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Jane Austen, Programming Languages, and Being “That Guy” in the Writing Class

British fiction writer Daniel Wallace on Jane Austen, writing, and coding: “Reed’s ‘some guy’ in the writing workshop is like Graham’s Blub programmer. When that dude looks at Austen’s work, beholding a model of fiction far more advanced than his own, he doesn’t realise what he’s seeing.”


#Vegan Thanksgiving: Blog from Paul Graham

Paul Graham sent in this wonderful blog about where to eat a #Vegan Thanksgiving meal in the Bay Area and I share it with you. 121 more words


Osiakwan: Africa's Time is Now

Eric Osiakwan stated this at the Africa Technology Summit a couple weeks ago, and from what I hear the Summit was a great success. Something of a debate broke out on what sub-sector of the technology industry was the next big thing in Africa. 358 more words


Unthinkable Thoughts and the Mechanism of Hatred

If there is one ‘big’ idea concerning paedophilia that interests me most it is that the hysterical paedophobia we are currently suffering from might have its roots in the deep structure of society, particularly economics. 2,719 more words


How do you avoid copying the wrong things? Copy only what you genuinely like. That would have saved me in all three cases. I didn’t enjoy the short stories we had to read in English classes; I didn’t learn anything from philosophy papers; I didn’t use expert systems myself.

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#Vegan Thanksgiving: Visiting Portland, OR

One of the incredible lessons I have learned is that we can change the world one plate, one person, one city at a time.

Paul Graham is one of the great advocates for a plant-based life, not just changing a person’s diet but changing all aspects of life–the animals, our health, the environmental and the spiritual comprise what Paul deems the four pillars of the shift that will change the world. 463 more words


Don’t ignore your dreams; don’t work too much; say what you think; cultivate friendships; be happy.

Paul Graham ‘The top of my todo list