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Paul Graham's no-nonsense advices on startups

This week has been as thrilling as exhausting for me. Therefore, I am posting a quick and dirty bulletized summary of my most useful knowledge input of the week : YCombinator’s founder Paul Graham’s Stanford talk about starting a startup. 239 more words

Business Advices

Do Things That Don’t Scale

“The need to do something unscalably laborious to get started is so nearly universal that it might be a good idea to stop thinking of startup ideas as scalars. 234 more words

Quote of the Day: Paul Graham

“The most common mistake startups make is to solve problems no one has.”
— Paul Graham, Y Combinator

Lisp in Lisp

; The Lisp defined in McCarthy's 1960 paper, translated into CL.
; Assumes only quote, atom, eq, cons, car, cdr, cond.
; Bug reports to lispcode@paulgraham.com. 261 more words
Paul Graham

Shape of a program

(defun bad-reverse (lst)
  (let* ((len (length lst))
	 (ilimit (truncate (/ len 2))))
    (do ((i 0 (1+ i))
	 (j (1- len) (1- j)))
	((>= i ilimit))
      (rotatef (nth i lst) (nth j lst)))))
… 144 more words
Paul Graham

The Dropbox IPO is a transformative moment for Y Combinator

Dropbox on Feb. 23 announced plans to raise $500 million through an initial public offering (pdf), making the 11-year-old file-storage startup the first company in Y Combinator’s portfolio to make a market debut. 680 more words

On Lisp

Lisp is an especially good language for writing extensible programs because it is itself an extensible program.

Because Lisp gives you the freedom to define your own operators, you can mold it into just the language you need. 96 more words