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Preview: Vampirella 2017 #4

Vampirella 2017 #4

writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Jimmy Broxton
covers: Philip Tan (a) Javier Pulido (b) Cosplay Photo Cover (c)
subscription cover: Jimmy Broxton (d) 111 more words


Preview: Saucer State #2 (of 6)

Saucer State #2 (of 6)

Paul Cornell (w) • Ryan Kelly (a & c)

After last issue’s cliffhanger, US President Arcadia Alvarado is acting fast against the biggest event in world history.  84 more words


Timewyrm: Revelation- Part VI

The Doctor sees it all; Ace puts grace before the fall.

This is not only an excellent ending to this novel, but to the whole series of books. 802 more words


Timewyrm: Revelation- Part V

The Doctor is at Death’s Door; Ace pushes him through.

Sorry for the lateness of this one!  I was preoccupied last night with finishing the McCoy Era logo for… 375 more words


Timewyrm: Revelation- Part IV

The Doctors sing for freedom; Ace’s screams for release.

Just a short reading today as I went to see Wonder Woman. It’s a bloody good film. 461 more words


Timewyrm: Revelation- Part III

The Doctor’s armour buckles; Ace’s resolve doubles.

Here we have a story which is allegorical, literal, and contemplative while still maintaining a twisting plot. And it’s wonderful. 499 more words


Timewyrm: Revelation- Part II

The Doctor offers a truce; Ace is a tortured soul.

Paul Cornell’s writing is properly brilliant. 557 more words