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Dean Esmay quits A Voice for Men in what he seems to kind of want us to think is an amicable split

In the wee hours of the morning, this morning, there was a great disturbance on the Internet, as if millions of shitposters suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.  340 more words


Dean Esmay Says 'Fuck You' to Critics Who Point Out That 'A Voice for Men' Does Nothing to Help Men

A Voice for Men is described by its leadership and staff as an organization which addresses “a wide variety of issues that affect men and boys — and ultimately women, as well as the culture as a whole.” It mentions a wide array of problems facing men, some of which, like homelessness and suicide rates for men, are legitimate. 1,043 more words


MRA huckster Paul Elam is asking for donations so he can charge dudes money to talk to him

More signs of desperation over at A Voice for Men, the Men’s Rights/Lady Disparagement site that has apparently ceased to be the cash cow for its founder, the unlovely and untalented Paul Elam, that it once was: 659 more words


New "service" for angry men! Mental health non-professional Paul Elam will listen to you on Skype for $90 an hour

Never let it be said that the Men’s Rights movement does nothing to help men. Earlier this week, A Voice for Men’s CEO Paul Elam… 822 more words


Random Headlines -- 6/05/15

Washington Post – After ‘oops,’ Rick Perry is ready to try again.
Think Progress – Michelle Duggar defends smearing transgender people as pedophiles as ‘common sense.’ 103 more words

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