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Episode 162 - "The Faceless Ones" - Part 06

Here we are at the end, and not just the end of this story. No, we also bid a fond farewell to Ben and Polly. 417 more words


Episode 161 - "The Faceless Ones" - Part 05

When last we saw our heroes, a plane or two had crashed, but no one seems to be exactly sure as to what’s going on. Turns out that the alien-controlled plane is now in space. 345 more words


Doctor Who, Innovating Television: Patrick Troughton

I’m finally getting back to my promise of creating a series of portraits based on the actors who have portrayed the Doctor in this classic… 550 more words


Episode 160 - "The Faceless Ones" - Part 04

Well, here we are, back again. Thanks for your patience, everyone! Let’s get back to it.

So, oh, yeah, in the last episode a police inspector was kidnapped by the bad guys. 303 more words


The Gorgon (1964) Review

One from the to watch pile…
The Gorgon (1964)

Film: Hammer horror films are some of my favourite horror films, and I have been a champion of them for many years, even to the point I once had a letter published in an early issue of Kitbuilders Magazine wondering why there were hundreds of Universal Horror characters available in model kit form, but Hammer horror characters didn’t seem to get much respect from those in the ‘kitbashing’ and resin model kit hobby. 565 more words

Doctor Who

Incoming - Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks

Some great news was announced yesterday, readers. On Monday, November 14, Fathom Events will have a special screening of the six-part Doctor Who serial “The Power of the Daleks.” This is the new, animated version of the story, which the BBC seem to have ditched around 1974. 164 more words

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Episode 159 - "The Faceless Ones" - Part 03

In episode three, the Doctor gets to confront the enemy, face-to-face.

The Doctor has been gassed, and is starting to transform into an Androgum into something unpleasant. 258 more words