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My Minecraft Obsession....It's MooShroom

It’s Mooshroom! Everybody loves this guy. He provides meat and leather and if you shear him he will drop some mushrooms for you and then turn into a regular cow. 286 more words


Pattern bombing

For the Make It In Design challenge #Patternbombing I subtly flower bombed the modern copy of Michelangelo’s David. I took the picture in the Accademia Gallery in Florence a couple of years ago.


Disorder to Contentment

A childhood where the state of fear, anticipating reaction from others and a consistent undercurrent of stress was my reality. My earliest memories involve being on edge; wondering what others thought, fearing the verbal explosion of divorced parents, worrying about being good enough and sensing the financially woes of my single mother. 529 more words


I love when God gives me revelation and new insights to my life. The other day I was driving down the road and I began to think about patterns in my life, even certain patterns since child hood. 575 more words


An Open Letter and a Note of Gratitude

“I’ve been married for forty-two years which means I’ve been to forty-two state fairs.”  I’m not sure why this little tidbit from the Park-and-Ride attendant didn’t instantly put me in great spirits. 247 more words