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Those Rare NBA Players Who Have Been Both Overrated And Underrated

When quantifying how good something is — an album, a movie, a basketball player — the easiest tropes to use are “overrated” and “underrated… 838 more words


After signing two-year deal with Spurs, Pau Gasol says it's unlikely he ends career with Barcelona

Before he came to the NBA, Pau Gasol played a couple of seasons with FC Barcelona in his home city, leading the team to the Spanish National Cup championship (he was named MVP). 193 more words


Pau Gasol Says He Turned Down A Spurs Offer Two Years Ago

After Tim Duncan’s retirement, the San Antonio Spurs moved decisively to fill the gap left by one Hall-of-Fame center with another, less legendary Hall of Fame center in Pau Gasol. 216 more words


Pau Gasol admits he almost signed with Spurs two seasons ago

This summer, Pau Gasol signed with the San Antonio Spurs, sliding into the spot vacated by Tim Duncan.

Two years ago, he almost slid into a spot next to Tim Duncan. 313 more words


Evolution of International Basketball

This Olympics offered everyone the chance to see Michael Phelps’s last swim, Usain Bolt’s last run and  Simone Biles take the spotlight. If you’re a basketball junkie then, more importantly, this was the last time we were able to see Pau Gasol compete for the Spanish team and Manu Ginobili compete for the Argentinian team. 313 more words