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Energy, Systems and States in FX Simulation - Tensegrity

In the 1960s Buckminster Fuller coined the word tensegrity as a combination of tension and integrity, to describe a structure which holds its form through the balance of tension between its parts. 439 more words

A summary of undies learnt in school

Well, hidey ho and slow down that horse! Yes, Its been a while since my last post because, well, things have been absolutely crazy at school and I haven’t had a moment to write anything. 310 more words


Drafting knickers, the French way!

Its been a very exciting first week so far in my lingerie course, with the third day making my first toile!  247 more words


It all begins ...now!

Day one

Today marked the first day of my Lingerie class,   just after the French public Easter Monday holiday yesterday. 563 more words