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Broadway Follies: Gerard & Roth On Cell Phones, Patti LuPone And 'Hamilton'

Jeremy Gerard has covered the evolving fortunes of Jujamcyn Theatres since it became a formidable competitor to the larger Shubert and Nederlander organizations in the late 1980s. 1,101 more words


#196: Eight Reasons Why Musical Theatre Fans Are Weirdos

This post is not meant to be very serious, obviously. Just get a laugh out of it, especially if you are a fellow musical theatre fan. 1,248 more words


Give Us This Day Our Daily Win

13 July 2015

In case you haven’t heard, the theatre world is freaking OUT! Like, completely wigging itself that an innocent audience goer hopped up onto the stage at Hand to God and tried to plug his phone into an outlet on the set. 547 more words

The Five: The Truth Is, They Don’t Give A Fuck

Anthony R. Miller checks in with some sad facts.

Hey you guys, so there has been a lot of news these days about theatre patrons gone wild. 1,908 more words

Critics in Conversation: Calling out Tech-Dependent Audience Members

Don Aucoin of the Boston Globe wrote a piece thunderously applauding Patti LuPone’s recent stage antics: during a performance of Shows for Days, the actress reached into the audience and plucked away a texter’s cell phone. 652 more words


'Shows for Days' Is Only Mildly Succesful

By Karen Isaacs

The night I saw Shows for Days, the new Douglas Carter Beane play at the Mitzie Newhouse Theater at Lincoln Center, was the night after star Patti LuPone took a cell phone from a texting audience member and walked off stage with it. 649 more words


Patti LuPone snatches phone from texting theatergoer

If people do irritating stuff during a Broadway show, imagine how actors feel who deal with it 8 performances a week. Wait! Thanks to Patti LuPone who grabbed a cell phone from an audience member, we know exactly how they feel. 375 more words