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Oracle Pattern Matching

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In this article I’ll talk about a new SQL feature which has come with Oracle 12c.
I hope this will be a useful article in terms of awareness. 1,131 more words


Hazel take two: an adventure in pattern matching

So I know I said I wouldn’t make another Colette Hazel dress but… well, I just love it. It’s comfortable, it has pockets, and I had the perfect fabric for it! 664 more words


3 key psychological challenges for investors

What are the main challenges to achieving good long term returns? Investors focus mainly on what the stockmarket might do; less so on their own behaviour. 713 more words


Pattern Matching Problem

Pattern matching is a very common problem which finds applications in various places like plagiarism detection, text autocompletion. If you are here then probably you are looking to understand common approaches to string searching or pattern matching algorithms. 604 more words


Creativity and idea generation

By Gordon Rugg

So what is creativity, and how can you generate more and better ideas?

There’s pretty general agreement that:

Useful Concepts

Pattern matching with regular expressions: a quick reminder

Pattern matching is a powerful for developers, but it can be a daunting task to write (or read) a regular expression.
This quick reminder gives you the bare necessities to tackle regular expressions, if you’ve dabbled with regexp a bit but can’t remember it all. 515 more words