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How to Evaluate Application Architects

About 3 years into my career, I was promoted to the coveted “Application Architect” at a manufacturing software subsidiary of a Fortune 500. At the time I was a force of youth and passion – but I hadn’t developed the skills necessary to really shine in the position. 1,127 more words

Process Improvement

Finding Love The Old Fashioned Way

I met him in a coffee shop last summer.  I wasn’t looking for romance.  I was looking for free internet.  I asked to sit down beside him because the spot was in the sun.  616 more words

Love Notes

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This post showed up in my Facebook memories today. I wrote this 1 year ago about how I met my boyfriend. It made me cry as this relationship is now over. I am grateful that I had such a beautiful experience yet I keep painfully struggling with the loss of this love. I know that true love can never be lost. That the grief I am feeling isn't from the loss of love but from the loss of Self. The pain is from the story I keep writing about this breakup. This story includes, abandonment, rejection, unavailability, and obsession. This story was written long before I even met this man. Every day I am looking at my pain and seeing my story. Every day I have to choose love time and time again. Love of him, love of the experience but mostly love of Self. The gift here is that I am seeing patterns that have long been part of all of my relationships with men and even some women. This has been hard. I know I have the courage to see it through even on the days where I seem to fail myself. I no longer want to take this story into any future relationships. My true love is me.


Today was the first day ever, I cut my hair without malice in my heart. What do I mean? As many of you know, I have a very specific pattern when it comes to leaving the men in my life. 311 more words

Family Issues

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry I’ve not done many blogs recently but I am in the process of selling a house and buying another one and the paperwork involved is horrendous.  47 more words

Cross Stitch

Non-Committal Patterns and the Art of Lawn Maintenance

I tend to be a bit peculiar from time to time. Some might argue that it is more often than not.  One of my little quirks revolves around lawn mowing.  751 more words


FREE Pattern - All Charged Up with Sew Mama Sew

We are so excited to offer our next free pattern to sewers through the amazing Sew Mama Sew community!

All Charged Up is a fun little pouch that stores all of your chargers and cords in one place. 148 more words