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On Tomb of the Cybermen

Or: Toberman’s Lament

I was initially a bit concerned with the implications of Toberman, a mostly mute African strong-man bodyguard for the villainess Kaftan, both out of similarities between him and Kamal from the preceding “Evil of the Daleks,” but because of the problems creating these sort of brutish ethnic stereotypes.  271 more words

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An Unearthly Podcast: The Evil of the Daleks

In our 105th episode, the AUP crew tackles David Whitaker’s second Dalek episode and the final one in the black and white era!

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Doctor Who - The Enemy of the World

Mostly missing for many years, all six parts of The Enemy of the World have now been found and released on DVD.  Scores of fans can now say they know what the Doctor looks like in his long johns. 938 more words

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Tomb of the Cybermen, Part 4

The Cyber Controller prepares his final offensive, involving a partially cyber-converted Toberman.  The gun-toting Kleig threatens the Cyber Controller to follow his demands, but the Controller backs off his promise immediately.  421 more words

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Tomb of the Cybermen, Part 3

The Cybermen threaten to upgrade the crew and the Doctor, and they would have if not for the timely intervention of the ridiculously American Captain Hopper.  443 more words

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Why the BBC should animate ... The Abominable Snowmen

My final case for animating the remainder of the missing episodes of Doctor Who takes a different approach to the first two arguments, by focusing on a story that is missing all but one of its episodes – … 700 more words

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