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Garment 3: Minky Fleece Jacket completed

I am not going to be rushing to work with minky fleece again but the jacket has actually turned out quite well. It is cosy, which is good as it’s just been snowing in Scotland. 423 more words



Getting caught on doorknobs is a drag, literally and figuratively. Wherever I went in my apartment, the large sleeves of my robe (Seamwork Almada) would get caught on a doorknob, jerking me abruptly backwards, or sweep random table-top items onto the floor as I passed by. 339 more words


Up-Cycle with Machine Finishing Techniques

I am a big proponent of sewing with the couture techniques that I learned in sewing classes. I feel they are more sturdy and stand up better to machine washing. 684 more words

Sewing Projects

Garment Three: Minky Fleece Jacket

It is week three, though my weeks are not necessarily running concurrently. A few weeks ago I impulse-bought two metres of baby-pink minky fleece, known as cuddle fleece in the UK. 363 more words


The Heirloom Top

Well, hello there. Long time, no see. Since this blog last churned to life, I have graduated from my Master’s programme, moved to Toronto permanently without even school keeping me tied to it, cut all my hair off, and sewed what seems like nothing. 376 more words

Original Design

Victorian Project: Finishing

I began finishing off my garment by neatening up the inside of the costume and  cutting in to all of the seams. This began with sewing on the facing for where the bodice attaches to the pouch panel as well as over locking all of the seams. 315 more words


A Jacket to Give a Dress a Second Look

In a mentoring session with Sarah Veblen last month, we talked about a planned business trip to Brazil. I know the weather will be quite warm, but I need to look polished every day that I’m there. 899 more words

Pattern Drafting