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Is Patriotism similar to Religion?


Why did thousands cheer when a pastor said the player who sits during the anthem should be shot?  Sounds like a religion that does not accept differences


Dandridge, TN – rediscovering the town of my birth, of my American birth, that is. Remembering how difficult and lonely the first years were and how many people showed me kindness and hospitality. 165 more words


Statues Are Not The Problem

Makes sense to me. If people (of any race) can’t solve big problems, they go after little ones. Their communities and personal lives may be in shambles, but dammit, they’ll get their Starbucks double blended, caramel drizzle, vanilla bean frappuccino right or it will be somebody’s head! 560 more words


The Dangers of a More Perfect Union

When the Founding Fathers gathered in Philadelphia in the late spring of 1787, they all well understood both the strengths and glaring inadequacies of the Articles of Confederation (1777). 1,091 more words


That figures

Kaeper-Dick supporters call for NFL boycott

I would not expect anything different from the stumble bums that support Kaper-Dick and his anti-American antics.

What we have is a new Ship of Football fools that want to boycott the NFL because no team has picked up Kaper-Dick to this point. 176 more words

All About Money

No Matter What

In this country
We are given legal rights
Some of which we never
Doubt or question…
Just ask Kaep about that
We sell this country on principles… 151 more words