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Any Who fans named Kaitlyn (or any spelling of it), you might love this

Ok, so maybe it’s more if you are a classic who fans, but there is an animated video of the second doctor (with the actor who played his companion doing a darn good imitation of him).  13 more words

For the Love of Jelly Babies

My question is this, did the writers or someone want the fourth doctor’s quirk to be jelly babies? Here is my reasoning, even before the lovable Tom Baker ever had a jelly baby bag in his hand, the second doctor had offered a jelly baby. 54 more words

Doctor Who

Oh the Arguing

Jon Pertwee and Patrick Troughton argue…..

Frazer Hines Interview

Frazer Hines discusses his time in the TARDIS and how production worked back then.

2nd Doctor

The Highlanders, Part 4

Trask thinks Ben’s dead, but he’s escaped swimming in the freezing water, and finds the Doctor waiting for him alongside Kirsty, Polly, and a boat full of weapons.  492 more words


Classic Doctor Who DVD Recs - The Second Doctor

This is my second post recommending Classic Doctor Who stories on DVD. Since I’m putting these lists together in chronological order, this also focuses on Patrick Troughton, the Second Doctor. 1,506 more words

Doctor Who

Hobo Style

The second doctor is sometimes called “the cosmic hobo”. My favorite little maker of video tributes is BabelColour, and a cute tribute to another classic Doctor.

2nd Doctor