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Knitterly Arts Podcast!

For some time now (I mean years, yes… years!) I’ve toyed with the possibility of a Knitterly Arts Podcast. I picked up idea after idea– like skeins of yarn on a sale table– testing each one, turning them over in my mind, seeing how they might feel, whether they would work into my full life, whether they would allow me to stay true to my own sensibilities as an artist and maker. 353 more words

Knitting & Crochet

Finally no more chair scraping with these crochet chair leg covers. Part 1 - square legged chairs 

The noise of chairs scraping along a wooden floor can be enough to make you wince, but combine that with them scratching a polished floor at the same time is a major problem that needs a solution before it sends me around the twist! 313 more words


Grainline Studio Moss Skirt

This is quite possibly the sewing project that has taken the longest stretch of time to complete.  I’m embarrassed to say that I ordered the fabric and the pattern for this skirt from… 798 more words


sunday sevens #38

It’s time for Sunday Sevens again, as created by Natalie. Anyone can participate, and the rules are very flexible! Why not check it out ~ 179 more words


Almost Rhinebeck

Hi Knit Friends,

For a whole day last week I made plans to attend Rhinebeck. It was the best 24 hours, but unfortunately my riding mate had to cancel. 379 more words

Knitting Queue

Shadows and Shapes

Littlehampton – visited this seaside resort and the project for the Workshop was ‘shadows’  Luckily a bright sunny day.