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"The Donald"

On June 16, 2015, ‘Trump’ announced his candidacy for President of the ‘United States’ at ‘Trump Tower’ in ‘New York City’. ‘Trump’ drew attention to domestic issues such as illegal immigration, offshoring of American jobs, the ‘U.S.’ national debt, and Islamic terrorism, and announced his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”. 222 more words


Rio Grande, El Paso & Southwestern R.R. Tunnel, 7/28/1916

Dear Dad,

Never felt better in my life. Hope you are all well. I’d like to see Bill’s son but we are all pretty well separated now. 1,450 more words


Reblog - A Vulgar Alexander Hamilton (Trump)

A Vulgar Alexander Hamilton

One of the many unsettling features of Donald Trump’s strange political ascendance is found in his deep-seated antipathy to the time-honored doctrine of free trade. 2,433 more words



Some people are complaining about the lack of American flags on display at the DNC.  They are claiming it is a lack of patriotism.

That isn’t my flag.   133 more words

Freedom Isn't Free And Neither Are We (Poem)

Heart breaks.  Breath gasps.  Resolve falters.

Our freedoms.  Being torn from our core.

In America.

Land of the free.

Home of the Brave.

It’s patriotic at the baseball games. 338 more words


That Time I Agreed With Ben Carson

When I’m in a reconciling mood while talking with conservatives—especially conservative Christians—I try to focus on what we have in common. They may think America is in a sad state of morality because of Muslims, immigrants, and same-sex marriage, while I think the United States is in a sad state of morality because of racism, xenophobia, and people thinking that the word “America” is synonymous with “the United States.” But maybe we can agree on the sad state of morality and leave it at that. 882 more words

Motherland or Fatherland?

Why do the inhabitants of some nations refer to the country as Motherland, and some Fatherland? The answer is a little complicated, unsurprisingly.

The use of both terms became most common in works of propaganda during World War II. 259 more words

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