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A valentine's gift - a Man's Kimono

The simplicity 8318 pattern is part of the costumes section – I think as a response to the film the last Samurai. I chose this because I wanted a more authentic style of kimono rather than using a dressing gown pattern. 385 more words


Use the awesomeness of Pattern Matching with C# 7.0

Pattern Matching is a new feature which was introduced with C# 7.0 which allows us to write cleaner and concise code in many different scenarios. This feature can be said as an extension of… 822 more words


Looking for Patterns, Craving for Context

We humans love patterns, our brains love to map every new experience to an existing old experience we already had. And come up with predictions about what is going to happen next. 621 more words


MIL - Using PatternMatching ROI for ColorMatch Step

Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) is mostly used in industrial automation. It is a neat library for certain tasks and programming is by building flowcharts. It is quite straightforward to build vision algorithms with it. 218 more words


Why scala.util.matching.Regex 'apparently' fails in Scala extractors?

I’m using Scala extractors (i.e.: Regex inside in a pattern mathing) in order to identify doubles and longs, like shown below.

My question is: why Regex is apparently failing when employed in a pattern matching whilst it clearly delivers the expected results when employed in a chain of if/then/else expressions? 501 more words


Searching for Historical Precedents of Bitcoin by Pattern Matching

1. Motivation

What are the historical precedents of Bitcoin and how can we formulate a forecast of future Bitcoin prices based on the historical performances of the precedents? 704 more words

Exercises For The Mind And Fingers

Knuth–Morris–Pratt Algorithm


In computer science, The Knuth–Morris–Pratt Algorithm is an string searching algorithm. String Searching Algorithm means the algorithm that searches for the occurrence of a Word(W) in a main Text String(S). 2,639 more words