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Patriots' Day, Hammocks, and Gratefulness.

Last week, I had the pleasure of celebrating Patriots’ Day for the first time. And before you begin thinking that New Englanders are so obsessive about their pro football team enough to create a holiday for them, I must inform you that you would be wrong. 997 more words


Page Two: The 3rd Anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings

Alex Thomas
Staff Writer

This week, I’m going to put the hot takes aside, there is nothing controversial about this column. I’m not calling out any factions of this campus like I did with NSO two weeks ago and I’m not calling out any newspapers like I did with the Boston Globe one week ago, instead, I want to take some time to remember a key event in our lives. 678 more words

Springfield College

Boston Marathon 2016

Three students walk down Newbury Street after watching the marathon on 18 April 2016.

A happy marathon spectator takes a quick phone call on Newbury Street on 18 April 2016. 126 more words

Boston Marathon

Patriot's Day and Marathon Monday

As is tradition in Boston every year on Patriot’s Day, the Red Sox hosted an 11:05 AM game at Fenway Park against the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday. 881 more words

My Last Undergrad Marathon Monday

Ever since I transferred schools to Emerson, Marathon Monday has always been one of my favorite days of spring semester. Not only do we get the day off, but I am filled with an unstoppable pride as a native New Englander and college student in Boston. 693 more words


The Parts I Remember From Longfellow's "Paul Revere's Ride"

Listen, my children
One by land and two by sea
Middlesex (tee-hee!)



Answering phones today,

Is weird for out-of-state folks  this way…

Tell them we’re closed

They’re naturally disposed

To question why we’re closed today!

The similar or same, 16 more words