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An Interview With Actor Radek Lord

Actor Radek Lord enjoys life in Southern California. He has just finished filming two movies, and when he isn’t busy shooting films or commercials in Hollywood, he’s either attending the famous… 783 more words


Space Station 76 (Jack Plotnick 2014)

and so anyway it turns out that the best thing about Space Station 76 (2014) is not Patrick Wilson’s utterly wasted career-best performance – he really is far far better in this intermittently amusing spoof on 70s era space TV than anyone needs to be – nor is it the spot-on scripting and performance of the robot psychiatrist, nor is it the cunning way in which Matt Bomer still gets away with not acting because he has really pretty eyes, but the way the movie takes the bold and devastatingly pointed step of criticising old TV shows for having just one character of colour who basically gets to appear in the background, saying and doing nothing of consequence, by including one  black guy (Victor Togunde) who appears in the background, saying and doing nothing…


Bone Tomahawk (2015)

(Amazon Prime Digital Streaming, Rated R, Running Time: 132 minutes)

Set in the late 1800’s, two thieves on the run disturb an Indian burial ground in the hills. 672 more words

AMC aduce în premieră exclusivă sezonul 2 din ''Fargo''

Pe data de 8 februarie nominalizatii la premiile Golden Globe, Kirsten  Dunst și  Patrick Wilson, au rolurile principale în al doilea capitol din premiata miniserie  336 more words


Western Wednesday: Bone Tomahawk (2015)

A scorching, patient, sometimes gruesome western, S. Craig Zahler’s Bone Tomahawk is a long slow ride behind the sun. The 2015 film was also written by Zahler, with cinematographer Benji Bakshi scanning the broad dry vistas with a lens that never shies away from the blood-and-guts reality. 721 more words


Trailer For The Conjuring 2 Is As Creepy As The Original.

When a low-key budget horror movie costs $20m to make and manages to rake back box office takings worth $318m you can be sure that the movie studio backing that project will want to milk that wonderfully bloated cash cow some more… 201 more words

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