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FILM REVIEW - The Escape: A Dark and intriguing movie

Getting stuck at work? Not able to enjoy life due to financial problems? Or just going through a rough phase in your life? We all have been there and during those moments we probably wanted to escape to another, better but most importantly to a life we always wanted. 390 more words


Album Review: Lari White - 'Wishes'

Lari White’s most consistent success as a solo artist came in June 1994 with the release of her sophomore album, Wishes. RCA Nashville, in an effort to turn White into a hot comity, had her record with Garth Fundis, who turned in a squarely commercial album aimed at grabbing the attention of country radio. 458 more words

Rodney Crowell

Best National Anthem Performances

In just a couple hours, Luke Bryan will take the field to deliver his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner before the kick-off of Super Bowl 51. 266 more words

Carrie Underwood

'Dark Knight' VFX Supervisor Paul Franklin to Direct 'Resurface' (EXCLUSIVE)

Visual effects specialist Paul Franklin, who won Academy Awards for “Inception” and “Interstellar” and shot the “Dark Knight” trilogy, will direct the action-thriller “Resurface” with Covert Media financing. 394 more words