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American or Spartan?

The relatively recent word of future “inclusion” of women into front line combat in the U.S military attracted less attention than it deserved.  The push to register women for the military draft has generated a bit more noise, but alas, it seems to be made up of more whimpers than shouts.  583 more words


Crisis schmisis: Russia's economy is not "suffering" and Rolls Royce sales prove it

MOSCOW – The New York Times’ Neil MacFuckedIfWeCanSpellIt has recently claimed that Russia is in the throes of an “economic crisis” that has been worsened by the “oil price collapse” and has caused some people close to retirement age or older to… 287 more words


Ignorance in the GOP and Torture IS Illegal

I finally sat down and watched the Republican debate the other night thinking that, by now, there may be some intelligent discussion about issues and fewer insults among the candidates.   969 more words

On freedom Fries and Flag Pins: America's Obsession with Patriotic Chic

Everyone is a buzz about Lady Gaga’s performance of the national anthem at the 50th Super Bowl.

Love it or hate it there was no doubt that Gaga was showing her patriotism; dressed in a red sequined pants suite, red and blue glitter nail polish and red glitter eye shadow- the image of a human flag if ever there was one! 334 more words


Has America ever really been a "Christian nation"?

The Judeo-Christian tradition is certainly entrenched in the founding story and America remains more religiously observant than any other western country. But is that the same as being a Christian nation?

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Christian Faith

lady gaga's superbowl national anthem: patriotic grandstanding and pageantry

(video posted at the bottom)

“Crushing it.”  – Lady Gaga’s brain.

I’m not going to fire up the Hot Take generator regarding the national anthem a la… 768 more words


He who pays the piper calls the tune

Last night during the Super Bowl I found myself in a pitched Face Book battle in which I was one again cast as Leonidas in the narrow pass of… 818 more words

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