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Cleveland: Don't Make A Deal... Yet

According to ESPN, several teams have contacted the Browns in hopes of acquiring talented-but-suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon via trade. Gordon was recently reinstated in the NFL for his 130,284,338th offense to the league’s substance abuse policy, but he still must sit out the first four contests of the 2016 season. 446 more words

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Can "Moneyball" Work In Football?

It’s not an unknown fact that the world of professional sports is constantly evolving. Solely evaluating players based on their playing abilities isn’t good enough anymore. 915 more words


Top Ten Worst Browns Draft Picks Since 2000

10: Jeff Faine: Taken # 21 overall in ’03 draft but never became cornerstone of the offensive line he was supposed to be. By the time the Browns traded him during the 2006 NFL draft … we had “Fained” belief in him for long enough … solid wordplay. 665 more words

2016 NFL Draft


The Cleveland Browns seem to at least have a strategy for the upcoming NFL draft.  That’s a change from past years when the Browns clearly didn’t know what the hell they were doing and appeared to be just winging it on draft day. 517 more words


Trading Down Just Means Passing On Talent

Based on our entry on Sunday, you can well imagine we were not happy with the Cleveland Browns’ decision to trade out of the second overall pick in next week’s NFL Draft. 556 more words

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Browns Should Keep #2, Trade Down Later

Many people think the Los Angeles Rams threw a wrench in the NFL draft plans of many teams when they moved up 14 spots to the first overall selection. 557 more words

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Why Paul DePodesta is bringing Moneyball to the Browns

Moneyball pioneer Paul DePodesta left baseball to transform the way NFL teams scout, draft and deploy players, amid a surge in new data. But is he smart enough to save Cleveland? 10 more words

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