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C# : Pattern Matching vs Performance

Pattern Matching was a hot thing when it was introduced in C# 7.0. It has been really useful and provided a expressive manner when programming. But what about the performance of Pattern Matching? 279 more words


Pattern matching in C# 7.0

C# 7.0 introduces a new language feature called pattern matching. If you are familiar with F# then you’ll know what pattern matching is about. Pattern matching is used extensively in F# but has not been available in C# before 7.0. 579 more words


Pattern matching with Extractors in Scala

There is a apply method in class definition in Scala which works as a class initiator known as Injector. In the same way there is an unapply() method which works as a extractor. 282 more words


Complete null safety

Embarrassingly, it took me almost seven years to notice the full meaning of Option/Nullable type combined with mechanism like pattern matching.

The first layer is pretty obvious — consider such language as C# and its struct type. 162 more words

Skila Features

A valentine's gift - a Man's Kimono

The simplicity 8318 pattern is part of the costumes section – I think as a response to the film the last Samurai. I chose this because I wanted a more authentic style of kimono rather than using a dressing gown pattern. 385 more words


Use the awesomeness of Pattern Matching with C# 7.0

Pattern Matching is a new feature which was introduced with C# 7.0 which allows us to write cleaner and concise code in many different scenarios. This feature can be said as an extension of… 822 more words


Looking for Patterns, Craving for Context

We humans love patterns, our brains love to map every new experience to an existing old experience we already had. And come up with predictions about what is going to happen next. 621 more words