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Book review: The Song of Achilles (Madeline Miller)

Title: The Song of Achilles
Author: Madeline Miller
Page count: 352 pages
Rating: 5/5 stars (and as soon as I find a way to give more than a 100% rating I will up the rating) 965 more words


Words Crush Wednesday - Homeric Version

Since it’s Pride Month, I thought I’d let the rest of the month’s Words Crush Wednesday quotes focus on the homoerotic passages in the Iliad… 541 more words

Greek Mythology

A book that was originally written in a different language: Iliad

Reviewing Homer’s Iliad seems absurd. It’s such an important piece of writing that other things I love have stemmed from so it doesn’t feel like something that can be condensed into a casual review. 370 more words

Book Review

Whom The Forest Obeys: Briseis And The War at Troy

OKAY SO HERE’S THE DEAL. For the final project of my Mythology course this semester, we had to create a “Lost Myth”, that is, take a character we’ve already examined and create a lost adventure starring that hero/heroine that reflects the premise of myth and the concepts we’ve discussed over the course. 1,784 more words

Things I've Written

P is for Patroclos

Finally, we’re up to P!  Patroclos is definitely my favorite character in the Trojan War, and quite possibly my favorite mortal in all the Greek myths. 3,652 more words

Greek Mythology

Writing Assignment #2

LGBT themes in classical mythology

As LGBT issues have recently come into more mainstream media with pushes for same-sex marriage and other equality rights, the idea of looking into the past to see just how far ago we can see societies writing about some of these same issues and identities is interesting. 787 more words


True Motives

Achilles just told me he overheard Hades planning to stop me from posting anything else on this blog. Apparently he’s going to say it’s because you guys function just fine up there with your current theories on Ancient Greek history. 321 more words