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Basic Elixir Pattern Matching

When learning functional languages, one of the earliest things that you start wrapping your head around is the notion of pattern matching. A good description of the behaviour is found in Erlang’s reference manual: 272 more words


Extend string.match to Test and Capture Patterns

Pattern matching is a powerful feature of Lua’s standard string library. I use it often to automate text file conversion and reporting. For instance, I use pattern matching in a Lua script to format and email my weekly report. 411 more words


Year 2015 For Face Recognition: 10 -Best Innovations & Implementations

Research in recent face recognition technologies seem to suggest that it is challenging to fake the identity of the person even after a facial surgery (though, we find that hard to believe) because they make use of something called as ‘nodes’ (around 600 nodes for every face) of the facial structure, which these techniques claim, remains unique to each person – dead or alive. 869 more words

A Match Made in Fabric

I finally had some time to get pictures of several of my finished projects. I expect that I’ll have several posts for you over the next week. 317 more words


London winter forecast 2015/16

Winter in the London area this year is likely to be average overall, following the pattern of the past two winters that saw little snow. 387 more words

Wanstead Park

'Love Sewing' Kimono Jacket - My November make

Love Sewing is a great magazine and I’ve been inspired by it since it came out around two years ago. I love the free patterns, the projects, the sewing tit bits that you wouldn’t find out about anywhere else, but I’ve only managed to make a couple of things from it, that is until I’ve been challenging myself  to dress make more. 399 more words


Oracle Pattern Matching

Hi everyone,

In this article I’ll talk about a new SQL feature which has come with Oracle 12c.
I hope this will be a useful article in terms of awareness. 1,131 more words