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Fiction/Patty Hearst Has a Gun

Playboy, of course, is Erica’s idea. It’s Sunday afternoon, and Erica’s parents have come to the Marks’ house to play a round of pinochle.

Pinochle is Renie’s parents’ abiding passion. 3,290 more words

Sandi Sonnenfeld


Now I know how Patty Hearst’s family must have felt the first time they saw her on TV in a beret, fronting for the Symbionese Liberation army. 496 more words

[O184] 'Leviathan'

Released on: Help! A Day in the Life – Independiente, September 9 2005

In 1995, the Manics made their return to recording after the disappearance of Edwards by contributing their cover… 404 more words

2004 - 2006

Doug Camilli: Willie Nelson's dope will reflect his 'personal morals'

Who among us will be surprised to learn that Willie Nelson will market his own brand of marijuana, plus branded bongs and other paraphernalia? It’ll be called Willie’s Reserve, and sold, natch, only where legal. 476 more words


Doug Camilli: Jennifer Lawrence as Patty Hearst? That's the talk

Young readers, if any, won’t remember Patty Hearst, the California celebrity heiress who was kidnapped, in 1974, by radical desperadoes calling themselves the Symbionese Liberation Army. 480 more words