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FILM REVIEW - The Escape: A Dark and intriguing movie

Getting stuck at work? Not able to enjoy life due to financial problems? Or just going through a rough phase in your life? We all have been there and during those moments we probably wanted to escape to another, better but most importantly to a life we always wanted. 390 more words


Album Review: Lari White - 'Wishes'

Lari White’s most consistent success as a solo artist came in June 1994 with the release of her sophomore album, Wishes. RCA Nashville, in an effort to turn White into a hot comity, had her record with Garth Fundis, who turned in a squarely commercial album aimed at grabbing the attention of country radio. 458 more words

Rodney Crowell

Best National Anthem Performances

In just a couple hours, Luke Bryan will take the field to deliver his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner before the kick-off of Super Bowl 51. 266 more words

Carrie Underwood