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Live from Silicon Valley

Last week, on an impulse, I picked up a used copy of Live From New York by Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller, an oral history of… 1,112 more words


Biographies of Newton, for example, understandably focus more on physics than alchemy or theology. The impression we get is that his unerring judgment led him straight to truths no one else had noticed.

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Build Something A Few People Love

 “It’s better to make a few people really happy than to make a lot of people semi-happy.” – Paul Buchheit

This is a common saying amongst tech entrepreneurs.  918 more words


How to structure your day better

Most workdays start with the right intentions. You begin the day energized, with an ambitious list of tasks and a manageable inbox. But things quickly unravel as meetings, email, and colleagues’ fire drills take over. 1,145 more words

Writing, journalism and the revolutionary spirit

One of my favourite essays of all time – insofar as that’s a legitimate category – is one called ‘How to do what you love’ 727 more words

Writing & Publishing

Nên bất đồng thế nào?

Lời người dịch: Ít nhiều ai trong chúng ta cũng xem và tham gia tranh luận trên mạng. Thỉnh thoảng, khi ai đó bày tỏ sự bất đồng, ta nghe thấy các nhận xét như “ngụy biện” hay “công kích cá nhân”. 2,982 more words

X. Hội & G. Dục

Somewhere I Belong pt. 1

This is going to be more of an essay than any other pieces I’ve written recently. And that’s because a friend of mine (someone who I’ve recently met) recommended a terrific essay by Paul Graham called… 524 more words