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Don't know nothin' except change will come.

Dirty snow

A change has come

Though winter clings in filthy patches

By roadside and in ditches

Though the wind blasts knives

numbing face and hands… 68 more words


We Are Water

We are water/we flow and flow

I feel you pour into/every inch of my soul

I really must tell you this/baby before you go

We are water/we flow and we flow… 7 more words

Christmas Cornucopia 2106 : Eleventh Day

Eleventh day:

A Painting by Duccio (c1255 to c1319)

A poem by Lawrence Sail

Music by  The Voice Squad, Patty Griffin and Emmylou Harris

Our Nativity painting today is by a great Master from Sienna, Duccio Di Buoninsegna. 614 more words


It don't come easy


They say things get easier

That has not been my experience

Even the few things I do well

Get harder as I go along… 80 more words


Covered: Dixie Chicks MMXVI jams

This year, the Dixie Chicks gave us three incredible covers during their MMXVI World Tour — and, let’s face it, how could we choose just one for this week’s… 218 more words

Dixie Chicks


The Lampedusa concerts cast a beam on a growing humanitarian plight.

By Steve Houk

Lampedusa is a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea, about 70 miles off the coast of Italy. 899 more words

S_V_H Burgundy Shoes Final Image

Burgundy Shoes, from the Music of Patty Griffin, is finished,  and I believe this artwork represents in a charming way a beautiful musical story.  You can listen to the music from the painting which starts at the 1:16 second and continues to 1:33 seconds. 214 more words