1,650 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who - "The Tomb of the Cybermen"

The once-feared Cybermen have disappeared from the universe without a trace. On Telos, a lost colony of the extinct silver giants, a secret expedition arrives from Earth on a quest to find their last remains. 3,856 more words

Doctor Who

Season Five: Overview and Ranking

Doctor Who: Season Five (1967/68)
2 September 1967 – 1 June 1968

The Second Doctor now comfy in the role, Patrick Troughton stars alongside Frazer Hines, as Jamie McCrimmon, and Deborah Watling, as Victoria Waterfield, in the fifth season of Doctor Who. 609 more words

Second Doctor

The Macra Terror - Giant Claws and Unspeakable Jingles

Even by the standards of adventures that don’t exist any more, this story is fragmentary.  In the reconstruction I saw – even the still photos seemed rather grainy and few and far between.   596 more words

The Wheel in Space (TV Story) Review

Title: The Wheel in Space
Writer: David Whitaker
Original Broadcast Date: 27 April 1968 – 1 June 1968

Ninety million miles off course, the silver carrier floats through space, having been missing for nine months. 322 more words