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None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if environmental costs were fully integrated

by David Roberts, Grist, April 17, 2013

The notion of “externalities” has become familiar in environmental circles. It refers to costs imposed by businesses that are not paid for by those businesses. 617 more words


The Personal Path to Social Change

Cultural transformation doesn’t happen quickly. It occurs over centuries and comes in waves, as it did when patriarchy supplanted matriarchy as the dominant social model. We often can’t see the change from where we sit, in the eye of the cultural storm, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t occurring. 219 more words

Social Change

Paul Hawken and Janine Benyus in Singapore

On my 1st day at work, my boss gave me a copy The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken (the 2010 edition- it was originally published in 1993). 995 more words

Growing Peas: Voices of a Quiet Revolution

We’ve owned copies of  “The Magic of Findhorn,” a paperback by Paul Hawken, and “The Findhorn Garden,” a paperback by the Findhorn Community since soon after they were  first published in 1975.   1,199 more words


Paul Hawken ‘Membuka Pintu’ Mengenal Sosok Yang Melandasi Perjuangan Aktivis Gerakan Alam Sekitar di Barat

Perjalanan bermula. Walau belum lagi bergelar pelajar formal mana-mana UA. Tapi setelah berbincang dengan guruku, aku menetapkan sesuatu untuk dilaksanakan dalam masa terdekat.

Aku meneruskan pembacaan sekitar sejarah gerakan masharakat bagi mendapatkan keadilan sosial dan memelihara alam sekitar. 221 more words

Paul Hawken

Do You Compromise Yourself? Do You Settle for Approval? Are You Self-Rejecting?

If you are compromising, if you are settling, if you are self-rejecting, have one small positive thought this morning to change not only your whole day but also your whole life! 235 more words