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Otra estampa floral.


Another floral pattern.

365 Patterns


So, one of the reasons I started this dating blog (which is sporadically updated), is so I could keep track of how I change in my actions and viewpoints. 730 more words


Week 7: User Interface Visual Design Patterns

Many assume User interface (UI) refers to how a website looks but it is much more than that, it is also about presenting the user with the right tools to achieve their goals. 653 more words

Interactive Design

Lace Weight Champs

Vogue Knitting recently launched their Spring/Summer Issue, and there are some very lovely lace patterns in there.  What really sparked my interest was the sleeve shot above.   204 more words



(Happy Birthday, Shriya aka my best friend.Thank you for the awesomeness you add to my life(which is,yes,sad and dull and grey without your sparkle in it).You are a maniac with an (admittedly)incredible sense of humour and the capacity to understand and I love you for it. 412 more words


Reading Corner Thursday...

Today I’m going to chirp up about finding my “happy” pattern for socks after bemoaning the loss of it last week. I’m on my third shot with these socks and I’ve been marking the book, the page for basic socks, and I’ve made a notation in my pattern book. 159 more words