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Reversing Climate Change: An Interview with Paul Hawken

First, the good news. In 2015, 195 nations agreed at a meeting in Paris to take measures to reduce carbon emissions. In early 2016, national leaders from around the world began signing the Paris Agreement. 1,573 more words


Melting Ice

(Note: This was supposed to be the first article for a magazine column that did not push through. I chanced upon it in my email while looking for a contact. 963 more words

None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if environmental costs were fully integrated

by David Roberts, Grist, April 17, 2013

The notion of “externalities” has become familiar in environmental circles. It refers to costs imposed by businesses that are not paid for by those businesses. 617 more words


The Personal Path to Social Change

Cultural transformation doesn’t happen quickly. It occurs over centuries and comes in waves, as it did when patriarchy supplanted matriarchy as the dominant social model. We often can’t see the change from where we sit, in the eye of the cultural storm, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t occurring. 219 more words

Social Change