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Reminder: Doing nothing, loudly, is the OFFICIAL goal of the "Men's Human Rights Movement"

So I found the “meme” below on the A Voice for Men Facebook page. It purports to show what the Men’s Rights movement is… 460 more words


Paul Elam Warns of a Feminist Zombie Apocalypse

A Voice for Men founder Paul Elam has an urgent message for us: innocent men and boys are under assault by ravenous “Gynocentric Zombies”! Yes, in an allegedly humorous article by Elam and fellow AVfMer Tom Golden — yes, it took not one but  753 more words


Canadian MRA Dan Perrins launches hunger strike, demands the arrest of those who've "libelled" him UPDATED

UPDATE 5/16: Perrins has called off his hunger strike. Here’s his explanation

Dan Perrins, a famously confrontational Canadian Men’s Rights Activist and staunch supporter of A Voice for Men,  has launched a hunger strike outside the Queen’s Park Legislative Assembly in Toronto. 1,657 more words


Apostasy Now Ep 39: Dr Tara Palmatier and Paul Elam: Say Goodbye To Crazy

Paul Elam and Dr Tara Palmatier pool their years of work with disordered persons and helping their impacted partners into a new book aimed at helping anyone understand how to avoid the devastation these people bring. 166 more words

Apostasy Now Podcast

Vox Day Defends Men's Rights Activists and Proclaims Himself a 'Leader of #GamerGate'

Vox Day wrote a new post about a grave injustice that occurred at the Calgary Arts and Entertainment Expo (“CalEx”) this weekend. It seems that members of the “Honey Badger Brigade” — a men’s rights group with ties to A Voice for Men — had initially set up a booth at the convention, … 1,359 more words


Men's Rights Redditors unimpressed by A Voice for Men's conference speakers, appalled by the cost

So it turns out that I’m not the only one who is thoroughly underwhelmed by A Voice for Men’s lineup of conference speakers for their upcoming International Conference on Men’s Issues, … 722 more words


Paul Elam manages to snag Paul Elam as a speaker for upcoming A Voice for Men conference

As A Voice for Men’s latest failed fundraiser whimpered towards its sad ending last week — with less than half of its target amount raised — everyone’s favorite Men’s Rights hate site did have a little bit of good news to report: AVFM’s Paul Elam has managed to snag Paul Elam as… 610 more words