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Java: Search and Replace using Pattern Matching

The scenario here is that we have article titles that start as all upper case, but we would like them title cased instead. Changing each word to start with an uppercase letter and lower-casing the rest is straightforward, but what if we want some words to remain all upper case? 155 more words


Knuth–Morris–Pratt (KMP) algorithm

KMP is a pattern matching algorithm which has very good running time.

Firstly, what is the naive approach solution for pattern matching ? Answer to this question will lead to the key idea behind the KMP algo. 738 more words


A study of quasi-stationary: the strange and fascinating case of the stolen prizes...

In science, approximation can refer to using a simpler process or model when the correct model is difficult to use. An approximate model is used to make calculations easier.

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Arizona Cardinals Trap Coverage

Under the direction of defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, the Arizona Cardinals finished the 2014 season at #5 in the NFL in scoring defense (18.7 points per game). 703 more words


Arkansas Quarters Coverage Versus Trips Split

After finishing the 2014 season with a winning record (7-6) and a dominant 31-7 win over Texas in the Texas Bowl, there is a lot of optimism around the Razorbacks program heading into Bret Bielema’s 3rd year as the head coach. 668 more words


Finally Finished!

At last we have a starfish skirt!  This is the tulip skirt from Sew Over It featured in Simply Sewing magazine and I love it – and so does Doris! 612 more words


Better way to find whether exact match for the given keyword is found in a comma separated string.

Recently, I faced a problem where I was having a long comma separated string and a keyword , the task was to design an optimized or better way to find whether exact match for the given keyword is found in the csv string or not. 106 more words