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Marlette Lake Mittens Inspired by Fall

This is the perfect time of year to knit mittens. 

There’s a crispness to the air that let’s us know summer is well and truly over. 953 more words


. . . fruit socks . . .

Harvest time …

What is your favorite flavor?

Bananas ?

Blueberries ?

Carrots ? not really a fruit, but sweet anyway

Cherries, maybe ?

with a slice of lemon ? 191 more words


Boo & Spook

Meet Boo & Spook, the ghostly mittens! Sometimes a Halloween costume doesn’t need to be more complicated than a pair of ghost mittens. Or put stuffing in the mittens and use them as decoration for a spooktastic Halloween party! 312 more words

Sports car

Last month, I went to visit my cousin out in San Francisco, she has two little boys who I wanted to wow with an amazing crochet toy. 153 more words



I notice patterns in other people far too quickly and while I don’t make an effort to remember them I always do. Sometimes this can get me in trouble. 227 more words


A couple of learning curves here. This was the first time I stretched the paper, and I found the backing I used wasn’t strong enough and buckled a bit, plus I hadn’t allowed for the framing. 14 more words

New Zealand