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Hierarchy of disagreement

I came across this in my facebook timeline recently, and i figured i would do an exercise where i try to replicate what the author had in mind for each of these segments. 797 more words

Startups in 13 Sentences by Paul Graham + My Startup Book of the month.

Understanding your product or service users is key to survive the uncertain startup journey. This is well documented in the, New York Times bestselling, “The Lean Startup” book by Eric Ries also. 302 more words


Agreeing to Disagree

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Over at “Digging in the Clay” Verity Jones has an excellent graphic summarizing the different levels of disagreement. The graphic deserves wider circulation. 243 more words

Citizen Science

Iceberg of disagreement

This was new to me. Not the differing forms of disagreement, but that someone bothered to put it into a simple but convincing hierarchy. Nice! 222 more words

Do you do what you do because you think it's important or because others do?

This quote and the previous one by Hunter S. Thompson comes via brainpickings.org, a website that came to my attention through a friend. Just sharing stuff I found through the site that speaks to me and makes me think: 34 more words

Mean People Fight; Creative People (Sometimes) Argue

In his essay “Mean People Fail” a few months ago, Paul Graham has provided more food for thought (for me, at least) than much of anything I’ve read of late. 613 more words


This Infographic Reveals How Startups Make Billions

From thousands of miles away, Silicon Valley can feel like a magic box: normal people enter and out pop billionaires. But the startup ecosystem is much like the Wizard of Oz, where, when you pull back the green curtain, there stands a man. 135 more words