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Episode 27: At the Heart of it All

Shoni waited and waited and waited some more. She waited through rainstorms and hot, sunny days. She waited through countless sunrises and sunsets, and with each silent dusk, her heart sunk a little lower. 394 more words


Episode 25: Suspicious Strangers and Second Suppers

“Where am I?” LoktaShian Rioth’Duur Niangaal asked, shooting upright. She was in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room surrounded by unfamiliar people and things. She wondered if she had been kidnapped, for at first she had no memory of the previous night. 606 more words


Episode 24: Honey Drizzled Over a Bed of Cream

When at last Noph and Patz had succeeded in shaking Zam of his overwhelming and debilitating relief, they all three traipsed through the snow to a little cabin sitting in the shadows of the mountaintops. 435 more words


Episode 22: Ice and Snow and All Things Cold

When Sallius stopped the sleds, Noph and Zam found themselves in front of a rather unremarkable mound of snow. Sallius led them through a snow tunnel which took them inside the mound. 303 more words


Episode 12: Shoni

Shoni grew up in the rough part of Chiz, where no one cared much who you were or what you did, so long as you didn’t ask too many questions or bring too many problems. 306 more words


Happy Teachers Day

My existence is questionable without you sir………. Prof. Gopal Nandi(My Physics and Math teacher) , Prof. T.K.G. and SmB (My control system teacher @Jadavpur university), Surmani Vivek Sonar (my flute teacher), B.M. 33 more words

Can Samsung Wrap Time Smartly Around Your Wrist?

We have witnessed the smart phone era that changed consumer behavior drastically. Communication was never so easy and so much integrated with the real world. Whether it is your diet plan, health track report or favorite photos, all of these you can access any time in your mobile, computer and tablet PC. 409 more words