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What comes to mind when you hear the word Father? A general definition of the word father is parent or more specifically a male parent. In fact the Greek word pater does mean father but pater is where we get the word parent from. 280 more words

My Family History Week: Sunday 27th May 2012

Family history activity has been a bit haphazard this week. Nothing really very focused, just poking about my family tree adding bits and pieces here and there. 354 more words


My Family History Week: Sunday 20th May 2012

There is nothing much to report this week except for an almost complete lack of family history activity. Whilst time has been an issue, as always, the main cause of this in-activity has been a lack of motivation. 281 more words


My Family History Week: Sunday 13th May 2012

It was another productive week, although once again I didn’t do what I had intended to do. Most of my family history time was spent re-visiting past research projects, mostly inspired by my brief foray into British Newspaper Archive. 503 more words


My Family History Week: Sunday 6th May 2012

It was another good week, although most of what I did wasn’t really what I had intended, but it was interesting and varied, which certainly helps keep me motivated. 606 more words


Challenging times: Sorting out Patrick Vaughan's information

I have been taking a bit of a break from Finding Minnie and Patrick Vaughan whilst I get a bit of family history housekeeping done. Now it is the turn of Patrick Vaughan to be on the receiving end of that housekeeping. 175 more words

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Personal Research Update: Friday 30th March 2012

It has been two weeks since I wrote my last update, and they have a relatively productive couple of weeks, beginning with a visit to the East Sussex Record Office. 391 more words