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Life is a Beach

The Life is a Beach digital composite is another piece I created for Target Resistance and which uses a lot of different elements from a variety of sources. 504 more words

Welcome to Nigeria, Newbies!

…Well, welcome to MY version of Nigeria. NIGERIA: The densely populated, highly corrupted (oops…sorry, we voted for Change), bountifully endowed, land of the famous and home of the wealthy, teeming with strength, beaming with potential, untapped dimensions, God’s marvellous creation; This nation, a stallion, a giant, a warrior, much more than conqueror… This. 52 more words

The Summer of '73, Redux

The midsummer sun has lately been exceedingly hot here on the southern plains, with the latest breaking national news even hotter yet, and it’s all somehow redolent of that long ago summer of ’73. 2,378 more words


The 21st Century Crusade is coming

My fellow readers and Christians alike, The islamification of Europe has become a major problem in the world. We need to combat the Islamists and take back Europe and North Africa. 181 more words


What's Your Identity?

It never fails. Whenever I talk to family or friends in the United States via Skype or FaceTime, someone will comment on my accent. If scientists could collect genetic material from both Rocky and Crocodile Dundee and paste it all together in some twisted laboratory experiment, the resulting chimera might sound something like me. 1,216 more words


10 Ways to Love Your Country

How many of the following do you do? Do you have your own ways? Read along:

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  1. Support your country during major sports events.
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