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Sheriff Underpants

This is a cartoon I drew for the Maricopa Monitor in Arizona.

Paul Babeu is a Republican sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona. He’s a hardliner against illegal immigration. 321 more words

The past at the Desisto school cannot be forgotten

In relationship with a election campaign the former sheriff Paul Babeu the center of attention became his former job at the Desisto School. A lot of strange and bizarre line of punishments were inflicted upon the students. 102 more words

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Tweet of the Day: Ariz. Sheriff Paul Babeu Cheers Veto Of SB 1062

SB 1062 was Arizona’s bill that would allow someone to use a “sincerely held religious belief” as a reason and defense to not provide services. The bill was mainly seen as a means of legalizing discrimination against gay people. 62 more words


Illegal immigrant held in Arizona 'choked and stomped his cellmate to death so he could stay in custody because he likes it in prison'

By  Snejana Farberov

PUBLISHED: 13:41 EST, 26  November 2013 |  UPDATED: 17:47 EST, 26 November 2013


Arizona authorities say a prison inmate who  was in the U.S. 264 more words


Weekend Reflections: ATF, DOJ Accomplice to Murder - Holder Had Knowledge Of Project Gunrunner In 2009.

Monday, I sat down with National Sheriff of the Year, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu to discuss Operation Fast and Furious and his ongoing fight against violent… 1,050 more words


Suspected drug smuggler has been deported back to Mexico ELEVEN times in the last 3 years

By  Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 14:35 EST, 17  July 2013 |  UPDATED: 15:05 EST, 17 July 2013


An alleged drug smuggler who was recently  busted with more than 220 pounds of marijuana in his car will likely be deported  back to Mexico – for the twelfth time. 423 more words


$12.9 Million Budget Request from Paul Babeu

In a time of weakening economies and “being inventive”, this weeks proposal by Sheriff Babeu to increase his budget by 12.9 million dollars caught all of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors not completely off guard as they knew it was coming, but without any way to pay for the increase. 1,051 more words