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FREE Picnic Concert with Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound July22

Harry Nelson Rec Center, downtown La Pointe
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound takes cues from the dance bands and streets of western Louisiana and New Orleans, Paul’s native Midwest roots, African and Caribbean music, and the soul, funk & blues of his youth, Paul Cebar is a masterful synthesist of rhythmic culture. 65 more words


The Music Never Stops: 5.17 - 5.23

Well, we’re making our way through May, and to paraphrase the Grateful Dead used to sing, The Music Never Stops. We’ve got it all, from neo-soul to brass bands, to great jazz artists and lots of dancing. 2,130 more words

Weekly Preview

Lovers and Music: 2.8 - 2.15

Well, Valentine’s Day is upon us, and I only have a few things for those of you who have yet to make reservations for the evening. 1,954 more words

Weekly Preview

Paul Cebar, Sam Moore and the politics of music

Dave Hoekstra visits with singer/songwriter Paul Cebar, who shares some music and talks about his decade-plus co-writing with Pat McLaughlin, the “power of the dance hall”, and how music draws the audience (and the performers) closer together, his love of calypso music, and how the genre’s format as a “vocal newspaper” fulfills one of music’s most vital functions- to speak out. 55 more words

Nocturnal Journal With Dave Hoekstra

Music Lifts the Spirit: 11.9 - 11.15

I’m sure that many of you are feeling like Casey, after his turn at the bat, but looking at the results of yesterday’s election, I’d wager that at least some of my readers are celebrating. 1,865 more words

Weekly Preview

A Full Week: 9.28 - 10.4

It’s another jam-packed week of music, including shows that I haven’t listed because they’re sold out. Whether you’re looking for straight ahead jazz, something more adventurous, the blues, roots, or even theatrical dance, there’s something in the Twin Cities for you this week. 1,952 more words

Weekly Preview