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So this is were we are?

Last night the reports started coming in that the CIA had evidence of a foreign government interfering in our presidential election. As Americans, we should all be horrified and angered by this. 444 more words

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The news that a tourist souvenir shop in Muswell Hill, the sort that sells the kind of tacky tat that is of little interest to anyone who actually resides in the UK, has been targeted by the Puritan ‘ism’ brigade as some sort of retail outlet for ‘Britain First’ simply because the establishment happens to be called Really British is an interesting measure of how patriotism as manifested by an object bearing the national flag has once again been designated as the province of extremism and rendered a no-go area by the PC branch of the left. 887 more words


Where is the love? (in patriotism)

There’s a reason we haven’t yet attempted to define patriotism here at National Questions: it’s hard work. National sentiment arouses such strong, deep-seated emotions that it can make even sober discussion difficult, let alone any attempt to dispassionately measure and describe the feelings and ideas patriotism can encompass. 693 more words


The Fits and Screams of a Dying Nation

It isn’t difficult to find deafening vitriol in American politics today.  Comment sections of political, social, and religious websites are littered with poisonous diatribes, insults, and threats. 448 more words

Hysterical Remainers Are Inadvertently Making 'Hard Brexit' More Likely

Sam White has a great piece in Country Squire Magazine, in which he warns that the juvenile behaviour of bitter and hysterical Remainers is doing more than anything else to imperil the prospects of a smooth and orderly Brexit. 1,017 more words

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No Patriotism Please, We're British

Only in North London’s leafy enclaves would a shop selling British goods and memorabilia be at risk of being run out of business by snarling locals convinced that union jack cushions are one step away from fascism… 549 more words

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Refuse to Play the Game

“Words are all we got.” Dean Baquet, December 8

Remember when, “Don’t let the terrorists win,” was the refrain of the moment and we were urged to get out and go shopping after 9/11? 1,478 more words

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