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The Links Between Personality and Musical Taste

A recent article in The Independent outlined some recent research on why we like certain types of music-stating our likes are clearly linked to our personalities. 269 more words

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Ways of Thinking About Song Arrangement and Track

I have spent today playing around with some ideas for a new book I am in the early stages of working on. There are a lot of sweeping statements in there at the moment – but this is where I am so far – 2500 words in one day! 2,593 more words

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Music graduates are more employable than you might think | Education | The Guardian

Just read an interesting article in The Guardian which outlines the employability music graduates. The article goes on to discuss the array of professions that music graduates enter – and the… 37 more words

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The Demise of the Triangular Mix: Why Has it happened?

In Alan Moore’s excellent paper with Ruth Dockwary, he discusses the demise of what he calls the ‘Triangular’ mix – which has been replaced by the ‘diagonal’. 274 more words

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Critical Listening and Students: Popular Music and Form

In preparation for a musicology lecture this week, I began to think about the importance of students having an awareness of the general conventions in popular music. 413 more words

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Starship Congress 2015


The events of Starship Congress 2015 at Drexel University in Philadelphia have now wrapped up. September 4th and 5th were busy days full of attending sessions and interactions with other participants. 476 more words