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Outlander MKAL 2015 - It's Happening!

I am so excited to announce that I will be hosting another Outlander MKAL with Jimmy Beans Wool! This time, it will begin with the premiere of the second half of season 1 of Outlander on Starz, which I am sure we are all super excited to watch. 349 more words


Under construction

Patterns habits lay down the infrastructure that makes you you

Rewiring Re-patterning Un-making Un-do-ing

requires jack-hammering gutting hauling away

re-planning re-routing

under construction re-construction

yellow tape… 15 more words

sunday news #14

revue de la semaine #14

Here I am, back from a wonderful trip in France where the theme of the trip was reconciliation and remembrance. I will tell you more in another post. 313 more words


Patterns for Packaging

A couple of weeks ago I worked on a collaboration with Velvet Parsnips, an independent jewellery brand based in Brighton, UK. They felt it was time to spice up their packaging, so I designed a collection of five geometric prints to wrap their creations in. 78 more words

Pattern Design

#FreeYourSkeins2015 Day 60: 'Saartje's Booties' by Saartje de Bruin

Baby gift you’ll return to over and over

If you’re also in the midst of another wave of new babies arriving amongst your families and friends, you can guarantee a chorus of “Awww!” at any baby shower with… 154 more words


- Soul meets body (W.I.P)

Latest obsession; mandalas. I want a mandala tattoo, just saying,


A couple of cheeky tomatoes to go in the mix! 

I have now completed crochet play food eggs, sausages and mushrooms. Now I have added some tomatoes to the group! I have done them in two sizes a small and a large another ensigns bit of a mix in sizes as I didn’t want them all the same! 387 more words