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The Dreaded Monobutt vs the 70s, or, Amanda tries to draft a pair of pants that flatter her butt

Today I am on a mission. I lost my sailor pants pattern (oh, the downsides of being a hoarder) which I had perfectly tweaked via trial and error to avoid the camel toe problem. 480 more words

70s Styles

On my Sewing Table

Lately I’ve been spending my time perfecting the Rockabilly Sweetheart dress pattern which I completely drafted by hand. In all honesty selling my creations scares the crap out of me and one of the ways I prevent myself from having massive panic attacks about selling my work is to keep to the motto ‘to under prepare is to prepare for failure’. 511 more words


Brocade Vest and Shirt with Super Poofy Sleeves

Hello ladies and gents, I’d like to kick off this blog by sharing a little project that I’ve just completed. A young friend of mine recently sent me a bit of artwork that she’s been working on. 359 more words


Run It: My New Workout Pants

I’m sooooo excited about this one, you guys!

Like a lot of people, my relationship with exercise can be described best as “on-again, off-again.” I wasn’t particularly athletically inclined in high school or college and I often feel pretty lost in a gym. 596 more words


Draft A Boat Neck

The Boat Neck is such a classic neckline.

While it’s generally thought to be most flattering to smaller busts and narrower shoulders, I’ve seen many women with more athletic silhouettes totally rock this neckline. 475 more words


Designing the Tulip Dress

This dress has a neckline I’ve been wanting to incorporate into a garment for a long time. I first encountered something similar in a knit top from Talbot’s and later in a jacket from Chico’s. 592 more words