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F# a matematyka

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Profesorowi przeciekał kran, więc wezwał hydraulika. Hydraulik przez 10 minut podłubał przy kranie i policzył 100 zł. 765 more words

Check whether a very big number is prime or not in C#

Problem source – HackeRrank – Running Time and Complexity

We all know how to check whether a number is prime number or not. As per the definition, a Prime number is a number that can be divisible only with 1 and itself. 394 more words


SqlJuxt – Active patterns for the win

F# Active Patterns are awesome!! I wanted to start this blog post with that statement. I was not truly aware of F# active patterns until I read the article on… 755 more words


How to use Javaslang Pattern Matching?

Most of Java developers who work with Java 8 are aware of awesome features such as lambdas, method references and Stream API. Those features help us everyday to write o reduce the amount of code and to increase the robustness. 1,604 more words


C# 7.0 - Pattern Matching

I already explained binary literals, digit separators, tuples, out vars and ref returns, and expression bodied members – great new C# 7.0 features – in previous articles. 1,042 more words


Ray Kurzweil: How to Create a Mind

Ray Kurzweil claims that ‚If understanding language and other phenomena through statistical analysis does not count as intelligence then humans have no intelligence either.’ That is a converse argument that should disqualify Kurzweil from ever being listened to again. 2,025 more words

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