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Walking the Avenue

Freedom to wander in the urban wilderness of the recent blizzard.

The final shot at the end of a long day when the camera, with two dead batteries, seemed to say “enough already!”

Second Ave.  New York.

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Nevada High Drifting

Drifting with the falling snow into the delights of the Nevada ranges and ranches.  This is north of Las Vegas, which indeed almost everywhere in Nevada is and, as it turned out, winter road trip paradise!

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South Bronx Blizzard

The big blizzard and a view from the Third Avenue Bridge, Mott Haven, South Bronx.  NYC

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Sunday in the Park

When the clouds come down to almost kiss the ground.

Bryant Park, New York City.

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The Best Of Monochromia - Patti Fogerty - Kiss Me

One of my favorite things to do is make the trip from Long Island into Manhattan. When I do I always reach out to Patti to see if she wants to join me in some sort of photo expedition on the streets of “The Big Apple”. 71 more words

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