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Paul Elam and Janet Bloomfield Suggest Accusing Innocent Women of Rape; Accuse Dave Futrelle of Wanting to Murder MRAs

On yesterday’s A Voice for Men podcast, Paul Elam, Janet Bloomfield (real name Andrea Hardie) and James Huff discussed the possibility of a gender neutral Selective Service policy, lawsuits against universities by male students accused of rape, and, in the most unbelievable segment, their accusation that feminist blogger Dave Futrelle is somehow trying to get men’s rights activists killed. 1,490 more words


A self-described harasser and abuser of feminists is accusing me of threatening Cassie Jaye

Earlier today Jack Barnes, one of A Voice for Men’s most energetic attack dogs, popped into my Twitter mentions with a link to an AVFM post… 929 more words


Renegade ex-AVFMer posts 4600-word exposé of Paul Elam ... on Paul Elam's own site

The already plenty messy MRA divorce between A Voice for Men’s cult leader Paul Elam and his former “Activity Director” Attila Vinczer has just gotten a lot messier. 998 more words


Paul Elam: Family Courts are a 'Fascist Place' and Men's Rightsers are like Abolitionists

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, men’s rights leader Paul Elam made statements characterizing the American family court system as “fascist” in nature, and likened men’s rights to the flight against chattel slavery. 1,194 more words


Drama! Another A Voice for Men staffer jumps overboard amid mutual recriminations

Another rat has deserted the sinking ship that is A Voice for Men.

Attila Vinczer, the site’s former “Activity Director,” has now joined the swelling ranks of former allies on the outs with AVFM cult leader Paul Elam. 1,531 more words


Abandon Ship: Attila Vinczer Ditches A Voice for Men and the Men's Rights Movement

Kristina Hansen. John Hembling. Dean Esmay. In the past couple of years A Voice for Men — the premier “men’s rights” website — has seen the very public departure of several high-profile employees under circumstances that are usually far from amicable. 952 more words


Eager for excuse to call women whores, Paul Elam attacks Valentine's Day 6 months early

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It must be strange indeed to live inside the head of Paul Elam, founder of Men’s Rights garbage site A Voice for Men. 677 more words