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Robbie George on American Exceptionalism

Robbie George, a political science professor at Princeton, says nothing groundbreaking in his 2 and a half minute snippet from the Republican debate in South Carolina. 91 more words

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Islamophobia and Dieting on Paranoia

A study sums this up here. Money quote from Adam Serwer:

Until Republican leaders try to appeal to the better angels of their constituents’ nature — rather than feeding on and profiting from their paranoia — things are unlikely to change.

H/T: The Dish

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Comparing Terror Responses Between America and Norway

Glenn Greenwald illuminates the stark differences between America and Norway in light of the Oslo attacks last week:

The failed Christmas Day bombing over Detroit led to an…

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Slamming the Family Leader Pledge

Gary Johnson does just that:

“This ‘pledge’ is nothing short of a promise to discriminate against everyone who makes a personal choice that doesn’t fit into a particular definition of ‘virtue,'” …

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When Winning With Rhetoric is not Winning

Am I the only one who sees people reliant on transportation stuck outside in a Minnesota winter and a government shut down as not good things? 129 more words

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Affably Loco

Mike Huckabee, I suppose, is following his calling. He is not running for president but feeding his sheep/flock on a cruise. This isn’t just any cruise, but an evangelical cruise with hints of… 53 more words

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