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Yelling at people on the Internet IS our activism, A Voice for Men's Paul Elam declares

I‘ve often pointed out, as many others have noticed as well, that the so-called Men’s Rights movement does pretty much nothing to help men in any practical way. 712 more words


Paul Lame

The following article has been making its way around the internet but in case you haven’t yet come across it, here’s a link.

Excerpt via… 368 more words


"David Futtreele has never been laid before or ever will!" and other insights from A Voice for Men's biggest fan

So earlier in the week I received an email with the subject line “$1000 donation to Paul Elam thank to you David!”

The email was a copy of a note this generous fellow evidently sent to Elam along with a $100 donation and a promise to send more. 1,016 more words


Random Headlines -- 2/11/15

Kansas City Star – Gov. Sam Brownback rescinds protected-class status for LGBT state workers in Kansas.

Salon – Black girls are suspended six times more often than white girls. 88 more words


Can We Stop Acting Surprised That Paul Elam is a Loser?

You read that Buzzfeed article. I read that Buzzfeed article. The entire internet read that article. And for good reason – it was great. There’s very little long-form or investigative journalism now days, and it dropped some truth bombs about “men’s rights activists” that were utterly worth making. 352 more words