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Drop Kick me Jesus

It’s not often I come out and take a hard line on a subject being someone who likes to get all sides of the argument and then think it all through from what I hope is an unprejudiced wholly objective viewpoint: the helicopter as opposed to the worm’s eye view. 706 more words


Prayer for America

When my country’s flag is flying
and I’m standing at attention,
far below its waving glory–
blue and white and red,  it’s waving
like it waved when Francis Scott Key… 122 more words


If You Like Limited Government, Freedom, and the Red, White and Blue..... You should Support Black Lives Matter

I grew up on a dirt road with a pick up in the garage and safe full of guns. I also grew up believing in the fundamental benefits of limited government and freedom as being integral to the success and happiness of the individual. 732 more words


From Kashmir and the Army: An identity from everywhere and nowhere

On 18th September 2016, Eighteen jawans of the Indian Army lost their lives at an administrative base called Uri in Kashmir. When I visited Uri more than five years ago, I fell in love. 482 more words

War And Conflict

Who Has A Lock On Patriotism?

My Sunday begins……I would like to post on a subject that is all the rage right now.

Like so many elections before….we have a wealth of nose pickers that think that unless you support their candidate then you are not patriotic.  486 more words