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Letter from Patti

Dear students.

It’s an absolute shame that you are putting the weight of this fight on your shoulders. Adults, as you say, SHOULD have taken care of, protected you, years ago. 53 more words


A Decade In The Making

In 2008 Mike was sharing a house with a friend of his, Matt. Like usual, they decided to throw a Memorial Day Party with some friends. 651 more words


Karen Crochet Pants , Fish Ellen, and The Golden Girls

Episodes 5 and 6 of Season 2 were both so full of shocks and revelations, that I’ve had to have a lie-down, before even attempting to write a blog post. 3,203 more words

Recap of Best-Selling Feline Author (#Stephaniewritescommentaryinparenthesis)

The sounds of water, possibly an ocean, open the episode. (It’s not a train noise as I originally thought.)

Helena is writing, presumably to Dot again. 1,955 more words

A Recap in Real Time: Episode 3 - In My Legal Opinion

I was a little confused when Josh sent us through this episode.
As it had the same title and description as Episode 9, from Season 1. 1,044 more words

Book Review "Cultural Chemistry", Author, Patti McCarthy, Review by Simon Cordon.

Cultural Chemistry should be required reading for anyone working with ‘someone from somewhere else’.

Written with the business professional in mind, it is a powerful reminder that successful partnerships come down, in the end, to successful personal partnerships. 371 more words