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The Circle (Ponsoldt; 2017)

The Circle is an adaptation of the novel by the same name by Dave Eggers who also worked on the screenplay alongside director James Ponsoldt.  It’s the story of Mae (Emma Watson), a young woman searching for a job which pays enough that she can help her rural working class, now unemployed, parents care for her father’s (Bill Paxton in his final film role) multiple sclerosis.   949 more words

Movie Review

"The Circle"-Review:

Mae Holland (Emma Watson) lands her dream job at a massive tech company called The Circle. As she rises through the company’s ranks, Mae crosses paths with Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks), The Circle’s founder. 401 more words

'The Circle' trades complex plot for atmospheric chills

7/10 The Circle could have been better in several ways, but mostly gets where it wants to go.

The movie follows Mae Holland (Emma Watson), a recent college graduate who is hired by The Circle, an Orwellian vision of Facebook and Google. 713 more words


The Circle has trouble closing the gap as a thriller without the thrills

Sometimes I like to play a game with movie names called Swap That Preposition. The rules are simple: Take a movie and replace THE with A, or vice versa. 659 more words


'The Circle' Is Broken In More Ways Than One

In The Circle, our world of disruptive technology from social media to search engines has been conveniently consolidated into one uber-corporation called, you guessed it, The Circle, a simple name for what is strangely a shallow, unimaginative invention representative of what our near-future might be ruled by. 750 more words

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Episode One-Derland (Cartoons) Robotomy

Plot: In a world populated by only robots, life happens. Some of its kinda funny.

Breakdown: This show seems a lot like it’s trying to be an all-robot Futurama. 613 more words